Why Self-Esteem Is a Crucial Factor in Our Romantic Life

Confidence is crucial in all spheres of your life, and your love life is not an exception. The concept of confidence is closely related to self-esteem, and it is self-esteem many people have complicated relationships with. Low self-esteem is bad, and high self-esteem is also bad, so often, people struggle to find the golden mean that will help them feel happy and comfortable living their lives. Especially when it comes to our romantic life, where self-esteem plays an important role. But why is it important at all?

People Feel Insecure Due to Personal Complexes

Low self-esteem or high self-esteem is problematic and often causes problems in romantic life. How can a relationship be healthy and happy when someone has trouble presenting themselves? This makes self-esteem a crucial factor in forming and maintaining a relationship. When meeting new people and dating, we do our best to pretend to be better than ourselves, hiding our insecurities while dating is always about the real you. Appearance is what changes, and insecurities are what you will have to live and struggle with, making your partner “suffer” from them. No matter how tall, stylish, thin, or big you are, everyone will find someone to be happy with if a person is in harmony with themselves. In a world where online dating keeps booming, every person has a chance for a happy romantic life. Why? Getting to know people on dating sites is not about looking at their pictures and liking their profiles. Chats, messages, calls – this is how people decide if they like each other and are ready to go on a date or not.

Benefits of Online Dating Sites:

However, if there are insecurities about your appearance or you have certain requirements for your partner, you can easily go for specific dating sites with the community you are most comfortable with. Short people can embark on their dating journey on a dating site for shorties, while singles with a few extra kilos on their beautiful hips can enjoy meeting people on a BBW dating site or via specific dating apps. The right platform can be easily found thanks to the reviews available on the Internet. Confidence is mistakenly perceived as our appearance, as, in fact, it is about how we feel in our own skin. Because of all these modern beauty trends and standards which are actively imposed on us by the beautiful ones of our society, plenty of people feel insecure about their appearance or plus-size body, which leads to low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Other people’s judgments of your appearance are at least unpleasant, but most importantly, they affect our perception of ourselves.

“Fake It Till You Make It” Approach Still Works

Not everybody is born confident, and dealing with self-esteem is a universal problem. That’s why the method “fake it till you make it” still works; it helps many self-doubting people to overcome shaky self-esteem, at least in public. But to make it work, the method should be applied in the right way. How does it work? You should imitate confidence and/or optimism, but it’s, of course, possible to imbue your real life with those qualities and benefit from them in work and in your romantic life. However, demonstration of confidence is true only to a limit – abusing the method isn’t good for anyone. “Faking it until you make it” will work only when you correctly identify your insecurities; e.g., being a BBW with some extra weight or being socially awkward. Behaving like the person you want to be is what changes the ways you think and feel and brings you closer to being in harmony with yourself. This means that the method works only if you dig deep; not only improve yourself on a superficial level by showing the better version of yourself to others. Who wants to be misled by another person, especially if you are dating them? People respond best of all to honesty. At this point, it becomes clear that if you are faking in the right way, then faking isn’t a bad thing.

We Have to Love Ourselves to Be Loved by Others

People never stop buzzing about, “Do you need to love yourself before you can be loved by others?”. Although it is commonly answered “yes,” there is still some room for thoughts. Loving yourself certainly makes it easier to be loved by others and be loved by your partner in a relationship. Accepting yourself for who you are – your body and your personality – will help you to feel comfortable by getting to know new people or being around them. We know that sometimes it’s hard to love yourself; but if you’re constantly self-critical and dissatisfied with yourself; how can another person fall for someone who is such a mess? If you love yourself (plus-size BBW, too tall, having freckles or stuttering), you are most likely to believe that you will find someone who will love you, and a few bad dates or rejections feel more like a detour than a failure on your way to a happily ever after. Your self-acceptance makes you a more positive person and allows you to be open with others; and, most importantly, in your romantic life. Overall, loving yourself means that you are not craving someone’s love or acceptance; – you just feel a connection, and it is genuine.


A healthy relationship requires both partners to be happy, and dating someone who feels bad about themselves is tough. Your satisfaction with yourself affects your partner’s satisfaction with the relationship. So, bring some positivity to your romantic life with self-confidence; and self-love and enjoy your journey to happily ever after with your partner.

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