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What happened to Lana CC Finds – Lana CC Finds Sims 4 Modes

Lana CC Finds. Complete Guide about Lana CC Finds Sims 4 Mode. Drug Mod, Royalty Mod / Monarchy Mod, Household Mod, Tradgdies Mod.

The Lana Custom Content Finds are imaginative content finds for your Sims 4 character. These personalized contents cover anything from hairstyle to lipstick. Here is a compilation of all of Lana’s most famous choices: a popular game maker.

Is Lana cc finds sims 4 deleted?

The Lana CC creator’s creator had posted a message at the end of the blog stating that all her custom content is in place. However, if anyone attempts to take it apart, she might go ahead and delete the same. But nothing like this has happened so far, and we hope that this magnificent cc for the Sims Community will come into being. From now on, Lana cc has Sims 4 blog flaunting more than 600 visitors to the Sims game who enjoy this great content.  

The Sims 4 CC from Lana is well organized for the users of Sims. This ensures that any new customer can quickly search for personalized content using the site map. Especially Sims 4 CC Tumblr is the master list. So Lana CC considers Sims 4 not operational anymore.

The direct answer to your question is no. It is fully operating, and users of Sims 4 can use it as long as necessary. Lana may, however, elect to withdraw the blog anytime she wishes. But as of now, there is no such choice.

Other Mod of Sims 4 in Lana cc finds:

1. Drug Mod:

The sims 4 drug mod lets you have plenty of drugs like MDMA, cocaine, and coke you do not have in real life! Also, you can find a haven, a heroin addiction, growing marijuana, a dealer, and some drug-related escapees. Let’s now see what you have in store for the basement shift.

Basement Drug Mod:

Basement Drugs are a set of practical TS4 medicines. The module includes specially crafted medications and animations, modified walking patterns, moods, requirements, departures, pinnacles, reservoirs, addiction, recovery, comedowns, and much more. But Basement or us do not encourage, promote or glorify real-life use of drugs. An essential characteristic of the modification is the hard reality and downsides of the more extended use.

How to download the drug mod in Lana CC Finds?

  1. To install Sims 4 drug cc, follow these directions; visit the platform.
  2. Click “Download” and “Basement Drugs.”
  3. Open it in the folder for download.
  4. Delete the directory contents into your mods’ folder by right-clicking on the folder: Unzip, by using 7-Zip: Documents>Collaborative Arts>Collaborate 4> Mod>Collaborative Drugs. (New folder creation)
  5. Enjoy the game, start and play.
  6. Activate game options for your mod and script plugins.

2. Royalty Mod / Monarchy Mod:

Do you ever dream of becoming king or queen, of ruling an empire, of living in a giant castle, and of calling people? Then Sims 4 royalty mod is available to make your wish a fact. However, As a change, you will play a noble family generation after generation. That means that you will give names, listen to advice, have princes, order minions, and provide for your kingdom. Make sure you read it to the end to begin this royal journey and know the game.


  1. Begin by having a king to start a royal family.
  2. In this module, the monarch is a function and can be found in the categories of lifestyles. But to do this, you first have to trigger full editing mode for the event—complete mode edit.
  3. In this mod, the monarchs are the most critical Sims. You are the head of the line, and with any judgment, you get the last name.
  4. The Monarch could have a Royal Partner, grant any rights to every user, name a successor, etc.
  5. Depending on the relationships between your Monarchs and the universe, they have the chance to be Revered Royal or Hated Dictator.
  6. The people around them would love to be around or disdain them.
  7. Don’t lift your heavy taxes too high.

How to Install the Royalty Mod / Monarchy Mod in Lana CC Finds?

  1. Go to and download the mod on this page.
  2. Place Royalty Mod 1.1. Packet and Royalty Mod 1.1. the script in the MODS folder and not inside another folder after uploading because the game cannot interpret the scripting file.
  3. Starting up is easy; you have to build a Monarch in CAS and make it the ‘Monarch’ trait in Lifestyles.
  4. The centre of much of your experiences will be your ruler. You may send other titles with them chosen.
  5. To use this mod’s other characteristics, you can find a sim who is your Monarch’s trusted consultant by granting them the title, and then you can perform tasks like taxation, markets, etc.

Sims Household Mod:

Limits for your household only eight players can be a total bummer, but you can quickly overcome the SIMs of 8 to 24 with the SIMs 4 household limits mod! Learn how to install and how this module offers you until the finish.


The whole house mod sims four families in CAS can not edit because it would limit family size to eight. Below are several options for Fullhouse family management:

  1. Create a Family: Pick the HH (Household) alternative by clicking a tonne.
  2. HH: Pick the gallery to build HH and click on a tonne and load the HH from the Gallery/Bibliothèque from CAS.
  3. Delete Sim: CAS is only available for eight matches. I am using the included to remove extra players. The command deletes sim.
  4. Edit Sim: Although they are an extended family, you cannot edit a sim. Sim. This will exclude every simmer except eight.

Sim 4 Garage Door:

Lana CC Finds Sims 4 offers all of your desires and brings you an alternative world in which you are supposed to do stuff. You can get anything from a lovely avatar to a fantastic villa. We now have a great range of Lana CC Finds Sims 4 garage doors to give your homes a lovely touch because small items matter, and there will surely be a gap between the garage doors and your house as a whole. Leave no stone unturned, then.

Build Garage Door on your Own:

The construction of a garage cannot be helpful since they are not moving automobiles in the game, even if there is a module. However, ownership of a great sims four garage door will not harm anybody. It would help if you made the cheats possible to create or get one for yourself. Since you have the tricks, here are the tricks you will continue.

It would help if you had the Get Famous pack for choice one. Also, The package contains few shells, which have been pre-constructed and have garages. The body is what you need to do. A proper house near the building may also build. And copy the matching roof trim.

The other choice is an easy-to-use base game, even though it is not the most pretty lot. The base game has several parquet doors to produce a garage effect, which you can position at the front of the wall. By installing a working door into the home, you can make the garage even more entertaining and accessible. Anything that your heart wants.

Sims 4 Tradgdies Mod:

We always love to watch mystery and murder mysteries, but it may be terrifying while it is true. In other words, We’ve seen films that show tragedies like killing, abduction, and end-of-life disease. Some may be tragedies of sacrifice that can be exacerbated by psychiatric illness.

It would be exciting and fun to expose all these criminal scenes; we all want to see this stuff somehow. The real-life encounters can be very frightening and dangerous, but the know-how of these fatal charades is practically safe. 

In conclusion, Lana CC Finds Sims 4 life tragic mods will help you get away from reality and become part of a crisis like this. Also, This mod will add five serial killers to the game who could commit crimes in your area. These assassins will have some background stories to say to take revenge.

So, close you, they’re going to turn up. If you ignore them, you will not harm them, but they would destroy you if you bluntly speak to them. You may also choose to be an assassin by selecting one of the six assassinations. Read the following post to find out more about the incidents and download the life mod tragedies now.

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