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Is The Gambling Risks to Male Suicide?

Why Are Men Risky Gamblers? What is the Link Between Male Suicides and Gambling? How to Dealing with Gambling Addiction? Concerning data has shown that suicide rates in young adults, especially related to men, have increased significantly in England since 2010. There are a variety of possible rationalizations for this increase; while problem gambling has been nudged as a potential risk factor for the rising figures. In this feature, we look to discover the link between suicidal thoughts; and suicide attempts associated with men who subscribe to problem gambling in the United Kingdom. Gambling has become more widely available and normalized in the United Kingdom over the past two decades. As a result, both men and women run a higher risk of suicide as they suffer from an addiction-related to gambling, according to research. Also, This research study was conducted by academics from the City University of London and the University of Glasgow and published in The Lancet Public Health journal. It postulated whether gambling addiction had been closely related to a greater risk of suicide among young adults. As it stands at the moment, online gambling now accounts for over a third of Britain’s betting market. This has become worrying as evidence points towards an increase in risk-taking behaviors by young adults. This has urged the study to be conducted in the first place. In 2017 as many as 63% of adults in the United Kingdom have gambled in that same year; research from the Gambling Commission suggested. The Gambling Commission discovered fewer differences between the sexes – 66% of which were men; and 59% of which were women- who took part in some form of gambling, which also included the lottery. However, the study found that men were “seven-and-a-half times more likely than women to become a problem gambler”. The Gambling Commission has defined this as someone who conforms to a habit that compromises; hinders, or destroys family, personal or recreational pursuits and ends up harming themselves as well. However, In an interview with the British Broadcasting Commission, Dr. Robert Lefever explained that men have personality traits that make them much more susceptible to becoming problem gamblers. Also, As someone who is in recovery from gambling addiction himself; Lefever is responsible for setting up the first-ever rehabilitation clinic for compulsive gamblers in the UK. He said that a significant factor of the problem is that those men tend to be more indulgent than women; a trait which is part of being “macho”. As a result, men tend to lose their winnings in a bet; which amounts to often unpayable debt which sometimes leaves some men with no choice but to commit suicide. Most recently, the widow of a Leicester man explained that her late husband had driven to suicide by gambling addiction; as well as accumulated debt after being tempted by free online betting offers during a furlough period under lockdown.

Further Analysis

In 2019 a cross-sectional, online, non-probability sample survey of young adults aged 16–24 years living in Great Britain; were selected from a YouGov online panel. The survey focused on studying links between problem gambling and suicidal notions or attempts in the year before.


A total of 3549 eligible participants completed the survey between June 25 and Aug 16, 2019. It discovered that 62% of men who had attempted suicide in the past year had survey scores; that had associated with problem gambling; in comparison with 38% of the 1077 men surveyed; who had not attempted suicide or exhibited any suicidal thoughts during that time.

The Damaging Effects of Gambling on the UK as a whole

Gambling-related damage in the United Kingdom has cost taxpayers over £1bn a year; in many opinions should be regarded as a public health issue. Ongoing research has determined that those who faced with a gambling addiction problem are twice; as likely to lose their lives from suicide and or becoming unemployed. They also risk bankruptcy and homelessness – men are more than four times as likely to impacted by this than women. The Public Health England review included the most comprehensive estimate of the economic burden of gambling on society to date; revealing that the harms associated with it estimated to at least £1.27bn in 2019-20 on its own. This estimate included the first estimate of the overall economic burden associated with suicide at £619.2million; while providing an updated estimation of homelessness linked to harmful gambling (£62.8m).

Dealing with Gambling Addiction

Men should not feel ashamed if their life negatively affected by gambling. If you are having problems related to gambling; it’s best, to be honest about it and avoid being another suicide statistic. Support is available to people who worried about their own or someone else’s gambling; – contact your GP or reach out to an anonymous helpline to learn about the possible support available in your area.

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