Everything to Know about 1337x – Illegal Movie Downloading website

Everything to Know about 1337x – Illegal Movie Downloading website

Download Apps, Movies, and Games for Free. Why is 1337x banned in most countries? Downloading links, Alternatives, Proxy sites for 1337×.

Everyone loves to download movies and games for free from the internet. But the thing is downloading such content legally comes with a fee. There are certain sites known as torrent sites that allow content to be downloaded free of cost. Mostly, such sites operate illegally and are banned in most countries. 1337x is one such torrent site where users can download movies, games, applications, and software.

The best thing about the torrent site is that there is no need to spend any money. That is the reason why the site is so popular among people. If you are someone interested in enjoying content for free, this site is for you. We have provided the necessary details about this torrent site and how to download from it.

Reason for the popularity of 1337x

“1337x” is a kind of a directory that has magnet links and torrent links. People can download their favorite movies, games, apps from this website for free. They prefer such illegal websites since it doesn’t cost anything. If one has to watch and download movies legally, there are streaming sites like Netflix. But all those sites need a person to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee. This might be expensive for some people. Illegal sites know this very well and provide free content. As a consequence, people gravitate toward such illegal sites.

Facts to Know about 1337x

This website has thousands of users worldwide since it provides excellent service. The peer-to-peer file-sharing site became famous in the year 2016. Despite being found in the year 2007, the illegal website started gaining traction only after 2016. The reason was that Kickass Torrents which was a popular torrent site was closed during that year. The website saw improvement in its functionality and design in the month of October 2016.

Why is 1337x banned in most countries?

The torrent site does not provide any content legally with a proper license. That is why it has been banned in almost all countries. Illegal downloading of movies and other content is actually a punishable offense. This website provides copyrighted content to the users without having any kind of license. The royalty fee is not paid to the film distributors and producers or the app developers.

This is known as copyright infringement and it is against the law. People should be aware of this while downloading any films or games from such illegal websites. If they are caught by the cybercrime department, they will have to pay a hefty fine. We do not support any such illegal sites and do not recommend our viewers to use this.

Download Apps, Movies, and Games for Free!


1337x became the third most popular website for downloading various content in the year 2018. People flock to this site since they can enjoy their favorite content for free. With the increasing cost of movie tickets, those who cannot or do not want to spend their money use such sites. They very well know that these sites are operating illegally. But then the desire to download content for free always wins. Some sites allow only free downloading of movies and TV shows. However, this particular site actually gives access to games, apps, software, and movies. The content quality is also very high and hence the site has become infamous.

Why is 1337x considered Illegal?

Despite being famous with the users, 1337x is banned by the government of India. Even Google has banned the site from its search. This happened in the year 2015 in response to a request from Feelgood Entertainment. Copyright infringement is a serious offense in most countries as it affects the livelihood of many people. If a movie is downloaded for free from an illegal website, the entire film crew suffers. The revenue of the film would be decreased since people avoid buying tickets. Thus the film distributors and producers are all affected. The same thing happens when a person downloads games and other software for free illegally.

Beware of Malicious software!

Apart from operating illegally, using such illegal torrent sites is not recommended due to another reason. Illegal sites are hotspots for malicious software. If you are thinking about downloading from such illegal sites, think twice. While you are accessing the film, malicious sites might be accessing your computer. Be aware that you are putting your computer or gadget and yourself at risk.

Hotspots for Malicious Content!

The malicious sites might scour your personal information like location, financial details, and pictures. Sometimes, even identity theft might happen since almost all of such malicious sites can track your information. Other times, when you click on a torrent link, it might take you to unwanted websites. Unwanted applications can be downloaded without your knowledge in your gadget too. So, before accessing and downloading from illegal websites, ask yourself if it is worth the risk.

How to access 1337x without any hassles?

So, does it mean that 1337x is not accessible nowadays? The answer is no since it operates under various other domain names. When the government bans such illegal websites, they resort to another way for functioning. This is done by changing the domain name of the website. While the government takes down one of the websites, the developers change the domain name.

This way the illegal site can operate under a completely different domain extension. But this is till the government finds that domain name. Again it tries to shut down the site, but the domain name keeps on changing. In the same way, this particular website also has many proxy sites so that the users can still access it. If you have any trouble finding the illegal website or the page does not open, then here are some proxy sites.

