How to create an Amazon Product Listing Page

How to create an Amazon Product Listing Page

An Amazon product listing page exists for every product sold on the marketplace. The product listing page is essential whether you are an Amazon seller or a vendor and want to sell on the marketplace. It will help you to list your products on the Amazon marketplace and make sure that your customers can find your products.

Consider if your product listing page is not optimized, it would be because of the missing relevant keywords, rich A+ content, and images. Your products cannot be sold as well as you had expected without these features.

In this article, you will get an overall idea of Amazon’s product listing page, how to create it, different elements of product listing and how to use it more effectively. 

What is an Amazon Product Detail Page

The product listing page includes important information such as the buy box, product descriptions, customer reviews, images, and videos.

Before making a purchase, customers can browse and review product details on the Amazon product listing page. Ensure that the page has all the details your potential customers would need.

Customers use this information to make purchases, and Amazon uses it to draw customers’ attention to the products. Amazon takes into account some important variables, such as product details, pricing, sales history, fulfillment options, and other factors.

On Amazon, you have a lot of space to show and describe the details of your product. It could appear in your content’s headlines, descriptions, bullet points, images, and other places. In short, this is where you’ll expose your products to the audience.

How to create a product listing page

A new product listing page can be easily created using Amazon Seller Central. To get your new product listing up and running, just follow these easy steps.

  1. Sign in to your Seller Central account
  2. In the dashboard, select the Inventory and select “Add a new product”
  3. You’ll get another page, if you are selling a brand new product on Amazon, then click “ I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon”
  4. On the next page, you will have to select the category of the product you are going to sell.
  5. On the final page, you will be able to add all the detail, images, and videos of your product.

Elements of an Amazon product listing page

Some key attributes that display in the product details are found on Amazon’s product listing page. To make the most of your product listing page for both your business and your customers, you must optimize these elements. These are the elements:


When customers view the search results, they will see information about the products. The information in the title will determine whether a customer clicks through to view your product details or simply scroll past them. 

You should keep your title to 200 characters or less. Select a title structure that accurately represents the name of your product and its key features. Within the limitations that Amazon has established, your product titles must attract customers.


Your product description should help the buyer understand your product and, more crucially, its special features and benefits.

Using a reliable tool, like SellerApp’s product description editor, helps you to create professional product listings for Amazon that are relevant, readable, and attractive for the customers. You just have to type the content and format it by clicking the button, and the Amazon Product Description Editor will generate HTML code for you.

Bullet points

You can use up to five bullet points for each product. Also, You can get into more depth about the features and advantages of the product here.

You should develop interesting language to describe your product and include relevant, high-search-volume keywords in your bullet points. This makes your product more understandable to potential customers. Include all relevant information so that the customers will be able to find what they are looking for.

Product Images

You will be able to see up to seven product images, including your primary images on your detail page. Take seven great images, including the main product image, from every possible angle. Amazon recommends that the images should be at least 1000 pixels on each side. 

Your primary image of the product should be taken with a pure white background. When building the product details page, you can upload this image. Your customer will be more likely to understand the benefits of your product if you make high-quality photographs and infographics for your product detail page.

Product videos

Videos offer a more thorough demonstration of your product and a more thorough understanding of how it works for the customer.

Product videos that demonstrate how to use your product or highlight its special characteristics can raise its value from low to high. It boosts the customer experience overall and might even maximize product sales and conversion rates.

A+ Content

You can create an A+ Content description if you have signed up for Brand Registry. With the help of customizable templates, you can design a description rich in graphics and interesting text, which helps you stand out from the competitors.

Product Listing Page

Question and answers

Anyone can post a question here if they have one about the product. On the detail page, questions can answered by previous buyers and sellers.

You will have to respond quickly if a customer asks a question on your product page so they can make a purchase decision. As often as you can, try to respond and answer. Answer any FAQs you come across and provide the answers in your listing. Customers inquire when they can’t find the answers in your listing.

Customer reviews

Although you cannot directly alter the number of reviews or the product rating, you can take steps to increase your review count on Amazon. When making purchases, consumers check product reviews.

Product details

Product specifications, availability history, best-seller rankings, manufacturer, ASIN, and customer feedback are included in the product details section. Customers can assess the product’s popularity and authenticity.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Using Amazon to fulfill your product is an easy approach to improving conversion rates. FBA products are preferred by the BuyBox algorithm. The  FBA products would get more attention, more than 40 million Amazon Prime users are currently searching for Prime-eligible products.

All these elements are important to measure the quality of an Amazon product listing. There are Amazon listing improvement tools to improve your Amazon listing by making necessary changes. 

You can measure the quality of your Amazon product listing with SellerApp’s LQI score. SellerApp looks at the five most important aspects of your product listing – bullet points, product descriptions, images, reviews, ratings, also other attributes too. 

It assigns a logical listing quality score, which is referred to as the Listing Quality Index or LQI. A score above 80 is good. You can raise the quality of your product listings on Amazon by looking into LQI for your Amazon products

Selling products on Amazon can be an exciting business. But learning the Amazon selling process could be just as difficult as learning a completely new company strategy.

At that point, one of the most important elements of creating a successful Amazon business would be understanding the Amazon product listing page. This product listing page plays an important role in converting your target customers.

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