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Shadow Sorcerer 5e Spells 2021 – Dungeons and Dragons Guide

What is Shadow Sorcerer 5e? The Famous Attributes (range, target, damage, components, duration, creature) of Dungeons and Dragons fifth spell. If you know the world of D&D, then you know there are many ways to use magic in its world. You can go on being a wizard by learning it for a start. Or you can simply be gifted the ability all your lifetime devoting it to your God like a Cleric. You can also skip it all and just trade your soul to become a master of magic. However, when we talk about Sorcerers, things get a little interesting. Specifically the shadow sorcerers 5e has, gain their abilities based on their origins and magic. Due to this, they can combine and make spells in a unique way than others. It gives many role-playing possibilities and the best outcomes. If you don’t know much about these shadow sorcerers 5e has, then this is the best place for you. Keep on reading to be fully comprehended by the secrets and features of these shadow sorcerers.

Shadow Sorcerer 5e Statistics

If you look at the D&D statistics, you will learn how interactive your character is with its world. It can tell you what they can accomplish and what they can’t. Work effectively to make sure that your statistics are quite familiar to the rest of your group and your method followed. Due to this, you will generate a total of 6 unique numbers. Each attribute carries 1 number that is important to keep your stats noted and benefitted from. Sorcerers master using charisma as a casting ability which should always be first among abilities. Similar to bards, shadow sorcerers 5e has are also the ones who learn these attributes over time. They are the masters of persuasion and can even manipulate the enemies to join their side. This helps them to avoid fights and bloodshed more than anyone.

Shadow Sorcerer 5e Comes With Some Disadvantages

However, these shadow sorcerers 5e has can’t wear armors. The next thing to worry about is to keep yourself safe as well as alive during fights. This is where Dexterity helps you increase your AC as well as initialization in combats. A high Constitution assists with your hit point sum very easily. On the other side, the attributes are assigned with your preferences. Always prioritize skills over abilities to have a total way of success. It should be something like,

Shadow Sorcerer 5e Spells

For a start, shadow sorcerers 5e has already known 4 Cantrips as well as 2 spells. A sorcerer can only trade their spells is when they are leveled up. Not only has this allowed them to swap spells, but also upgrading them. Due to this limitation, always make sure to equip spells that you know how to make use of.

Shadow Sorcerer 5e Cantrips Suggestions

As for Cantrips, you can cover your bases with combat-focused and utility attributes. For effective utility, start with a message. This will allow you to communicate with creatures feet away from you magically. Every communication will be between you two and this can be hugely advantageous. As for combat Cantrips, we suggest taking one that helps concluding throws. This will make sure to back up some offense for any situation. Ray of Frost might suit the best as a combat Cantrip and has a great range too. Furthermore, it will increase the bonus drastically reducing the speed as well.

Focusing On Duo Spells

For the duo-spells, it is bet gearing up for both offensive and defensive spells. Mage Armor is the best for defensive spell casting. However, for an offensive spell, the best choice is anything with a vast duration. This will help you get the most out of it during matches. Witch Bolt is the best one here as its duration extends over a minute and more. The best part is that there is not even a poll required here.

METAMAGIC For Shadow Sorcerer 5e

Metamagic is the best feature that a shadow sorcerer 5e has ever made. Necessarily, you have to spend your points to upgrade your spells into something more unique. All told there are over 8 Metamagic attributes and a sorcerer can only learn 4 of them. Therefore, it is very necessary to get the ones that suit your playstyle the most. Take something that can help keep your friends alive and upgrade spells. Or you can focus on precise target castings and boosting ranges. Whether single or multiple targets, pick a playstyle first. The best way to utilize Metamagic options is to take your favorite options first. This will match your playstyle the most and help you master the game even more.

Starter’s Guide to Building a Shadow Magic Sorcerer 5e

Now with all that in mind, keep some things considered in order to build a Shadow Magic Sorcerer 5e origin. Some of those are mentioned below. Comprehended in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the shadow sorcerer 5e has several things to note. The darkness is the best way to use it with thematic features for sure. If you seem like failing, your magical inception from the Shadowfell and beyond can add it even more. Hence, I’ll lean into these factors in gameplay, making a cool shadow sorcerer.

Considering Meta Magic

Following on, to spend sorcery points for special skills, Meta Magic is the best option here.

Careful, Distant and Empowered Spells

Shield about 5 (Charisma modifier) victims from a range of spells impact. Distant spells will allow you twice the area of a spell. Empowered spells will reroll a limit of injury dice to Charisma alterer.

Extended, Heightened and Quickened Spell

Twice the limitation of a spell working for about 1 minute and ahead. Can extend to 24 hours. With high lightened spells, It is mostly on the enemies. The enemy has a negative impact on its initial saving throw upon the attack. Finally, the quickened allows spell coming with 1 action turns to a bonus ability.

Subtle and Twinned Spells

With subtle spells, you can cast anything without any elements. Select a different victim for a spell duplication. The spell should be something that marks 1 foe.

Try Going With Drow or Owlfolk (UA)

It’s always advised to blend the dark magic skills with a shadowy character. That is why the Owlfolk sounds a better option here.