Examples of some Proxy sites for 1337x

  • https://1337x.unblockit.ch/
  • https://1337x.proxybit.me/
  • https://1337x.unblockninja.com/
  • https://sitenable.co/1337x-proxy/
  • https://sitenable.info/1337x-proxy/
  • https://1337x.torrentbay.to/

Why should You Prefer Proxy sites?

Sometimes, due to some reason, you cannot access the 1337x site. You can use the proxy site during such time and enjoy downloading for free. The proxy site actually works as a gateway to the actual site since it functions with its own IP address. Using proxy sites, users can download the content fast and enjoy it. Also, using these sites can enable users to use the content while it is still downloading in the background.

An important feature of proxy websites is that you can resume download even if you have a poor internet connection. Losing an internet connection happens sometimes while downloading. However, you don’t need to worry since you can start downloading from the point where you left. Use proxy sites to access and download your favorite games and movies.

Enjoy downloading various types of content!                                 

1337x allows the users to register themselves on their website. If they want to upload any of their files, people can log in to the website and upload them. Downloading can be done just by clicking on the magnet link or torrent link. Once you enter the homepage of the website, you can find many categories like music, films, games, applications, and software. Pick the category you want and search for the file by its name. The results will be displayed on the screen and you can pick from any of the links shown. It is very easy to find the files you want on this illegal website. However, you will need the uTorrent app to download from this website.

How to make use of VPN?

Another great way to use the 1337x torrent website is to use a VPN. Using a VPN will hide your identity and you can download from the site without trouble. Also, it will aid you in unblocking the illegal website which is banned in your country. Essentially, VPN changes your IP address and unblocks the site. This way even if your country has banned the site, you can still enjoy its service. Saying this, remember that we never support or encourage the use of illegal torrent sites in any way. We are just providing information to our readers about torrent sites for educational purposes.

How to download from 1337x?

If you are searching for how to download files through 1337x, here are the steps. As we have suggested earlier, the uTorrent app is needed if you have to access and download files from torrent sites. So, we will look at how to download that first. The uTorrent app has many special attributes that make it stand out from the crowd. Remember, there are two versions one of which is paid and the other is free in uTorrent app. If you want to enjoy all of its features, get the paid version.

  • Browse for uTorrent app download in your computer or mobile.
  • The web page will show many results and pick one from them which you think is reliable.
  • Now click that link and start downloading the uTorrent app.
  • After downloading, you will have to install it by following the instructions displayed.

Step By Step Instruction to Download Files From 1337x

  • Browse for 1337x.to from your gadget and this will take you to the homepage.
  • The next step is to select the category you wish to download.
  • You can type in the name of the category in the search bar in the torrent website.
  • You can look for the file that you wish to download and once you find it, click it.
  • The peer to peer file sharing site has numerous options when it comes to downloading. There are magnet links and torrent links. From them, choose torrent links by clicking upon it.
  • A list of options will be displayed for the torrent link and please select torrent mirror from it.
  • It will start downloading and you have to choose the location for saving it once it is complete. You will have to press ok in the bottom end.
  • The file that you desire will be downloaded finally. You will be notified by the site once the downloading is complete.

1337x – Illegal website for Downloading content!

1337x is a versatile site with many features specifically designed for the user’s convenience. However, it is illegal in the way that it provides copyrighted content without proper permission. You might face difficulties when trying to access the site. If it is so, please tries the proxy sites that we have mentioned before. These proxy sites have different servers in different locations.

Thus they are very helpful in providing the content that you are looking for. Using a proxy server or VPN will enable you to download the content or movies without revealing your identity. It is also a safe way to download while using illegal sites. Millions use this site even though it is not legal and banned by the government of several countries. We would recommend a site that has the legal right to provide content for downloading.

Few alternatives for 1337x           


There are many alternatives for the 1337x.to a website and most of them are illegal only. We have provided a few of these sites to you. This is an alternative website to 1337x and is mainly useful for Indians. It provides many Hindi films, the Chinese language, and Hollywood films. All these can be enjoyed for free.


Rarbg is also an illegal site that serves people with web series, games, and movies for free. This torrent site is frequented by thousands who enjoy watching favorite films for free.

The Pirate Bay

Another best site for watching and downloading movies is the pirate bay. The site contains pirated content and hence is banned in many countries. However, just like 1337x, there are several proxy sites for this site too. Once you find the proper site, you can get high-quality movies at great speed.


Extratorrents was touted as the popular website which encouraged peer-to-peer file sharing. However, the website has shut down but still, there are many mirror sites and clones operating. People can upload files and other content and download them from the site. It was the most searched site for downloading digital media content.

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