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The Importance of Secure Cloud Computing for Businesses

Moving workflow to the Cloud provides many benefits for businesses, including ease of collaboration and access to multiple applications. However, without proper protection of cloud-based infrastructure; the company’s activities may become vulnerable to fraudsters and be subjected to external attacks. Find out what distinguishes secure Cloud so you can choose a provider that reliably guards your business interests.

Elements of Business Cloud Environments That Need Protection

In addition to the clouds infrastructure, which often attacked by malicious actors, two other components of the cloud environment are critical:
  • Applications that you use in your workflow or that are needed to keep your online business running.
  • Data that includes both internal company data and consumer data that the company collects in the process of communicating with them.
If the flawless operation of all applications is a matter of concern for the company management, the security of consumer data regulated by authorities. Companies are responsible for the protection of the sensitive data of their clients and must comply with regulatory data requirements.

What Makes a Cloud Secure

To avoid accidental or intentional data leaks, as well as many types of cyber threats, the famous Cloud service provider G-Core uses many protective measures:
  • Advanced detection algorithms;
  • Scrubbing hardware;
  • L3, L4, L7 DDoS Protection;
  • Real-time alerts about all suspicious activities, including DDoS attacks, etc.
G-Core offers six different custom protection profiles for its customers. Therefore, you can always choose the type of protection for your business that will match its vulnerability profile. Thanks to this, you will not overpay for those measures or features that you do not need. The company’s specialists will create an optimal set of solutions that will help enhance the operational efficiency of your business and protect sensitive data. Focus on protecting your cloud infrastructure, data, and applications with G-Core so your customers’ trust turns into strong loyalty.

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