AccessiBe’s accessWidget: Boosting Web Accessibility

AccessiBe’s accessWidget: Boosting Web Accessibility

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Web accessibility is the important, inclusive practice of breaking down digital barriers that prevent the optimal usability of websites for those living with disabilities. The practice, itself, is important because it creates an online environment centered on inclusion and opportunity. It’s just the right thing to do to ensure that 15% of the world’s population has access to perhaps the most prominent resource available in today’s society. Being able to access the internet and perform daily tasks or buy products and services offered is a human right, after all, which is only further fortified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and worldwide regulations. It’s also crucial that web accessibility practices be adopted from a business perspective due to the benefits of including people with disabilities online. That’s why accessiBe has created a win-win solution for everyone with its AI-powered solution, accessWidget.

accessWidget consists of two applications working in harmony to include a wide array of disabilities online; these disabilities include but not limited to, blindness, epilepsy, mobility disabilities, and learning and cognitive disabilities.

The first of accessWidget’s two applications is the interface; which handles a website’s UI and UX adjustments during a user’s immediate browsing session. This includes adjusting font, patterns, contrast, and other copy or design elements; and it also pauses or stops flashing gifs or animations, or other triggers for those with epilepsy or ADHD. The second application powered by AI and takes care of the complex accessibility adjustments that occur in the background of a website allowing for the sync; and compatibility of assistive technologies such as screen readers; and keyboard navigation )used by those who blind or with mobility disabilities).

How accessWidget enhances website usability for users with disabilities

accessWidget helps people with disabilities easily interact with websites by cleaning up the user experience that may be busy or convoluted with inaccessible digital assets. These inaccessible features could contribute to cognitive overload or present certain barriers that make it almost impossible to perform actions online. AccessWidget makes customized accessibility modifications a thing of the present with disability-specific profiles and additional design-adjustment options in the interface. This allows users to not only clean up the user experience; but personalize it according to the characteristics of their disability.

Screen readers and keyboard navigation use optimized by accessWidget through the use of machine learning that scans; analyzes, and interprets every element on a web page. This improves the accessibility of a site for those who are blind by providingl context to the user with accurate descriptions of images; and enhances the navigation of those with mobility disabilities too, by providing cleaner page structure and properly structured headings.

accessiBe’s widget can be embedded into any CMS

accessWidget is platform-agnostic and can implemented on any website, regardless of its CMS tool. The installation process is straightforward and just requires integrating a snippet of code into a website. It can completed by website owners or businesses without possessing previous, extensive technology knowledge. Once the AI begins scanning and analyzing the site; it will take up to 48 hours for its assets and pages to become accessible. From then on, the AI scans the website every 24 hours for ongoing accessibility maintenance, fixing new or updated content. This process can completed on some of the world’s most famous CMS tools including Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and more.

The business benefits of using accessWidget.

Accessible websites tell the world your business is inclusive and this attracts more users and consumers. Being known as an inclusive brand with a website that is open; and welcoming to all shows that your business cares about engaging with everyone, regardless of ability; and wishes to offer products and services to all who wish to purchase. Values are important to consumers and if yours align, they will remain loyal to you; this includes disability communities and their loved ones.

Opening up a website to the disability communities means gaining a new audience to create business partnerships and transactions with. Businesses with accessible websites have the opportunity to create a new channel of revenue while expanding their consumer base.

Finally, web accessibility through the use of accessWidget, mitigates legal risk for any business; of any size, because accessiBe’s solution works to make websites compliant with the ADA; and other worldwide accessibility legislations. accessWidget can save businesses valuable time; and money that would be spent in court later on by reducing the possibility of receiving a demand letter or lawsuit today.

accessWidget boosts web accessibility efforts

Web accessibility is crucial to ensuring online access to the disability communities; but it’s also necessary for businesses with websites that wish to offer unbeatable user experiences. The benefits of accessibility are plenty, and avoiding legal risk is important, but utilizing solutions like accessiBe’s accessWidget prioritizes the act of inclusion needed to create a web that is accepting and usable for everyone.

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