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Who is Adin Ross Sister? Naomi Ross Leakes Videos and Scandals [2024]

You may have heard of Adin Ross Sister, Naomi Ross. Born November 1, 1995, in Boca Raton, Florida, Naomi is the younger sister of popular content creator Adin Ross Sister. Growing up in a Christian home with Jewish ethnicity, Naomi was instilled with strong family values and a diverse cultural background. Standing 5’6”, Naomi has captivated her audience with her striking looks and charming personality. With over 143k followers on Instagram, she has gained recognition as a successful model and influencer. But it doesn’t stop there – Naomi is also a talented Twitch streamer, entertaining her fans with her gaming skills and engaging personality. Join us as we dive into the life of Adin Ross Sister and discover the unique blend of talent and charisma that makes her a rising star in social media.

Who is Adin Ross Sister?

Adin Ross sister is Naomi Ross, a prominent personality on social media. Born into a Christian home of Jewish descent, Naomi made her mark as a Twitch streamer and Instagram model. Over time, she has garnered an impressive fan base that exceeds 143k followers on Instagram. Naomi’s fans are always thrilled by her engaging and creative content centred on modelling, which she consistently shares on the platform. This vibrant social media influencer was born in Boston Raton, Florida, on November 1, 1995. However, she presently calls Los Angeles, California, home. She’s more than just “Adin Ross sister” — Naomi Ross has crafted a name for herself in the digital world and continues to flourish in her endeavours.

Bio Wiki Adin Ross Sister

Real Name Naomi Ross
Nickname Naomi
Profession Model & Social Media Influencer
Age 27 (as of 2022)
Date of Birth November 1, 1995
Birthplace Florida, USA
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Religion Christianity


Naomi Ross pursued her higher education at a well-known university located in the United States. She sought to hone her natural talent and love for performing, eventually graduating with a degree in acting. This strong foundation in performing arts launched her into her early career in the modelling and acting industry. Naomi continued with traditional mediums; she expanded her reach by entering the digital space. She started appearing in various commercials, gracing the pages of magazines, and showcasing her acting skills in TV shows. Demonstrating a savvy understanding of the social media landscape, Naomi launched her own Onlyfans account. This platform allowed her to share exclusive content, further engaging her fan base and catapulting her follower count to over 200k.


Coming from an Israeli Jewish background, Naomi Ross is the beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross. Despite their roots in Israel, her parents chose Boston Raton, Florida, as their nesting ground, where they raised Naomi and her younger brother Adin Ross Sister. The charisma of influencing others is embedded in the family’s DNA as Adin Ross Sister, following in his sister’s footsteps, Has also made a name for himself in Twitch streaming and social media. They share a strong bond and continually support each other in their careers. While maintaining close ties to their Jewish heritage, the Ross family has carved out a unique niche in the American digital entertainment industry, significantly impacting the world of social media.

Early Life and Background

Naomi Ross was born into a tight-knit Jewish family in the sunny city of Boca Raton, Florida. Her childhood was filled with a healthy mix of traditional Jewish customs and the sunny vibes of Florida’s Atlantic coast. Naomi and her younger brother, Adin Ross Sister, developed a bond in their early years that would later translate into shared success in social media and streaming. Early on, Naomi showed a penchant for the arts, exploring various forms of performing and visual expression. She was often found in front of the family camcorder, creating mini-movies and skits. As she matured, her talent evolved, leading her to pursue a degree in acting. During these formative years, Naomi began to craft the foundation of what would eventually become her thriving career in the digital entertainment industry.


Naomi Ross’s attention is completely drawn to her thriving career. Balancing the demands of being an Instagram model and Twitch streamer has left little room for starting a family of her own. Naomi’s primary focus is nurturing her digital family—her hundreds of thousands of followers. As of now, she remains unencumbered by the responsibilities of parenthood. Nevertheless, if she decides to venture into motherhood, we are sure that her fans will be there to support and celebrate with her. She continues to inspire and engage her fans, sharing moments from her life, her passions, and her career.


