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Easy tips to hire an android developer for your project

What are the key features that you must know before Hire Android developer? Knowledge of Android Studio, programming languages, Use of databases etc…

The most challenging task is hiring a devoted, professional Android developer who will not break the bank for your firm. Recruiters are known to spend weeks searching for the appropriate developer. Another issue with finding a talented android coder is the high demand. Employers who make a solid offer usually take them immediately. Non-programmers have a particularly difficult time finding work. It’s tough to assess potential candidates just based on their qualifications.

Java for Android app development

The objective-oriented programming language Java has now been around for a long time. It was first released in May of 1995 and is still in use today. A complete version of Java consists of Java Runtime Environment, Java Development Kit, and Integrated Development Environment. Java is now even more popular than C++ for creating enterprise applications. Also, It is commonly used to create online apps, big data technologies (Apache Storm, Hadoop), and government apps. Java is a leading programming language for high-end application development projects.

Android Development with Kotlin

Google has officially supported Kotlin, a new open-source Android language. The nicest thing is that while converting from Java to Kotlin, developers won’t have to rebuild their entire project.

The early version of Kotlin was released in 2011, but it took over five years for it to be officially launched. In terms of Android app development, it is a clear competitor to Java. However, it’s also utilized by JS, Swift, and Python developers. So Hire Android developer is difficult. Larger firms prefer to hire Kotlin engineers to build Android apps, according to a recent report from JetBrains. Uber, Evernote, Pinterest, and other well-known apps were created using Kotlin.

Types of Android Developers

Android programmers can operate as independent contractors or as part of a larger outsourced team. The next crucial step is to understand the kind of developer you need for your development project. The following are the three primary types:

  • Freelance developers, sometimes known as self-employed programmers;
  • In-house developers — traditional developers who work on your project for your company;
  • Outsourced team — a group from another company that creates your product.

So, how do you decide?

However, Different types of collaboration can be used, which depends on your budget, project size, and requirement. It is best to engage an outsourced business or an in-house staff if you intend to support your application. It is preferable to hire freelance android developer if you have a limited budget and a small project.

Essential skills you must look in your Android application developer

Developing mobile applications requires certain skills, knowledge, and expertise on the part of your developer. To build an app that can generate money while fulfilling your company goal, it is essential that the chosen developer have a complete idea of your company’s needs. Along with it, they must have technological competency to work on your project.

Expertise related to programming languages

Popular programming languages for Android application development are Kotlin and Java. Your developer must be an expert in either both or any of these languages. Your developer must have a fundamental understanding of key features such as frameworks, generics, syntax, and basics, functional programming, multithreading, and concurrency related to these programming languages.

Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK consists of a pre-built bundle of code that speeds up the process of Android app development. Your developer must have access to these Android SDKs. Let’s understand how your developer is going to use SDKs in your project with this simple example. In order to connect your android app to your company’s page, your developer will simply use (instead of writing code) the Facebook SDKs to speed up the process.

Hire Android developer Must have Knowledge of Android Studio

Android Studio offers an Integrated Development Environment that supports a broad range of Android SDKs.


APIs act as a link between your app and third-party service providers. For instance, your developer will use Google API to locate your users, even present your location in a map within your application, and guide users who are searching for local businesses.

Use of databases

Any application uses a big chunk of information, and to store and process this data, it needs to communicate with the database (which is not on the phone). Nowadays, application developers prefer Firebase (a cloud-based database) for this purpose and make this data available across several devices. Also, you want your users to access the app even when they are offline; your developer must have an understanding SQLite database.

Material Design Basics

Initially, Google didn’t have uniformity in design across its applications (not true for Apple). However, recently it has announced design standards for UI/UX design. Your developer must be aware of these recent developments and must be able to apply these Material designs for your application.

Knowledge of business processes and the SDLC

Make sure that your developer understands the reasons behind your business decisions. It enables them to understand and act on your project in better ways, such as identifying key features, creating a strategy for application development, and delivering an android application that meets all your business needs.

The complexity and size of applications and projects vary. You can hire Android app developer of various expertise levels depending on your requirements. Android developers are classified as junior, medium, or senior.

Junior Android Developer

  • Three years or less of experience;
  • They’re just getting started on their first applications;
  • Development of a simple and small Android app;
  • Collaborate with more experienced Android app developers as assistance.

Middle Android Developer

  • More than three years of programming experience
  • Sufficient skills to work on sophisticated Android-based projects
  • And the ability to work autonomously without the assistance of more experienced colleagues

Senior Android Programmer

  • Android app developer with the greatest level of expertise;
  • Over five years of experience; capable of leading significant projects (typically has already completed one);
  • Oversees large projects;
  • Take on the role of team leader and oversee a variety of technical responsibilities in apps.

Some Soft Skills to look out for Hire Android developer

The following are the most in-demand soft talents among Android app developers:

  • Collaboration and sociability are important. Even if your project needs only one developer, he may still need to work in coordination with designers, marketers, and managers. Thus, your developer must be able to communicate efficiently with people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds.
  • A successful partnership can be aided by cultural compatibility. You and the rest of your team must share the same values.
  • Working as part of a team is essential for any Android developer, regardless of experience.
  • It is unavoidable to run across issues during the creation of an Android app. You must be able to spin while dealing with stress.
  • Being a skilled mobile app developer necessitates ongoing learning. Every day, technology advances. An Android developer’s job is to stay on top of market expectations.
  • Time management is another essential skill as nobody wants to wait. To test this talent, inquire about working with the scrum technique.

Now you have essential tips on how to hire Android developer for your Android project.

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