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Top 5 ways to integrate your marketing cloud with sales and service clouds without extra hassle

Integrating multiple tools for quick access requires effort and care. Since the results affect usability, you should check the quality of preparation before starting the procedure. Considering that most email addresses with OSINT will be known to other users, you should take care of connection security. Integration methods differ, so to choose the best one, you will have to spend time familiarizing yourself with the features. The experience of combining several platforms into a single system contributes to more efficient use of resources. Notes, saving individual contacts, and easy access to collected data are part of the offered functionality. Thus, based on the previous experience of users, it is possible to improve productivity.

Why is platform integration needed?

Access to the right information is an advantage that should be used in sales. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide a comfortable data search for operators who accept and process incoming applications. Other features of this solution will stimulate the need for integration:
  • collecting data by category for analysis and building a contact database;
  • use of built-in templates to improve customer relations;
  • creation of information leaflets tailored to the specifics of the audience.
Tools that are easy to use and available when needed make a significant difference in business operations. The platform manager gets the opportunity to share files, and employees can work on errors at the same time. Before using the system, you need to prepare for easy integration.

Tip No. 1: Consider your platform requirements

Combining tools into a single system is the right decision, but it’s not without considering your business needs. Integration should take into account the requirements for convenience, ease of access, and security measures. Remember that the access key must be reliable and unique.

Tip No. 2: Use identifiers

Customers and employees use their own passwords, but an ID is a different matter. The administrator needs to perform actions with user accounts, so building a database with contacts is crucial. After creating a manual for the manager (head of the company), it will be easier to grant access and share information. Personal identifiers are not used as account keys. This makes it impossible to find an email address or other contact information. Ensuring confidentiality is important, so this is taken into account when integrating one system into another.

Tip No. 3: Control the flow of data

Sources of information and their control help determine the short (and secure) path of information from the moment it is entered to viewing on the device. The system can be improved by researching ways to obtain contacts. In addition, integration using this option will increase the reach. For this purpose, synchronization and the ability to share certain data are provided.

Tip No. 4: Build models of communication with contacts

The experience of cooperation between partners and customers depends on your readiness to provide personalized offers. In addition, the communication model involves working with the main functions of accounts. Working out this aspect of the strategy will help improve the results of promotion. Personal contact information and account data should not be the same. The company should take into account the choice of customers (employees) and provide services that meet the user’s requirements. It is impossible to optimize communication between a business representative and a recipient without using a specific model.

Tip No. 5: Work on networking

Account notes help to establish connections and improve them over time. To do this, you should consider the behavioral pattern of the person who uses the products you offer. By setting distinctive marks, you can facilitate the processing of customer requests and reduce time costs. Among the features of notes is the lack of access by the user. Changing the status does not update the data of the entire system, and is available to certain persons. Maintaining privacy settings is also important. It affects the personal experience of the client and the capabilities of employees. In addition, this way you comply with legal regulations and avoid possible sanctions.

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