As a rising star in social media, Naomi Ross has kept her personal life relatively private. However, whispers of romance have linked her to fellow Twitch streamer Zias. Zias, a good friend of her brother Adin Ross Sister, is also a notable name in the Twitch community. Although fans have been speculating about the nature of their relationship, neither Naomi nor Zias have officially confirmed any romantic involvement. Being relatively active on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Naomi has yet to share any romantic posts that could hint at a serious relationship. Despite the rumours, Naomi Ross, for now, is primarily focusing on her career and growing her digital presence.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 6″ (177 cm)
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Measurements 33-23-34
Piercing Yes (ears)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown
Hair Length Medium
Tattoos No
Dress Size 4 (US)
Plastic Surgery No


Naomi Ross is a proud representation of Jewish ethnicity:
  1. Born into an Israeli Jewish family, Naomi embraces her heritage with pride and honour.
  2. Her parents, originally from Israel, passed down their rich traditions and customs to her.
  3. Although raised in a Christian household in Florida, Naomi held on to her Jewish roots.
  4. This vibrant combination of cultures shaped Naomi’s personality and worldview, giving her a unique perspective.
  5. Her Jewish heritage is evident not only in her personal life but also in her digital persona.
  6. Naomi often expresses her pride in her Jewish roots on her social media platforms.
  7. Her ethnicity represents her family lineage and adds a layer of diversity to her online identity.
  8. Naomi and her brother Adin Ross Sister represent the younger generation of Jewish influencers in the digital world.
Remember, ethnicity is not merely about where we come from. It’s also about the cultural heritage that shapes our identity, just as it did for Naomi Ross.


  • Naomi Ross is an avid cat lover. She currently has two adorable felines named Bella and Daisy.
  • She’s a true foodie, with sushi being her absolute favourite dish.
  • Naomi is not just about looks; she’s also a brainiac, a fact proven by her degree in acting.
  • Her favourite vacation spot is the beach, reflecting her Florida upbringing.
  • Besides her love for acting and modelling, Naomi has a passion for writing.
  • She’s a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, claiming Gryffindor as her house.
  • Naomi enjoys practising yoga, a way to balance her busy digital lifestyle.
  • She holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Israel.
  • Naomi’s favourite colour is lavender, often reflected in her Instagram aesthetics.

Before Fame

  • As a child, Naomi Ross was always drawn towards performing arts.
  • Growing up in Florida, she was inspired by the beauty of her surroundings.
  • Her family nurtured her creativity, fostering her love for the arts.
  • She would often be found putting on shows for her family and friends.
  • It was during her time in high school that she developed an interest in modelling.
  • She then combined her love for acting and modelling, launching her early career.
  • Before the glitz and glamour of social media, she focused on honing her skills in traditional mediums.
  • Before her Instagram fame, she started as a model for local brands.
  • Naomi’s early years were spent dedicated to her passion for the arts.
  • Even before social media, Naomi was no stranger to the spotlight.
  • She became more involved in the digital world after completing her education.
  • Before rising to prominence, she built a solid foundation in her field.


  1. Naomi Ross’s journey into digital entertainment started with her passion for acting.
  2. While in university, she dabbled in modelling and commercial appearances.
  3. After graduation, she ventured into social media, creating her Instagram account.
  4. Her captivating photos, creative content, and charming personality quickly drew in followers.
  5. Her success on Instagram led to her foray into Twitch streaming.
  6. As a Twitch streamer, she played games and interacted live with her audience.
  7. The combination of her looks, charisma, and gaming skills proved to be a winning formula.
  8. Naomi’s unique approach helped her gain a considerable fanbase on Twitch.
  9. She further leveraged her online presence by launching an OnlyFans account.
  10. On OnlyFans, Naomi shares exclusive content, further engaging her fan base.
  11. She has worked with various brands, using her influence to promote their products.
  12. Naomi’s multifaceted career has solidified her as a notable figure in the digital entertainment industry.

Net Worth

Naomi Ross’s success story is a testament to her multifaceted talents, determination, and strategic digital presence. The rewards of her hard work are not just confined to fame and followers but also mirrored in her financial prosperity. With her multi-pronged career, ranging from modelling to acting and from Twitch streaming to being an Onlyfans content creator, Naomi has accumulated an impressive net worth. The latest estimates peg her net worth around the $2.5 million mark. This considerable sum results from her consistent efforts and collaborations with various brands, not to mention the exclusive content she produces for her Onlyfans subscribers. Naomi Ross’s net worth, a reflection of her successful endeavours in the digital entertainment industry, continues to grow as she further advances in her career.


