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PRODEG is a company that provides a facility for management and training solutions. They offer many fields and departments like engineering, auditing, advice etc.

Introduction of Prodeg:

PRODEG is such a company which is (Based in Curitiba). And it is the provider of consultancy for all solutions, and this also provides the facility of management and training solutions. This is an American based company which is very famous in globally.

What are Prodeg offering?

They offer many fields and departments like engineering, auditing, advice, and other services for their clients and consumers. The company also provides the facility of caters to food and drinks for many and big names of companies. This is also providing the facility of telecommunication, transportation, construction sectors, and more.

Overview of Prodeg:

As we know about the big name of this company, the name of this company is Prodeg. And this is formally known as Prodeg LLC. Which is also American online marketing, consumer polling, and market research company. And this company is based in El Segundo and California. The company is also developing consumer rewards and polling programs under various brands in America.

What are the names of brands?

And the name of big brands including are Swag bucks, My Points, Shop At Home, Inbox Dollars, Coupon Cause, Y sense, and U promise.

History of product:

This is such type of company which founded in Torrance and California in 2005. Also, This company was an entrepreneur by Josef Gorowitz. The company has initially partnered with many big names with search providers to build a platform for raising charitable donations for the needy people in the world. The supporters of the charities would earn money for the charities and the cause of needy people not only in America but throughout the world. This company is also offering and surfing and shopping using white-labeled web browsers.

What are the custom browsers and early customers’ names of Prodeg company?

This is such a type of company that started offering custom browsers to many brands to earn money from their fans and followers and online activities. The names of early customers included the Green Bay Packers football team and singer Kanye West.

February 2008, Swagbucks.com:

In February 2008, Prodeg launched its sponsorship and partner company which has the name Swagbucks.com. And this company has started work under Co-Founders Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson. And this company also introduced the SB as a digital currency, and this type of currency is earning for activity throughout its network of websites. The consumers and customers of this company can do many things with it. They can go shopping and play different types of games there. Although, By shopping and playing online games, the customers and consumers of this big company can earn Swag Bucks (SB) points that could be redeemed for gift cards and other merchandise in the future. Swag Bucks (SB) is an online reward and portal of products.

What about January 2013?

In January 2013, Prodeg Founder Josef Gorowitz appointed former CEO of famous brands and companies named Shopzilla and Fandango CEO Chuck Davis as the company’s executive chairman. They are also the big name of their companies and also appointed an extensive post on this company.

What about May 2014?

In May 2014, this company announced that Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) with other names and brands of companies. And they had invested $60 million into Prodeg. The parent company has the name of Swag Bucks (SB) and other portfolio brands name. This company also had appointed Executive Chairman Chuck Davis as its new CEO and Chairman for this company. On the other hand, Josef Gorowitz assumed the title of Founder and President of this company. When we were talking about in May 2014, TCV Venture partner Chuck Davis, he was also previously CEO of movie ticket vendor Fandango and became the big name of Prodege’s CEO.

What about July 2014?

In July 2014, this company announced its acquisition of SodaHead.com, another big name, and online shopping brand. This is also known as an online polling technology platform that Jason Feffer founded. SodaHead.com and its CEO Chris Dominguez and Founder Jason Feffer have joined Prodeg as an executive leadership team in this great move and cause.

What about April 2016?

In April 2016, this company bought rewards site My Points from United Online. The merger of online services formed the company, and their names are the companies Net Zero and Juno Online services on the internet.

What about August 2017?

In August 2017, the company acquired Greenwood Village Company and Colorado-based cashback shopping system and coupon website, which has the name Shop At Home.

What about May 2019?

In May 2019, the company bought some also big names of big brands that are famous as the name of Cotterweb Enterprises. And this company has also bought the shares of a Minnesota-based operator of reward sites in the US, Canada, and the UK.

The local service, Group on:

In the same year and in July, this company has partnered with a local online service and deal with Group on to develop a local merchant rewarding system and a card program for customers and their consumers.

What about Prodeg products and goods?

When we are talking about the products and goods of this company, then we have also remember the year 2020, and this company make launches big projects and big name of their companies. The company products had over 120 million users globally and as of 2019. And they had rewarded $725 million to its users and consumers since its inception.

What about February 2020?

In February 2020, this company became a big name and brand of the year and also had a good reputation in online marketing and polling systems. Prodeg has bought a digital coupon company which has the name Coupon Cause.

U promise next level:

In May, this company has bought U promise, and this is such a big name of the provider of college savings plan to their loyalty programs and shows. And this company has started work with a student loan company that has the reputation of Sallie Mae.

