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How Businesses Can Benefit From Using White Label Solutions

Coming up with different solutions from scratch is quite exciting, but development requires time, effort, and money. In addition, we often run the risk of repeating what has already been done before us, leading to disappointment. Fortunately, today companies in various industries can use ready-made solutions and even sell them under their brand. This way, you will save resources and avoid many difficulties associated with creating a new product.

What is White Label, and How does it work?

A white label product is something made by one company but may be sold by another under a different brand name. This solution applies not only to products but also to services. It also involves buying a service from one company and selling it to another company on its behalf. Outsourcing may be white-labeled, but the terms are interchangeable. 

The white label works in much the same way as the direct deliveries. It means that the manufacturer sells its product at a lower price, and the buying company sells it for more or at any price it chooses. The difference is that the buying company uses its brand for subsequent sales. The same applies to white label services. 

Let’s take a look at how a white label works using the example of a particular company. EOS Data Analytics is a global AI-based satellite analytics provider with years of experience building software products and developing custom solutions for over 20 different industries. In particular, EOSDA offers modern high-tech solutions for agriculture and forestry.

Products and solutions developed by EOS Data Analytics allow you to analyze large amounts of data extracted from satellite images. For example, Crop Monitoring, developed by EOS Data Analytics, uses advanced satellite imagery analytics for precision farming software. Thus, the product provides remote and reliable field monitoring. Crop Monitoring is a single platform that brings together several types of information, including weather and soil moisture data. 

EOS Data Analytics offers other companies to get full crop monitoring functionality through White Label. EOSDA solutions allow you to grow your business and meet the requirements of modern agriculture. With these solutions, you can add value to your products while saving time and development costs. The Crop Monitoring platform can be used on your own domain and under your own logo, and choose any settings and color themes you want. The Advanced White label option also includes access to the partner control panel and a mobile application for field research. You can check detailed info and find more on-site.


White Label solutions can be beneficial for a variety of companies. This business model offers many benefits that are important to note. Let’s look at the most important of them:

  • WL saves your time
  • It also saves your money
  • You can get a high-quality solution for your business
  • An opportunity to expand your offerings
  • You can quickly ride a trendy business wave


Even the most thoughtful business model can have flaws. In any case, you should consider the rationality of applying such a solution from the point of view of a particular business. Let’s look at the disadvantages that white label has:

  • White label brands can make it more difficult for new firms to enter
  • More powerful retailers can push out smaller companies
  • Companies become similar, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between them

White label is a convenient way to develop your business without significant time and financial costs. However, the choice of supplier plays a vital role in using such a solution. You need a producer with the right skills, experience, and understanding of your business goals to be successful.

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