  1. Naomi Ross is a big fan of the arts. She often explores different art forms, from painting to sculpting.
  2. As an extrovert, she loves spending time with friends and family and making lasting memories.
  3. The beach is her ultimate sanctuary, where she can unwind and recharge.
  4. Naomi enjoys delving into a good book when not in front of the camera.
  5. Travelling is also a significant part of her life, seeking new cultures and experiences.
  6. With a special love for felines, she enjoys spending time with her cats, Bella and Daisy.
  7. To keep herself balanced, she regularly practices yoga.
  8. Not surprisingly, Naomi is a gaming enthusiast, often streaming live on Twitch.
  9. As a confessed foodie, she enjoys exploring new cuisines and trying different recipes.
  10. Lastly, Naomi Ross has a penchant for writing, often penning down her thoughts and experiences.

Favourite things

  1. Naomi Ross is a devoted sushi enthusiast and never shies away from a plate full of her favourite dish.
  2. Her love for animals is evident in her affection for cats, especially her pets, Bella and Daisy.
  3. The beach is unique in Naomi’s heart, serving as her preferred vacation spot.
  4. Lavender is Naomi’s favourite colour, often reflected in her Instagram aesthetics.
  5. When she isn’t working, Naomi enjoys unwinding with yoga, her favourite stress reliever.
  6. She is a gaming enthusiast, often dedicating her Twitch streams to her favourite games.
  7. Naomi deeply appreciates the arts, often exploring various forms like painting and sculpting.
  8. Writing is another of Naomi’s favourite pastimes, often putting pen to paper to express her thoughts.

Fun Facts

  • Naomi’s favourite Harry Potter character is Hermione Granger, and she attributes it to her intelligence and bravery.
  • She firmly believes in the power of positive affirmations, starting her day by reciting them.
  • While she loves cats, Naomi loves dogs, particularly Golden Retrievers.
  • She can’t start her day without a cup of coffee, often joking it’s her “morning fuel.”
  • Naomi secretly loves scary movies, even though she gets easily frightened.
  • While she’s fluent in English, Naomi also speaks Hebrew proficiently.
  • She has a knack for remembering song lyrics, often surprising her friends with this talent.
  • Naomi loves anything vintage, collecting antique jewellery as a hobby.
  • She dreams of writing a book someday, inspired by her love for storytelling.
  • Few people know this, but Naomi is an excellent cook, often experimenting with different recipes.

Naomi Ross Started Streaming with Her Brother

Naomi Ross and her brother Adin Ross Sister embarked on their streaming journey with a shared passion for entertainment. The dynamic duo quickly became a fan-favourite as they broadcasted their quirky antics and candid moments on Twitch, an online platform for live video streaming. Naomi’s easy-going personality and Adin’s charismatic charm created a unique blend that attracted thousands of viewers to their streams. Naomi and Adin Ross Sister were a team in the virtual world as much as they were in real life. They spent countless hours together, gaming, laughing, and creating unforgettable memories. The siblings’ bond further strengthened, reflected in their online content, which made their viewers feel like they were part of their family.

Naomi Ross Has an OnlyFans Account

Venturing beyond the Twitch platform, Naomi Ross also boasts an OnlyFans account. As a premium content platform, OnlyFans has allowed Naomi to explore more adult, exclusive content creation. It’s another facet of her versatile entertainment career, a space where she pushes boundaries and further captivates her fans. Her OnlyFans content provides a different kind of allure. It is edgier, showcasing her audacious spirit and willingness to experiment. Subscribers get exclusive access to this bold and uninhibited side of Naomi. Her OnlyFans presence echoes her dynamism and versatility as an online personality, allowing fans to engage with her more intimately.

Naomi Ross has Twitch and Instagram Accounts.

Naomi Ross leaves no stone unturned when connecting with her fans. Alongside Twitch, she’s carved a robust online presence on Instagram, where she regularly posts updates about her life, behind-the-scenes of her streams, and sneak-peeks into her daily routine. Her Instagram is a collage of her vibrant lifestyle, peppered with candid shots, fashionable outfits, and engaging content. On the other hand, her Twitch account is where the live-action happens. From streaming video games to engaging in light-hearted banter, Naomi uses the platform to interact in real time with her followers. Whether through an Instagram post or a Twitch stream, Naomi fosters a tight-knit online community, redefining digital engagement one post at a time.

