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How to Check Twitch Chat Logs? Reason to Check Your Twitch Chat Logs

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs? By Search Command User, Search by Using a Chatbot, With the Use of Third Party Program, Twitch Logs Check for Moderators.

Twitch is an amazing tool for all the gamers, who to get a live stream of their game. Many people, who are into gaming almost, use this tool a lot. If you are a gamer, then you will know very well about twitch and twitch logs and also about their features.

But now I explain for those users who do not know, twitch chat logs as direct messages of twitch. Most people do not know about twitch. They just like a live chat for those users, who do not know about twitch.

Your game viewers can only send you their messages and you can see their messages. The common thing in twitch logs is spamming, so monitor of your twitch logs is important for you.

In this article, I will share all the information about twitch chat logs. If you want to know about them so read carefully this article and don’t miss any single point. I also cover what is the utility of twitch chat logs and how to check them.

What are twitch logs?

Twitch chat logs is a game streaming for those gamers, who do live stream chat for their followers. Twitch is a kind of direct messages where you can see all the comments and remarks of Twitch. But you can only see their statement. If you want, you also make them public.

You can do a lot of thing with a twitch, troubleshoot wrong comments, you can actually analyze your audience. You can improve your content and review the feedback. So these logs for those people who did not know about twitch chat logs.

Reason to check your twitch chat logs:

There are a number of reasons why you want to check out your twitch chat logs, such as

  • Seeing the reaction of your audience to the things you do or say during your stream.
  • Looking at whether someone you suspended or banned, really violated any of your rules, or check out why they are banned.
  • If a viewer gives feedback and advice you on your content and what they like on your content or streaming, you want to review it later on. So, in this way, you can take better notes or idea and implement their suggestions.
  • Twitch culture evolves and moves at a mile per second. You could encounter a new meme on your stream that you have not yet encountered if you have spent a lot of time on the site. You can also check your logs to isolate the information so you can keep it up with the platform.
  • Find out many ways to be more engaging with your twitch chat.

How to check twitch chat logs?

There are many ways to check out your twitch chat logs. Checking logs is very important because it used by many. Here we discuss the many ways with the use of these ways you can check out your twitch chat logs.

1) By search command user:

By using the user search command you can also search your comments. This method is best to find out particular comment very quickly. It is very easy to use, you just type the command (username), and you will get all the comment of this username.

You can find out how many comments are done by the particular user with the help of this method. Above that, the day when the account was created, you can also see how many times the user was banned. You can also see all the comments that the user has written on your channel or site. With the help of this method, you can also identify a user who has been banned by you and create a new account to enter your channel.

2) Search by playing the VIDEOS:

Playing the VODs is another way to checking your twitch chat logs. You can also record your VODs and afterwards, you can look at it to find out a comment. Unfortunately, if a comment was deleted and moderated, you will not be able to see it on your chat. By using this method, you can review and take any action against your users.

3) Search by using a chatbot:

You can also search the logs with the using of chatbot such as night bot. Many offer these features with a variation on how it is done and ease. Twitch chatbots offer a number of benefits to users, such as in-chat moderation, and customizable commands.

Chatbots have many features, so you can filter your chat and also find it. You can make a viewer feel special, in some chatbots. This method is a simple way to find the chats. Nightbot is a very popular chatbot and you can check your logs with the use of night bot.

4) With the use of a third party program:

I saw many gamers that use a third-party app to search for their comments. To see your chat logs comment, this third party software is very helpful. It also has many features that can help you to search for your twitch chat logs.

These third-party programs are ideal if you want to set up chat logs for the long term. Chatty is one of the popular third-party solutions. Also, Chatty has many features that can help you in searching for your twitch logs. Chatty also deletes older messages that you do not need anymore.

5) Twitch logs download:

You can also download the whole chat and review it later if you are using Chatty. Of course, there is a limit to how many chats you can record, but you can have the whole comment if you download it in a local file. There are many chatbots that record the logs and save them on their own server.

6) Twitch logs check for moderators:

All of the above, I also discuss how you can check twitch logs for moderators. For the checking, you just enter in moderator view and click on the user name or command. By clicking on the sword icon you can enter in mod view. In the end, you just enter the username, of whom you want to check the comments. Now you can see all the chat of these users.


I am very hopeful that, all of you enjoy the article and get know a lot about twitch logs. All the information that I will share in this article, help you a lot to increase the quality of your channel. Let me know, what you think about this article in the comment section.

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