My Husband Loves to Hear About my Past Lovers

Is it Necessary You Tell Everything About Your Past Relationships? Why Does My Husband Loves to Hear About My Past Lovers?

Love is a beautiful feeling and relationship between husband and wife is filled with love, care and respect. But in modern ear maybe the definition of love has got shifted a little bit and maybe it is even full of questions at first. But whatever may be the reason whatever comes into mind people must clear that first. It gives a way to get connected even more and beautifully love your relationship.

Does your husband want to know everything?

This often happens that partners are keener in knowing everything about the past and this includes about past lovers too. But not always everyone is so comfortable talking about their relationship or past and that is why people should surely take care of their discomfort.

If your partner is asking about your partner and they are also looking forward to knowing about the sexual encounters this is then a true sign of jealousy and also one of a red flag. My husband loves to hear about my past lovers is the sign of jealousy.

Usually when you tell your partner about your past relationship then they would come and ask you about your past relationship, know what has happened and things like that. Many questions cross to their mind but If they force you to tell about your relationship and all then there is a problem. Until one is comfortable one should not force anyone for their relationship.

Is your past affecting your Present?

This is one of the most important things out of everything and people need to understand this that whatever you ask you are not allowed to hurt anyone’s emotion. Sometimes people become so curious and jealous that they do not even realize that they are not doing the right thing.

They are hurting someone and that someone is none other ‘your husband and wife’. So please ask any questions going into your mind but do not forget that you have someone whom you have to take care.

Before you tie the knots you must take care of the things that you ask before you tie the knot. This would help you in keeping things simple and beautiful. Asking question is of course not bad but not taking care of their emotions and feelings is one of the things that hurts the most.

Does your husband ask you about your past sexual relationship it simply means the thought of you being with someone else then this thought turn them on? Why does my husband love to hear about my past lovers?

People should be respectful towards each other and share only those things which are important to be shared. It is of course not important that you tell everything about your past to your husband or your wife. But it is important that you tell if you are feeling like you should share.

Is it necessary you tell everything about your past relationships?

Of course, this is not important that you share everything about your past but you have to decide what is necessary and what is not. Because sharing about your sexual relationships in details may be the cause of arguments, so it would be better you keep things limited and tell what is needed to be told.

Actually, many at times this happens between couples and is found usually, they tell everything about their past in details and this also becomes the reason of fight and arguments. Because they tell so in detail that they are talking half of the times about their partners.  Relationships are indeed very delicate and this needs your extra care and attention.

So when you truly have found your true love, instead of focusing on the past people should learn to respect their present and honour that. If they are able in respecting and focusing on their present their future will get better but they are holding either of their past it would only spoil their present. And if their present gets spoil then it would also affect their future you should need to understand these little facts and things.

Shift your focus and be open towards your relationship

Yes, this is the mantra for any relationship, if you focus on the past you would grow only rotten seeds. But if you focus on the present only good things will grow out of that and that is what anyone should understand.

This is one of psychology that people should understand ‘why we should hurt someone for their past and why to judge their character on their past’. This is so important to understand a few things about your own relationship and their too. When the topic starts on my husband loves to hear about my past lovers then you must shift it towards some other subject. Always try to shift your focus on good things and bring those good things into your life too and partners too.

Share Good things

Wherever you plant your thoughts the seeds grow there and then you can share even that. It is so important that people understand few things before spending life together that nothing matters if they genuinely want to be together.

Relationships are indeed very sensitive and they need more of your attention, acre, love and respect than the past ones. So you have your present into your hand so you need t focus onto that instead of wasting your time discussing previous things.

You can learn from your previous relationships but you cannot hold that for the whole of your life. This in fact becomes a reason for dispute between two people so you are a sensible person. You know better how you can take your relationship to the right place.

Wake up call

There is no one better than you who could decide about their relationships and how you could make that relationship beautiful. The relationship between two people is say to be the purest form when they find true love, people should maintain that dignity than blaming each other for that. Enjoy the little things than looking any answers into your past, there is only insecurity, blames, fear, anxiety in the past. Now you better can decide how you want to give shape to your future by being loyal and joyful in the present. So go ahead love and share that love with your lover. I hope this will give the answer to my husband loves to hear about my past lovers.

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