What are YouTube Shorts? How To Use It to Promote Products

YouTube shorts is a new video-sharing feature that lets users create and upload short videos. While the platform operates like YouTube, it caps the length of videos shared to 60 seconds. Since the video-sharing platform was launched, it has amassed over  5 trillion views. Just like Tiktok, YouTube shorts lets users connect with friends through short videos via the Youtube app. The platform hosts user-generated content just like YouTube. This is good news for new content creators who are just starting to explore their talent in the content creation industry. Content creators can now easily showcase their creative side by shooting short catchy videos and sharing them with friends. With millions of video content uploaded on Youtube each day, your content may easily be lost in the noise. To get noticed, short videos are powerful since they not only grab attention but also attract more viewers compared to long-form video content. Since YouTube was launched in 2005; it has evolved into one of the most powerful tools of marketing in the digital space. The social platform has now joined the short-form video bandwagon by introducing YouTube shorts. So what are YouTube shorts? Here is how to promote your products on the YouTube feature.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are short-form videos created via a smartphone and uploaded on YouTube through the YouTube app. However, YouTube comes with inbuilt features that you can leverage to capture, add music, and animated text, control footage speed and edit multiple short videos to create shorts. Unlike other short-form video platforms like Snapchat and  Instagram stories, YouTubes short-form videos do not disappear but instead, remain on YouTube. Although new in the market, YouTube shorts have currently surpassed 6.5 Billion daily views globally. What has set YouTube videos apart is the ability to convert views into subscribers for your channel.YouTubes short-form videos are not far from other video-sharing platforms like Tiktok, Snapchat spotlight, Instagram reels, and LinkedIn stories. Once you create a YouTube channel, you can either integrate the shorts widget in the channel or create a separate channel for the shorts. Aligning the main feed with YouTube content and shorts makes it easier for the audience to interact with your videos. This opens up an opportunity for users to shift from video shorts to YouTube videos and subscribe to your channel. Now that you know how YouTube shorts work, here is how to leverage YouTubeshorts to promote your products.

How To Use YouTube  Shorts To Promote Your Business

Since YouTube launched the short-form video sharing platform, over 40% of businesses have already joined the bandwagon. If you delay to embrace this new feature, you are likely to be upstaged by your competitors. Generally, YouTube shorts are captivating and entertaining. This acts as a springboard to better engagement with the target audience.

Increase User-Generated content

User-generated content is a powerful content strategy that you can leverage to increase engagement and market your brand. You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to create YouTubeshorts. You just need a smartphone to get started. As such, you can encourage the audience to share short videos showcasing their experience in using your products. Alternatively, you can share your product with loyal customers and encourage them to share their experience with the product. This not only plays a crucial role in building customer confidence but also expands your brand reach.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing through YouTube shorts cost-effective compared to other methods of online marketing. The video can easily created by anyone since you only need a smartphone to get started. Therefore you don’t need to hire a creative agency to create short-form video content. While YouTubeshorts shouldn’t cover your entire digital marketing strategy, you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy to attract followers and generate interest from buyers.

Boost Engagement

User-generated content is effective in sparking engagement compared to other forms of content. You can leverage the power of short-form videos to pass marketing messages and engage with the target audience. You can therefore jump start your growth strategy by creating and sharing short-form marketing videos. In that regard, if you are wondering how to create a buzz on your platform and generate more sales, it’s high time you consider using YouTubeshorts to interact with your audience.

Tell Brand Story

You can leverage YouTubes’ short-form video-sharing platform to tell your brand story to the audience. With a surge in the number of YouTube shorts users, you are likely to reach out to more people and unlock opportunities for your business. However, if you want to pass marketing information in a more clear and precise manner then you can leverage YouTube shorts. Remember the more brief and short you are the more people are likely to view and share your content.

Lead Generation

You can create short videos showcasing your products and include a CTA. That way, new customers are likely to inquire about your products and improve the potential of getting conversions. With the widespread use of shorts around the globe, you are likely to capture a wider audience and generate more sales from your business.

Brand Promotion

You can leverage YouTubes features to promote your brand and increase the potential of getting conversions. Through the short videos, you can showcase your products to the target market and get noticed. The good news about  YouTube shorts is that you don’t need expensive equipment to create content. This not only makes it easy to reach out to new markets but also boosts brand visibility on the internet space.


YouTube shorts have become a powerful marketing tool for marketers. The video-sharing platform not only reduces the cost of marketing but also helps you pass marketing messages to your target audience in the simplest way possible. As technology evolves, YouTube shorts are gradually becoming an ideal option that marketers can use to scale up the performance of their brand. With the power of videos becoming a trend in the digital space, the importance of YouTube shorts in marketing can not be underscored.

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