Presentation Design Tips 2021 – A picture is worth a thousand words

presentation design tips. Designing a presentation for your company is much more challenging when you’ll be meeting with investors and speaking in front of a crowd. If you’re not a designer, creating an eye-catching presentation may be a challenge. Designing a presentation for your company is much more challenging when you know you’ll be meeting with investors and speaking in front of a crowd at a crucial business meeting.

When a transaction is close, the stakes are higher than usual! Ten useful presentation design ideas will be covered in this lesson. Find out how to build a winning pitch deck.

You may use the tips in this article to help you create your pitch deck and get it ready for a big presentation. You can also use pitch deck services, which will help you make a suitable design. A strong investor pitch deck serves the following purposes for presentation design tips:

  • Short, to-the-point communication;
  • Giving individuals the information they need to make an informed choice by providing the appropriate context;
  • Following the presentation, you will be scheduled for the following steps, which will include your request.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The most important thing to remember when creating a presentation is to use compelling imagery.

The use of photography to visually convey your message is very effective. Photography is helpful in many circumstances, whether it’s emotive photography to convey a powerful message, stunning product photography to persuade customers of its worth, or vibrant images to liven up dull presentations. Beautiful photography is heart presentation design tips.

Each pivot point should include a picture to serve as a visual reminder. There’s usually enough information available to back up your claims and send a clear message.

Select colors, contrast, and white space that work well together


When you first begin studying design, you’ll focus on color theory and how to make efficient use of white space. The use of colors and white space in your presentation design is critical since the design is all about communicating effectively.


When creating presentations, keep contrast in mind. You’d want the text to be clear and easy to read. This is ensured if the backdrop color of the slide (typically white or light gray) and the text color are sufficiently contrasted with each other (for example, black).

According to presentation design tips Legibility becomes much more critical when you include text in your photograph. To see whether this is true, apply a black overlay with a transparency of 60%. This increases the contrast between the picture and the text, making it simpler to understand.

White space

Finally, there’s a lack of white space. Allowing extra space on your slides will go a long way toward combating the problem of white space.

Don’t cram too much information into a single slide, in a nutshell. Give each slide’s element enough room to breathe so that it may be readily accepted.

Say no to animation (mostly)

One of the most difficult parts of slide design is including animation. As a general rule, avoid using animation because:

  • They make your presentation go more slowly, particularly if you use transition animations between slides;
  • They’ll keep the audience’s attention while you’re making your case or telling a tale;
  • Finally, in a professional setting, they may not be suitable (for example, when asking for funding from potential investors for presentation design tips).

There are times when animation is appropriate, such as when highlighting a certain product feature or telling a narrative via drawings, or even when gently animating visuals or data.

You have a time limit of 20 minutes

This will help you while you’re giving your speech. Even though most presentations have time limits by default, you should aim to talk for no more than 20 minutes if you have the chance.

You’ll be forced to be more succinct, and you’ll also be able to hold people’s attention for a longer period of time. It gets harder to persuade people of the worth of your unique product or service after you pass the 20-minute mark.

Use the three-step rule.

When creating presentations, this is useful information to have on hand. A good rule of thumb is to break up long lists of information into three main categories (or add another if you only have two).

Avoid being too specific in your definitions. As an example, adding three stunning pictures or drawings to your slide designs or describing the product’s characteristics in prose would be much more helpful if you’re trying to emphasize its benefits.

Create an investor presentation by using these design tips

Presentations that are both informative and visually appealing are more likely to be well-received.

Make your pitch deck design even more impressive by using the presentation ideas listed above. This will help you stand out from the competition and attract investors’ attention. If you are interested in the topic of back-end development – follow the link and find out more information.

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