Using Drow Elves for Shadow Sorcerer 5e Adventure

The bonus scores of Drow elves extend to above +2 Dexterity / +1 Charisma. Generally, the shadow sorcerers 5e has, detach them from charismatic spellcasting. Nevertheless, the additional dexterity can help your character survive difficult conditions. Furthermore, it can also help in a better AC for a long time. Notably, you can also take advantage of Fey Ancestry in several ways. This can help you as a benefit against charms and magical attacks. Also, the Drow comes with inherent attributes such as the Fairy Fire and more. These magical attributes can help you combine sorcery spells uniquely.

Using Owlfolk for Shadow Sorcerer 5e Adventure

On the other side, the Owlfolk as a Shadow sorcerer 5e has comes with the same darkness. They also got the ability to fly and ascend easily. Most of all, you select to build with a +2 Charisma /+1 Dexterity score and attribute bonuses. Moving on, you can attain Magic Sight to cast magic detection as any ritual. The Nimble Flight helps boost the flying speed as same as walking speed. If you want more, you can also do a Dexterity throw when falling to hover properly. Conclusively, the Silent Feathers can boost your stealth attributes a lot as an advantage.

Get Used to Sorcery Points as well as Meta Magic

Shadow sorcerers 5e has are very adaptable when you start casting spells. While most of them must go with a rigid system of spells, sorcerers attain sorcery score the best. This can help them turn it into slots for spells and add various effects to its casting. Start by gaining Font of Magic after reaching the second level. It will introduce Sorcery Points to your character. The number of sorcery points you need to use depends on the level you reach. For a start, it can be using 2 sorcery points for a slot of level 1. Afterward, increasing it to 3 sorcery points for attaining a spell slot for level 2 and so on. Not to mention you can also sacrifice a slot for sorcery points. Having such an advantage can help you match spell level as well.

Side Recommendation For Meta Magic

It is advised to make use of Twinned Spell and Empowered Spell the most. It can help you do stealth and surprise attacks as an advantage.

Utilizing Shadow Magic Expertise

Shadow sorcerer 5e has are the best with shadow magic abilities. This can give you various expertise in the starting levels. Starting off, going with Eyes of the Dark and Strength of the Grave works the best. The first one allows Darkvision more than 120 feet increasing the level of darkness to 3. Usually, it might cost you a slot to do this casting. On the other side, the latter spell allows you to have a Charisma Saving Throw even with dropped HP. The SOTG also benefits in an additional DC 5 + damage level.

Leveling Up WIth New Abilities

Moving on with level 6, it is wise to proceed with Hound of Ill Omen. This spectral wolf aims at one target and can traverse through walls. This wolf starts off with a stat block of a general wolf. It starts into use with a temporary HP almost as half as your sorcery level. Additionally, the curse attack dog is able for another 5 minutes when an enemy is eliminated. It will take its own initiative and can attack if given a chance.

Leveling Up The Expertise For Shadow Sorcerer 5e

Finally, to truly become the shadow sorcerer 5e has, you have to become one with the shadows. The level 14 Shadow Walk allows you to teleport above 120 feet alongside shadows. The Umbral form however takes 6 sorcery points to turn you into a shadow. In this way, you can traverse through walls and are immune to various damage attacks.

Shadow Sorcerer 5e Recommended Spells

Now that you are more used to these shadow sorcerer 5e has, it’s time to add spells. But only go with the effective ones that are recommended below to save and enjoy more.

Cantrips Attributes for Shadow Sorcerer 5e

Elemental Abilities and Attributes

Among elemental abilities, Chill touch is perhaps the most known one here. A spiritual handout that takes down a foe for damage. The enemy is not able to recover HP till you move next. This works nicely with such a shadowy aesthetic. Aside from that, the Ray of Frost is also ideal when it comes to elemental attributes. It causes an icy beam attack for heavy damage. It results in the reduction of enemy speed by about 10 feet. The movement manipulation can also act well alongside it.

Manipulative Abilities and Attributes

Mage hand is perhaps the best known manipulative ability of all. It is the spiritual hand that manipulates objects far, even 30 feet away. This surely is a shadowy advantage in adventure mode. While on the other side, the Blade ward is also considered a fan favorite of the series. It can give you resistance to several types of damages. It is a quick working spell to add and increase your defense level.

Initial Level Spells For Shadow Sorcerer 5e

Protection and Striking Spells

The shield spell as an outcome includes +5 AC and you won’t be damaged from Magical strikes. The Ray of Sickness on the other hand is good for striking. It shoots a green beam as a striking poison attack. This results in poisoning the target and constant damage as well. Moreover, it also gives that creepy shadowy feeling to it.

Combat and Stealth Spells

The chromatic orb is perfect as a combat spell. It allows you to shoot orbs of light that include all damages. If you note, this might be the best magic spell for the initial levels. On the other hand, the Silent Image ability is amazing for stealth. It allows you to make an illusion that is 15 feet in total. The illusion can traverse but stays silent. It can help you trick people in encounters and combats pretty easily.

Shadow Sorcerer 5e Higher-level Spells

Now, going to be a shadow sorcerer 5e intended comes with several ways of manipulation. Whether it is damaged, defense, or anything, go with whatever suits your campaign. Here, it matters more than your playstyle to stay like a shadow sorcerer 5e included.

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