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What do your Glasses Reveal about your Personality?

Whether you Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses or Fashionable Frames, your Glasses are Shaping People’s Opinions of you. Read this blog to Know How?

Being humans, it’s quite common for all of us to form perceptions about other people. And the funny part is that we don’t even have to know them to make judgments about their personality. We simply just observe their appearance and there goes our opinion.

However, the process used to be a little easier with bespectacled folks. They were either categorized as the goody-two-shoes who could do no wrong or they were represented as the nerd or the most undesirable person around. If you don’t believe us, just pick out any old Hollywood movie.

Glasses were only viewed as boring devices that compromised with your looks. But, it’s a whole different story now. With so many kinds of fashionable glasses around, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. To put this into perspective, there are people with glasses who don’t even need vision correction. They are simply wearing them to improve their appearance.

The psychology of blue light blocking glasses

Your glasses are sending cues to people like how they used to before. However, you will be glad to know other people’s opinions of your bespectacled look. Whether you want to buy a pair of fashion frames or blue light-blocking glasses, beware of the style you choose as they’ll be sending people hints about your personality.

Here are the most common things that your glasses reveal about your personality:

You are approachable

Glasses help you appear more on the intellectual side. And you know how good it is to have someone intelligent and reasonable around you. Since you seem like the most intelligent person around, it’s obvious that people will want to seek your valuable advice on things.

Your glasses make you look approachable so people will feel more comfortable in striking up a conversation with you than anybody else. Also, the fact that you are wearing glasses is sending cues to people that you aren’t embarrassed by your imperfect vision. You are not hiding your flaws behind a pair of contacts. Rather, you are embracing them and letting people know that you are only a human.

Your glasses are a part of your look

Once you become habitual of seeing someone behind their frame, it feels quite strange when you see them without their glasses. We all have a signature look that is either defined around the type of clothes we wear or how we usually style up.

But, when you wear blue light-blocking glasses every day, they kind of turn into this irreplaceable part of your personality. It’s kind of hard or should we say odd to see you and your glasses as two separate entities.

You look more confident

There’s something about certain frames that make you look more confident or self-contented than you actually are. For instance, cat-eye women’s glasses or aviators are some of those bold and rebellious eyewear styles that add to your confidence level. And the kind of authority they project makes people bow down to your aura.

The more eccentric glasses you wear, the more people will get intimidated by you (in a good way) so, if you want a boost of self-confidence, try out bold eyewear shapes or blue light-blocking glasses.

People recognize you by your specs

We are not saying that you aren’t beautiful or handsome. But, those who wear glasses manage to stand out from the crowd, thanks to their frames.

If you like to sport those big boxy frames in women’s or men’s glasses, you will be far more recognizable in a group of people than anyone who doesn’t wear glasses. We know it may sound strange to you but it’s true.

You appear more trustworthy

Since your glasses have that intellectual vibe, you become more trustworthy to people. If you like to wear those decent eyewear shapes in a rectangle, they add to your innocence making you look like the most loyal person around.

How you are seen by people totally depends on the frame style you are wearing. Where query shapes make you appear more adventurous and fun-loving, simple shapes in rectangles or squares make people think that you are just an intelligent and reserved soul.

No matter if you are buying prescription, non-prescription, or reading glasses online, or blue light blocking glasses, make sure you consider your face shape, skin tone, and most importantly – what you want people to think of you.

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