How old is Adin Ross sister?

While Naomi Ross prefers to keep some aspects of her personal life under wraps, we know she is in her early 20s. Born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, Naomi celebrates her birthday every year with her family, including her brother, Adin Ross Sister. Although her exact birthdate remains a closely guarded secret, it’s clear that Naomi’s vibrant energy and mature persona transcends her young age. She has already accomplished much in her early years, from her thriving Twitch streams to her bold OnlyFans content. Naomi’s age demonstrates her ability to balance multiple online platforms while continually delivering engaging content. Her youth hasn’t held her back but fueled her determination and drive in online entertainment.

What Does Adin Ross Sister Look Like?

Naomi Ross radiates a natural elegance, perfectly blending style and grace. She boasts dark, lustrous hair that frames her radiant face, often opting for hairstyles that exude an effortless chic vibe. Her eyes, a captivating shade of hazel, hold an undeniable spark that reflects her lively spirit. The expressive eyes, coupled with her infectious smile, add to Naomi’s enchanting persona. When it comes to style, Naomi never fails to impress. She adorns herself in outfits that showcase her trendy yet classic fashion sense. Whether posing for a picture or live-streaming on Twitch, Naomi’s charisma is palpable, magnified by her admirable beauty and personal style. Indeed, Adin Ross sister is a head-turner, a fact that is as evident in her photographs as it is during her live streams.

How Adin Ross Sister Got Famous?

Naomi Ross’s path to fame was paved with shared gaming adventures with her brother Adin Ross Sister. The siblings’ joint Twitch streams garnered them an army of loyal fans. With their dynamic camaraderie, hilarious banter, and gaming prowess, the pair crafted a unique space in the online world. Their streams were not just about gaming. They showcased the siblings’ real-life bond, making viewers feel like extended family. Naomi’s fame didn’t stop at Twitch. She conquered Instagram with her candid snapshots and engaging content. Her fashionable outfits, behind-the-scenes posts, and vibrant lifestyle updates earned her an immense following.

Adin Ross Sister Love Life

Delving into Naomi Ross’s romantic life is like opening a chapter filled with mystery. This brunette beauty keeps her love life under tight wraps, a rare secret in her otherwise transparent online persona. While speculation buzzes amongst fans and followers, Naomi remains tight-lipped about her relationships. Her posts and streams don’t hint at a special someone, keeping her audience in suspense. Is she single or masterfully secretive? One thing is sure: whoever captures Naomi’s heart must be someone who resonates with her lively spirit and shares her zeal for life. For now, the romantic aspect of Naomi’s life remains a thrilling enigma, a personal narrative she chooses to guard from her online world. A love story yet to be told, and we’re all on the edge of our seats.

Frequently Asked Question

Who’s Naomi Ross?

Naomi Ross is a social media influencer, Instagram model, and Twitch streamer, best known as the sister of Twitch streamer Adin Ross Sister.

What does Naomi Ross do?

Naomi Ross is an Instagram model and a Twitch streamer. She also shares exclusive content on her OnlyFans account.

How did Naomi Ross get famous?

Naomi Ross gained fame through her Instagram and Twitch accounts, where she shares her modelling content and engages with her fans.

Does Naomi Ross have a Twitch channel?

Naomi Ross is an active Twitch streamer who interacts with her fans through gaming.

What’s Naomi Ross’s Instagram handle?

Naomi Ross’s Instagram handle is not mentioned here, but she has a considerable following of over 143k followers.

Has Naomi Ross been controversial?

No specific controversies involving Naomi Ross have been mentioned here.

Does Naomi Ross use OnlyFans?

Naomi Ross has an OnlyFans account where she shares exclusive content to engage with her fan base further.


Naomi Ross’s life story is a testament to hard work, passion, and the power of digital platforms. From her modest beginning as a Florida girl with Jewish roots to her successful career as an Instagram model, Twitch streamer, and OnlyFans creator, Naomi’s journey is inspiring. She has adeptly utilized social media to express her creativity and engage with her fans, amassing a large following that continues to grow. Her brother Adin Ross Sister’s fame aside, Naomi has independently carved out her space in the digital world. She’s not just an influencer. She’s a young woman pursuing her dreams while honouring her heritage. Naomi Ross’s story reminds us that success isn’t about the destination but the journey and the impact you make.

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