My Husband is Mean to Me and Nice to Everyone Else

The dark reality of a women life

Why Does He Treat Everyone Better than Me? Why My Husband is Mean to Me and Nice to Everyone Else? How Do You Respond to a Rude Husband?

It was somewhere in the winter of 2015 I visited my uncles’ house. They lived at a hill station where both my uncle and aunty were working as government teachers. I joined a college there for my B.ed classes and started staying with them. Completing the degree after two years I was forced to get married to a guy who was years elder to me and was working as a government contractor.

Why does he treat everyone better than me?

An unknown fellow who was no way known to me nor my career, still I started well with him as a friend and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly my results of B.ed were out and I got passed to the examination. Next day I asked him to start my career and he started avoiding me. That day I felt why my husband is mean to me and nice to everyone else or Why does he treat everyone better than me, even though nothing serious happened between us. After a long thought, I came to know that it was my career which stuck him as he is a male-centric fellow.

Women Feelings

This happens with every woman as once you start thinking of your own life and career. With feminism being just a term no one really matters to how important it is. Still, our country is moving ahead with being male dominating in certain places. Once you start focusing on yourself and your profession, male partner thinks that you are going to earn money and start dominating them. Then they start on with some extra affairs. Women get cheated in this way more when they are housewives as well as professionals.

Neglecting Someone

But with all kind of complications I joined a school, later he started neglecting me and even my in-laws started treating me worst way possible. With every day there arises a new issue for which I skipped my school visit alternatively. The torture was not just physical but majorly mental harassment was there. This way almost 3 years passed by and I still maintained my job as good as possible. Suddenly I came to know about my pregnancy and my mother in law asked me to stay back home and concentrate on house chores and not my profession.

Surprising Situations

This was like big punishment for me and I decided to leave my in-law house and stay back to my paternal house and I did that too. Once I shifted my husband didn’t call me either he enquired about my pregnancy any more. My parents also got stressed looking ahead to the situation and decided to have a talk with my in-laws. To my surprise when my parents visited my laws house, everything was quite normal and they were asking me to get back to their place.

My Husband Behavior

This made me think of why my husband is mean to me and nice to everyone else or Why does he treat everyone better than me, including my parents. Then unwillingly I had to shift off to my in-law’s house. So after my shifting to in-laws’ house, my mother in law took great care of me and when I crossed 2nd trimester of pregnancy I was taken to a family doctor to do my some tests relating to pregnancy. When I asked them they said to check out if the baby is healthy or not. But I was shocked to know when I got a miscarriage next week. The test was done to know if I carried a male or a female fetus inside. I got into depression and was hospitalized.

New Start With Passion

Next, when my health got settled I decided to move ahead with separation from my husband. It was getting worst day by day and it was even difficult to withstand his behavior towards me. Being an educated girl with an independent living opportunity I didn’t think behind as later I came to know about the extramarital affair of my husband. Immediately I filed divorce I then planned to start my life in a new way.

Further, I continued my higher studies with my profession and today I am posted as principal in the same school. It’s not just my story but a story of some other girl who dreams of a fairy tale life and lands on with domestic violence. Every alternate day we fear or our place in society and land our self into trouble.

A Lesson For Us

We stay dedicated to family and partner as we are taught the same from the day we gain maturity. But why do parent to every guy teach them how to behave with a woman and how to respect their dignity. When a woman moves to in-laws house she finds everything new and every relation quite unknown to her. But with their behavior it changes to either good relationship or worst ones.

In a husband, we always try to find a friend, a support and a great partner. But with moving ahead and growing days, we grow bitterness and resentment towards our partner. This develops because of their behavior towards us. Love and affection in a relationship are expected from both sides. Sometimes disturbances occur but we should always try to neutralize them. Else these would take bitter faces in future as well as are going to affect our next generation. I don’t blame anyone for such incidents.

Final Words

Even it would have been a better relationship if my husband would not have got biased by others in his family and should have thought about his family on himself. This is happening everywhere in a different manner. And I stand both responsible for such issues. Why a husband neglects wife and gets nice to everyone else is not just a question but a thought that must be sorted together. So you should take a look into every single aspect of your life after your marriage and then think of such a situation arising when my husband is mean to me and nice to everyone else or Why does he treat everyone better than me.

So think, discuss and solve such matter and most important respect yourself and respect every relationship. For a better-married life, it’s important to set your understanding and pay equal attention to each other. After reading this you are able to know Why does he treat everyone better than me?

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