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What Are AI Avatars and How to Make AI Avatar Videos by Wondershare Virbo

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, gaining and maintaining audience attention is more difficult than ever. This has resulted in the emergence of AI avatars, a game-changing development that promises to transform video content development. AI avatars have become quite popular in recent years, particularly in the field of video creation. These artificial intelligence digital avatars allow content makers to create compelling films at scale. This innovative technology provides a variety of options to enhance your videos, presentations, and training content, allowing it to be more engaging, professional, and personalized. In this article, we will explain what are AI avatars and how they enhance your video creation.

Part 1: What are AI Avatars?

An AI avatar is an online representation of a person created and managed with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. This dynamic virtual avatar can accurately replicate human-like behaviors, emotions, and interactions, giving it an exceptionally lifelike appearance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatars can be used for a variety of purposes, including virtual assistants, virtual friends, and exciting virtual reality settings. These avatars are expected to change the way people interact and use technology. They are frequently made to resemble humans.

Capabilities of AI Avatars

AI avatars can perform a lot of tasks due to the latest technology. Here we will discuss a few of them below:
  • Customer Service: AI avatars are changing customer service, with revolutionary technology. AI avatars in customer service respond to requests, address difficulties, and give help with empathy and speed. They provide 24-hour support, minimizing wait times and increasing client satisfaction.
  • Sales and Marketing: In sales and marketing, AI avatars use smart interactions to market items, answer queries, and create leads. They also assist clients in finding items according to their needs, resulting in increased conversions and revenue development.
  • Language Translation: You can also take advantage of language translation as well from AI avatar, allowing for real-time worldwide language translation. They remove language barriers, allowing businesses and content creators to broaden their reach and engage with clients throughout the world.
  • Natural Language Processing: The technology that enables AI avatars to comprehend and react to human language is called natural language processing, or NLP. Through the use of NLP, AI avatars can understand text, and sentiment, enabling them to respond according to the condition.

Part 2: How Do AI Avatars Enhance Your Videos?

AI avatars can enhance your videos in many ways, whether you are using them for personal use or creating content on them for business use. AI avatars have the potential to take your videos to the next level. Here are some of the ways it can improve your video creation process.
  • Personalization: AI avatars provide an extraordinary level of customization. Users can adjust a variety of characteristics of their virtual identities, such as clothes, accessories, haircuts, and facial features, to create a totally unique self-representation that accurately captures their uniqueness from both a behavioral and physical standpoint.
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS): AI avatars can speak, deliver scripts that have already been written, react to user prompts, and even change the tone of voice and language to create a more engaging and immersive experience (for example, a language learning platform that uses AI avatars as virtual tutors to practice conversations and give individualized pronunciation feedback).
  • Cost-Effective: The expenditures associated with traditional techniques are high and include post-production or editing software charges, equipment rentals, actor fees, and location fees. AI avatars, on the other hand, only need small one-time expenses; they are mostly related to the AI platform’s subscription or license fees.
  • Engagement: AI avatars increase audience engagement by creating dynamic and relatable characters that mimic human emotions and reactions, making videos more immersive and fascinating, and motivating users to watch and share.

Part 3: Wondershare Virbo AI Avatar

Wondershare Virbo is an innovative AI video creation platform, that enables users to craft personalized AI Avatar videos. By inputting text and selecting from a diverse range of over 300 AI avatars, users can produce professional-grade video content. The tool supports extensive customization with more than 300 video templates and a vast selection of languages and voices, totaling over 300 options. Virbo also provides 180 adaptable templates to further refine and personalize avatar videos, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for a variety of content creation needs. This versatility makes Virbo a comprehensive solution for generating AI-powered video content.

Features of Virbo AI Avatar

Virbo offers its creators a plethora of features. Below are some key features you can use now in your video creation process:
  • Speech to Video: You can convert audio files into engaging videos with AI avatars by uploading or recording voiceovers, and our AI will create videos with selected avatars delivering the speech, ideal for explainers, tutorials, and social media videos.
  • 300+ AI avatars: Choose from a broad collection of avatars, each with its own set of qualities, to discover the ideal match for your brand, product, or message, and keep your audience interested.
  • 300+ Voices and Languages: Choose from a variety of voices and languages to reach a global audience, increase video reach, and guarantee your message connects with people everywhere.
  • Custom Made Avatars: Create bespoke avatars based on your brand or likeness, resulting in unique and personalized video material that expresses your identity and creates an impact.

Benefits of using Virbo’s AI avatar in Video

Here are some of the benefits of using Virbo’s AI avatar in your videos:
  • Time-Efficient: You can create videos in minutes, saving significant production time and enabling speedy content creation for tight deadlines and fast-paced projects, enhancing productivity and efficiency and allowing for greater attention to strategy and creativity.
  • Cost-Effective: AI avatars reduce live actor and production expenses, making video creation more accessible, budget-friendly, and cost-efficient for businesses and people, freeing up resources and finances.
  • Quality material: Create high-quality, professional-looking videos with ease, boosting brand image, message, and storytelling while engaging viewers with captivating material that delivers results, boosts brand loyalty, and distinguishes your business from competitors.

Steps For Using AI Avatars in Virbo

Here is a complete step-by-step guide for making AI Avatar videos with Wondershare Virbo:
  • Step 1: Getting the App
Install the Wondershare Virbo app on your Windows PC for a seamless video editing experience. Alternatively, use the online version without installation.
  • Step 2: Create Video
Now, Open the app and click on Create Video.
  • Step 3: Selecting an Avatar
Choose from a diverse range of avatars of various ethnicities, genders, and ages. Filter and search using collections and categories to find the perfect avatar.
  • Step 4: Scripting the Avatar’s Speech
Script the avatar’s speech using text or audio options, with features like AI script assistance and language translation.
  • Step 5: Customizing the Scene
Customize the scene by relocating and resizing the avatar, changing the style and location, and adding backdrops and graphics.
  • Step 6: Exporting the video
Export and download your completed video by clicking the export button, then share it on networks with your audience.


AI avatars are transforming the video production process by offering a low-cost, time-saving, and engaging approach to creating high-quality content. Users may make individualized and inclusive content that appeals to worldwide audiences using platforms such as Wondershare Virbo, which provides access to a varied choice of avatars, languages, and voices.

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