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6 exciting football games your mobile phone desperately needs

Before now, in India, very few cared about football. Indeed, cricket was the national sporting delicacy the Indian people savored. But things are changing fastly. Football is aggressively growing in India, with famous Indian celebrities like Ranveer Singh and MS Dhoni confessed football lovers. Indian punters take their love for football further, profitably betting on top football fixtures after a dafabet app download. Indeed, football gaming is growing with the general enthusiasm for football among Indians today. Indians regularly throng to the App Store and Play Store, hunting for exciting mobile football games to satisfy their gaming desires. The big question now is: which are the best football games out there?

Head Soccer by La Liga 2023

Head Soccer immerses you into a caricature version of the La Liga world. Also, Head Soccer by La Liga 2023 is a stylized offline single-player football game launched by La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional. In this game, you have access to only teams, stadiums, and footballers playing in the La Liga league. Head Soccer stands out by representing football layers by using cartoonish mini heads. Apart from its aesthetics, Head Soccer also offers some handy functionalities. The game offers a training and improvement center. Plus, it lets you upgrade your players and use power-ups. You can also create a new football player using the character editor and use him in any team you want. Head Soccer offers three modes: Missions, Friendly Mode, and Career. With over 10 million downloads, this football game is free on iOS and Android. Despite being free, in-app purchases still cost between $0.99 to $99.99 per item.

World Soccer League

If you are searching for a complete offline football game, World Soccer League by Mobirix is worth checking out. This casual game models international football tournaments and club leagues. It also offers some good features to keep you addicted. World Soccer League is a convincing download with over 100 million downloads and high 5-star ratings. In World Soccer League, you will find about 60 football clubs and national teams to use. In addition, there are about 2,000 football players to choose from to build your team. World Soccer League offers four game modes: Cup, Training, League, and Exhibition, each offering you a distinctive gaming experience. World Soccer League is free to download, but in-app purchases cost between $1.99 and $5.99 per item. This game also has small perks that you might find handy. For instance, it supports up to 15 languages and allows you to save a clip or an image of a moment in the game.

Soccer Manager 2023

Like the Football Manager 2023 Mobile, Soccer Manager 2023 strives to bring the reality of managing a football team to your fingertips. This managerial and coaching game by Invincibles Studio Ltd offers a realistic feel to engage in the football world as a manager. You also get annual updates to take out bugs and have fluid gameplay. With Soccer Manager 2023, you can create your football club from scratch by choosing logo designs and colors, team kits, and other customizable items. Also, you can explore the transfer market, where you sign contracts to sell or buy a player. This game is filled with more than 25,000 official FIFPro™ players and more than 900 football clubs from around the globe. Soccer Manager 2023 is a free game with over a million downloads and support for Android and iOS devices. Also, in-app purchases cost between $1.49 – $204.99 per item.

Rumble Stars Football

Developed by HypeHype Inc., this free real-time PvP soccer game offers action and strategy-like football gameplay. Rumble Stars Football offers stylish and cartoonish visuals like Head Soccer. But one thing that sets it apart is its competitive multiplayer feature which lets you play with people worldwide. To play Rumble Stars Football, you must carefully sling your rumblers (players) into the tiny football pitch when it is your turn. There are unique football characters designed as animals with Bobbleheads to choose from. As you keep playing, you can unlock more characters and power-ups. In-app purchases on Rumble Stars Football cost about $0.99 – $104.99 per item.

New Star Manager

New Star Manager is a free offline single-player football coaching game launched by Five Aces Publishing Ltd. This game is perfect if you can’t afford to be hooked steadily on the internet or don’t care about multiplayer. With over a million downloads and a high 5-star rating, New Star Manager stands to take your football managerial skills to a whole new level. New Star Manager lets you build your team and club facilities from scratch. This game gives you complete control over your club—you can fire any staff, transfer a player, or add a new one to your team. You can also plan your club’s training routine, plan a winning tactic, make substitutions during a match, and many more. New Star Manager is available on Android and iOS devices for free. Also, in-app purchases range from $1.49 to $64.99 per item.

Sega Pocket Club Manager

Sega Pocket Club Manager has over 500,000 downloads on mobile devices and packs eye-catching visuals. Developed by Sega Corporation, this game offers only a single-player mode with a cartoonish look. Sega Pocket Club Manager lets you build and manage a football club and have access to over 2,000 Licensed FIFPro and Japanese national players. You can also upgrade your clubhouse and stadium in the long run and join room matches to challenge managers worldwide. One funny but handy feature this game has is the ability to customize or create a player by scanning and transforming the face of a friend or relative into a cartoon football player. Sega Pocket Club Manager is free to download for iOS and Android devices. In-app purchases are costing $0.99 – $94.99 per item.


Which mobile football games are your favorite? There you have it—the top mobile football games. These games will offer immersive gameplay and get you glued to your screen.

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