19 Interesting Facts About Super Bowl Every NFL Fan Should Know

The Super Bowl makes one of the most-watched annual sporting events globally. Here, we’re going to list 19 most interesting Super Bowl facts you should know:

Super Bowl betting

Fans can legally and safely bet on Super Bowl lines. There are lots of popular sportsbooks that share odds, predictions, and updates related to sporting events. If you want to try this, make sure you use the latest NFL betting tips.

Crazy expensive commercials

The commercials during the event have become as popular as the game itself. It generates huge revenue, whether you want to bet on Super Bowl or advertisements. It costs nearly $6+ million to run a half-minute commercial during the event.

The ball is handmade in the U.S.A.

Wilson craftsmen and craftswomen handcraft that cute-looking ball for the Super Bowl. Balls are made at the Wilson Football Factory in Ohio. In fact, all of the NFL game balls are made by this company. Each football is imprinted with the words “Commissioner,” “Wilson,” and “Made in the U.S.A.” Wilson has been making balls for every Super Bowl season since the first time.

Every team gets many balls.

Every team that plays in the Super Bowl gets around 108 game balls. Of these, 54 balls are meant to be used for practice, and the remaining 54 are for the real game. Typically, 120 balls are used during Super Bowl, including kicker footballs, which are used for kicking plays.

It’s the second-highest food consumption day.

The time-honored American sports of the Super Bowl see families cheering on their favorite teams while enjoying an incredibly large amount of food, beer, and dips. It’s like a huge festival in the country. And, because of the huge food consumption on the day, it’s also known as the second-highest food consumption day.

What happens during halftime.

Halftime at the Super Bowl is twice as long as the standard 13-minute break at NFL matches. So, teams have more time to get organized and refreshed. Players use Super Bowl halftime to warm-ups and make necessary adjustments. Then, they energize, rehydrate their bodies, and reset for the final performance.

2013’s Harbaugh Bowl

Brother coaching different NFL teams and meeting at the Super Bowl. That sounds like a coincidence, right? But this is what happened at the 2013 Super Bowl. John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh coached two different NFL teams – the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. In addition, the brother went head-to-head at the event.

Super Bowl locations.

The Super Bowl venues are not selected randomly. Instead, it’s decided after careful considerations, such as the stadium’s accommodability, the region’s weather, etc. Locations are booked in advance so fans, vendors, sponsors, and others can plan on time.

Halftime performers don’t make anything.

Many top celebrities, including Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé, perform during Super Bowl halftime. But they don’t get paid even a single dime for this. The event authority, however, covers all the expenses for personal staffing and production for performers. Although they get any cash, their huge exposure is worth tens of millions of dollars. This is because of big viewership numbers, which gains massive publicity for the artists performing. Surprisingly, the halftime show scores much higher ratings compared to the actual game.

It wasn’t always “super.”

The sporting event was not termed the Super Bowl until Super Bowl III. At the time, Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II were just known as the AFL-NFL World Championship game.

Peyton Manning Winning

Manning is the only NFL player to win two Super Bowl Championships with different teams. He boasts an 18-season career as the premier quarterback for the Denver Broncos and the Colts.

The Lombardi Trophy

Made of sterling silver, the Vince Lombardi Trophy is the highest accolade in the football world. It’s named after Vince Lombardi, the coach of the Green Bay Packers for two consecutive victories for the first two Super Bowls to date.

Lucky for Friends and Families

It’s not just players who enjoy the perks of the Super Bowl game. Friends and families of players also enjoy the weekend with luxury vehicle loans, lavish hotel stays, and exclusive events. They can also attend practice sessions before the game, which is allowed sometimes.

Super Bowl tickets – from $12 to $2,500

Did you know a ticket to the first Super Bowl was as little as $6? Nowadays, you may end up paying $5,000 for a ticket if you’re purchasing the ticket from a secondary site. For example, the average Super Bowl ticket price was $100 in 1988, while it reached $275 in 1998. The ticket sold at $900 in 2008 and reached $2,500 in 2018. In 2022, the average ticket to Super Bowl LVI sold at $8,869.

34-minute power outage at the Super Bowl

A power outage plunged Super Bowl XLVII into darkness after the third quarter, delaying the game by 34-35 minutes. The event took place in New Oreland’s Superdome stadium. At that time, pop singer Beyoncé performed at halftime, and the show included fireworks, lights, and electric theatrics. According to Citing police officials, the electricity for the show caused the surge.

First American president to attend the Super Bowl.

George Bush went on the Super Bowl’s field with former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach. It was Super Bowl XXXVI, organized in New Orleans. It made Bush the first president to appear (in person) for the Super Bowl coin toss.

First Super Bowl without cheerleaders

Cheerleaders have their spontaneous charm at the Super Bowl. But the Super Bowl XLV Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers had no cheerleaders. This happened for the first time in the game’s 45-year history. It was because these two of the six NFL teams had no pom-pom squads.

Highest Winning Score

In 1990, the San Francisco 49ers won the game against the Denver Broncos 55-10. It’s the most noteworthy margin of victory recorded in the history of the Super Bowl.

The Rock and NFL

Dwayne Johnson, who is known as The Rock, tried to become an NFL player but failed. That’s when he decided to start wrestling. The list of interesting facts about the Super Bowl is exhaustive! But we’ve listed above some fun and useful facts everyone should know.

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