Isometric solutions and Panel consultancy:

However, this company is also deciding with another big name and has partnered with Isometric Solutions and Panel Consulting. And this is also providing the polling system for the Prediction Survey in that year. And this is also known as a political forecast, and Thomas Miller developed this company during the 2020 Georgia Senate election.

What are the services of Prodeg?

1: This is such a big name with the cooperation of many big names of companies and other charity organizations. 2: This Company is offering an online marketing service under many brands and also in companies. 3: This Company has decided to work with Swag Bucks (SB). 4: this is such type of website and application where all kind of users and their shops are available. And when any customer and consumer wants to do some shopping, they can do the shopping and watch videos of their choice and desire cash rewards and gift cards. 5: this company is also providing the facility of My Points. Which is also an online rewards site. 6: Shop At Home. This is also another big name of a cashback shopping website and also for a coupon site. 7: Inbox Dollars this is a rewarding online website for their consumers and customers. 8: Coupon Cause is another significant contribution of a coupon website that donates the money among all the users who have worked with save to non-profits. 9: U promise, this is a coupon website for all the customers and consumers that contribute to education savings and their accounts. 10: Ysense is also a big name as a gift card rewards and program for their customers who shop and watch videos for their earning point’s purposes. 11: The company also has a system of operating consumers as a reward card program with other big companies.

What do you know about more specifications of Prodeg?

There are more specifications, and also qualities of this company are mentioned here: 1: this is such type of company which has the nature of Private Company. 2: this company is mainly working and has the best kind of nature Industry like Online marketing, consumer surveys, and market research purposes. 3: this company was founded in the year 2005. 4: the name of the founder of this company is Josef Gorowitz. 5: the name of their Headquarters mentioned here: El Segundo and California. 6: the critical people of this company are Charles “Chuck” Davis. And he is the CEO of this company. 7: the name of products are Swag bucks, My Points, Shop At Home, Inbox Dollars, Coupon Cause, and U promise. 8: the number of employees is 250. 9: the name of this website is Prodeg.com.

What do you know about a supportive work environment?

There are more kinds of supportive work environments are mentioning here: This company has based on Equity. This company has a monthly office and also has some kinds of events. The company has also available in outings & also has Happy Hours. Prodeg has 401K matching results for their employees. The company has its benefits for their work-life and balance. This company has the best kind of motive for work-life and balance icon. This company has the motive of caring about our team’s well-being. Also, This company has worked with Extensive Health Benefits. They have total accessories with a stocked kitchen. They have launched caters and lunches with 3x a week. Also, They have an extra flexible PTO Policy. They have extra fitness and reimbursement. They have charitable and also have the giving allowance and Icon. As we all know that small things can make a big difference in a big organization. They have quarterly and charitable donations with giving an allowance. They have a new hire, Breakfast with the Founder & CEO of this company. Also, They also have facilities with Anniversary & Birthday Celebrations. They have introduced recreational clubs. They have an on-Site Gym. The company has Paid and Garage Parking.

What do you know about their primary office?

The company has their primary office in such locations are: Their post office box number is 70. And this company is mainly located in Manhattan Beach and CA 90267. This company is mainly located in the United States of America. And their telephone number is +1 (424).

What technologies does prodeg use for their website?

This company is such a big name and has the big venture of big names of many leading brands. 1: They have used Google and Font API 2: They have also used Google Tag Manager. 3: They have also used Nginx. 4: They have also used TrackJs. 5: They have also used WordPress. 6: They have also used Yoast SEO. 7: They have also used jQuery. 8: They have also used jQuery Migrate. 9: They have also used reCAPTCHA. 10: They have also used PHP, MySQL, and more in their technology stack.

What do you know about their sites Linking In?

1: wetteronline.de 2: swagbucks.com 3: techcrunch.com 4: forbes.com 5: apple.com

More FAQ about this company?

1: What is Prodeg annual revenue?

Ans: This company has total revenue is $145.1 M.

2: How many employees does this company have?

Ans: this company has a total of 202 employees.

3: Where are Prodege headquarters located in this world?

Ans: This Company has its primary and first headquarters are locating at 100 N. Pacific Coast Highway, 8th Floor, El Segundo, California, 90245, United States.

4: What are their names of primary industries?

Ans: the names are their primary industries are Advertising & Marketing and Business Services.

5: What is the name of Prodeg CEO?

Ans: The name of their CEO is Chuck Davis.

6: What are their names of acquisitions and subsidiaries?

Ans: The names of their acquisitions and subsidiaries are: MyPoints.com and Inc. CyberGold and Inc. SodaHead and Inc.

The final words:

Prodeg is such a big name and also a big brand name in the United States of America. This organization has the big names of its competitors and mutual companies.

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