8 Places to Find Online Transcription Jobs 

8 Places to Find Online Transcription Jobs 

Once you are a transcriber, you will come across many job searching sites and transcription companies where you can get transcription work. For beginners, transcription jobs require you to convert a video or audio file into text. Most of the time, you will listen to a recording assigned to you and convert it into text, correctly.

Qualification to do online transcription work

To qualify as a transcriber, you need to meet certain requirements that include:

  • High familiarity level with the English language
  • Internet access and a good computer
  • Good typing skills
  • Able to pass the set skill test
  • Good listening ability

Where to get a transcription job online

The list below contains 8 places where you can get transcription jobs online. Remember, most transcription companies pay per audio per minute. A standard transcription time is 4 minutes for every 1-minute audio.


This is a good option for beginners looking for online transcription jobs. This company will pay transcribers 25 cents for every audio. However, they break all the long audios into 2 minutes in length.

This is the best company for people who have a limited amount of time or want to gain more experience on large files.


This is among the biggest and most famous transcription companies. Rev is always on the move to hire new applicants. The only thing you need to do is to pass the test set by the Rev team: grammar quiz and transcription test. Rev always has available work!

You can select your convenient time to work as little or much work as you wish. However, its pay is low, from 30 cents to $1.10 per video or audio minute. If you want to work while gaining experience in transcription work, this is the best place to start. Also, Rev allows you to try transcription jobs while getting paid before training.

You need no experience but should pass the tests. Rev offers video captioning and subtitle work if you know the required foreign language.


The pay in SyncScript is not that good but higher than the first two options on the list: 57 to 63 cents per video or audio, depending on the assignment. This is among the top companies you need to consider when you want to wet your feet in the transcription world.

You will always see ads almost everywhere for SyncScript trying to hire newbies. To be a member at SyncScript, you need to have 98% accuracy and type 70+ words per minute. To start, the company requires you to transcribe a 7-minute audio file and excel the grammar test.

If you pass and join the company, you must transcribe not less than 3 audio hours every week.

Daily transcription

Daily transcription advertises from time to time about hiring new transcriptionists. They pay higher rates than most online transcription companies, about 75 to 85 cents per video or audio minute.

Daily transcription offer training. Therefore, you can earn weekly through checks as you continue learning. This company tends to focus on television and video transcription, but academic and legal transcription work are also done.

You need to pass the transcription test and skills assessment test to get started. Also, typing skills of not below 50 words per minute is required.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward is a flexible company that allow its workers to transcribe as little or as much as they want. It deals with all transcription work, including:

  • Meetings
  • TV logging
  • Focus group

The company pays through PayPal weekly (40 cents per audio or video minute). The longer you work with Focus Forward, the higher the chances of getting higher-paying assignments. Of course, you need to pass a transcription test to be part of the company.


Allegis deal with all type of industries, from legal to insurance transcriptions. It is the best company if you want to use the legal format of the transcribe anywhere course. This company does not advertise slots more often for new transcriptionists with no experience. Therefore, you need to be vigilant about their postings.

Allegis doesn’t show pay rates on their site since they pay according to the client contract. Your pay will depend on the speed and accuracy of completing an assignment. The fact that the company has specialized in legal transcription makes it pay more than a general transcription job.

Legal transcription works require precise formatting, with a specific number of characters per page and line. Therefore, you will work on particular margins to get a similar amount of typing.


This is one of the simplest and easy to work company, especially if you are starting. The company offer:

  • Medical
  • General
  • Legal transcription jobs

Ubiqus pays differently than most other transcription companies. It pays per transcribed word rather than per audio minute—pay rates in this company change based on the audio content.

It is not easy to compare per-minute rate and per-word rate since there are many variables to consider, like the speed of someone talking. The only challenge with the per-word rate is that you will not know a job’s worth until you are done.


This is another company that reports to always hiring new remote transcriptionists. The site requires you to pass a 10-minute skills test to join the team (it mention that there are challenging audios too). The difficulty of the test makes TranscriptionServices.com the best place for people with transcription work experience.

Transcriptionists who work with TranscriptionServices.com have the freedom of setting their working hours with no production commitments. The pay rate is unclear, but the site says it pays transcription work competitively.

In a nutshell

The above companies and sites are the best places to get online transcription jobs. Are you looking for a flexible schedule and reliable pay? Search no more! You can earn easy money from French transcription jobs online. You only need a computer, internet access, good listening skills, and strong language.

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