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Advantages of binary options

These are some of the potential benefits associated with binary options:


The two (2) types of binary options trading, call options and put options, offer investors and traders two promising ways to profit. Aside from that, the three (3) different types of time frames, short-term, medium-term, and long-term time frame, helps investors and traders to trade on their terms, according to their trading plan, experience, and capabilities. To sum it up, binary options have options for all.


The binary options contracts’ simplicity makes them a good trading curtain-raiser for new or inexperienced traders and investors. The simplicity also makes it easy for experienced traders to form a promising trading strategy and plan that can result in profit.


There are numerous platforms to trade options. A major advantage of binary options trading is the opportunity to make a profit regardless of the market trend. Traders are not limited. They could sell or buy assets depending on their market predictions. You could also close a trade early where you want to make a profit or place a different trade if you wish to curtail your losses.

Fixed risk

However, Binary options, predetermined returns, or fixed results make it possible to know the potential risks of a particular trade. This helps traders to manage their risk effectively.

Risks of binary options

There are three potential risks of binary options trading. Also, They are high volatility, limited regulation, and the possibility of losing the invested capital. Let’s examine these risks and learn how we could curtail them.

High volatility

As a result of its ‘all or nothing’ characteristics, binary options are highly vulnerable to trading risks. The fast-paced trading that could result in a profit can also result in severe risk or total loss of investment. A good way to curtail its high volatility is to be self-disciplined. Matt Dmytryszyn, the chief investment officer at investment management firm Telemus, explained self-discipline and the importance of risk management in an interview with Money. He said, “Buy one option and if it doesn’t pan out, it’s not the end of the world,” pay attention to his next words. “But if you continue to do that and continue to be wrong, it’s death by one thousand cuts.” However, Matt’s words reaffirm that traders need to learn more about the market, understand the market trend, create a trading plan, and discover more about risk management strategies.

Limited regulation

Binary options are becoming more popular, which has given room for illegal and dishonest trading platforms. Also, This is why we advise traders to do thorough independent research on what platforms they are about to trade on. However, Perform background research about the companies, their mode of operation, where they operate, and their license for operation.

Lose of invested capital

The flexibility and brief duration of the short-term time frame could make traders lose their investment capital within seconds, minutes, or weeks. This is why you need a close-to-perfect trading strategy and be patient enough to do adequate research before trading.

Binary options trading strategies

This section contains an overview of some popular trading strategies for binary options. We will have an in-depth look at six (6) binary options trading strategies: the call/put strategy, the Pinocchio strategy, the straddle strategy, the hedging strategy, the risk reversal strategy, and the momentum strategy.

Call/put strategy

The call/put strategy is the easiest. Also, This strategy is suitable for new traders or beginners yet to get in-depth knowledge of binary options trading. This strategy also helps to guide a trader’s confidence level. The call option strategy means that a trader predicts the asset’s price to increase before expiration. The put option strategy implies analyzing and selecting an asset and then predicting that the price will decrease in a specific period.

Pinocchio strategy

Traders who utilize the Pinocchio strategy start with small trades and then slowly increase their trades whenever they foresee a rise in the market or asset price. This strategy is not convenient for beginners because the beginner’s confidence might be negatively affected when the market goes bad.

The straddle strategy

The straddle strategy is a prominent binary options trading strategy. This strategy takes advantage of swings in a trend, which is why traders could profit when an asset’s price falls or rises. To execute trades with a straddle strategy, a trader needs to carry out trades before an important announcement because an asset value will likely rise after the announcement.

Hedging strategy

Traders largely prefer the hedging strategy because traders can make calls and turn on the asset simultaneously. The hedging strategy is comparable to the straddle strategy. You can make a profit when the price rises or falls. Traders favor the hedging strategy because it safeguards them from a loss when the trade expires.

Risk/reversal strategy

Experienced or advanced options traders often utilize the risk/reversal strategy. Also, This strategy helps in lessening trading risks. People incorrectly think this strategy is the same as the hedging strategy. However, it is not. The risk/reversal requires buying or investing in put-and-call options simultaneously. This strategy is complicated but advanced traders who understand and master this strategy enjoy consistent profits.

Momentum strategy

The momentum strategy is another popular options trading strategy. The use of a momentum indicator executes this strategy. Also, A momentum indicator is a good means of deciding how rapidly an asset will fall or rise. This indicator helps traders to make a trading decision easily.


You have learned that binary options are a type of trading (options contract) with two likely outcomes: the trader or investor might be rewarded with a predetermined profit for a right decision, or the trader or investor may lose the total investment for a wrong decision. Binary options are for everyone. Also, The flexibility and numerous strategies have made this a trade for every investor and trader (new, beginners, experienced, or advanced traders). You can join the IQCent trading platform and start trading now.

Binary Options Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are binary options?

Binary options are simplified options contracts that hold a fixed reward and fixed risks.

What are the benefits of trading binary options?

Binary options are easily accessible. Traders are not limited. Also, Binary are easy-to-understand, flexible, and predetermined results help manage potential trading risk. Yes, binary options are legal. Notwithstanding, we advise you to conduct independent research on any binary trading platform you want to trade or invest in.

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