The best teams in CS: GO

Counter-Strike GO has become an esports sensation around the globe thanks to tournaments with millions of dollars in the prize poll. These are professional tournaments, and the best CS: GO players take part in them. Tens of different teams from around the globe take part in these tournaments, but only some make it to the top. These teams are then ranked according to their performance. Sell your CS: GO items at skinomat.com. Here are the five best CS: GO teams to look forward to.

1. Heroic

Heroic hasn’t been performing that well in the previous years, but 2023 proved to be pretty good for the team. The year started with a runner-up medal at IEL Katowice in 2023. After that, the Heroic team also made it to the top of the Fall groups as well as the Blast Premier Springs finals. When they played with Vitality, Heroic defeated them to break their streak of the Paris major wins. Jabbi and Sjuush are the main stars of the Heroic team, while all the other players also have the ability to carry the team to victory.

2. Vitality

Most of the time, Vitality tops the list of best CS: GO teams thanks to their strong lineup that also contains Zywoo, who is the best Counter-Strike player in the world right now. The launching pad for Vitality was winning the 16th season of the ESL Pro League. Recently, the team won the 2023 Paris Major event, and now they are in the top five rankings.

3. Faze Clan

For some time, Faze Clan was the best team in the world, but then, things went wrong for them. At the start of 2023, this team won the ESL Pro League Season and became the fourth Counter-Strike team in the world to complete the intel grand slam. Other than that, the future of Faze Clan is uncertain due to issues with players. In the previous CS: GO major, this team finished in fifth place.

4. G2 Esports

It has been years since G2 Esports won a trophy, but fans have high hopes for them in 2023. At the start of this year, they have already lifted a cup by winning the final of the Blast Premier World 2023. In recent years, G2 players have struggled a lot with winning, but not anymore. They also won the IEM Katowice 2023. The team recently acquired Jks and Hooxi.


ENCE has been struggling for quite some time now to get a place in the world rankings, but they have recently made it to the list of the best teams, thanks to their hard work. Nertz and Valde have contributed a lot to this entry. In June, the team traveled to Dallas to take part in IEM, and they won it. In the ESL Pro league season in 2023, the team was in pretty good form, and fans expect them to keep this form in the upcoming tournaments.

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