Apex Legends: How To Get Better And Win More Games

Apex Legends: How To Get Better And Win More Games

Apex Legends tips and the best Apex cheats with aimbot that will help you rise above the competitions and become the crowned champion of the game. 

If you have already played games from the battle royale genre, then you might already have come across Apex Legends. Thanks to its unique and amazing features, Apex Legends is one of the most played games today. But just like any other battle game, netting you a win in Apex legends is not child’s play. This game requires a high level of skills, perseverance, and communication to become a crowned champion. Even the pro players rely on strategies and put them into practice to get ahead of the curve. 

Before getting started with Apex Legends, here are some tips and the best Apex cheats with aimbot that will help you rise above the competitions and become the crowned champion of the game. 

1. Adjust The FOV!

In Apex Legends, the FOV by default has already been set on a narrower vision that can restrict your vision, slower your movements, or, even worse, miss out on an approaching enemy. So, make sure before you start your game, adjust the FOV to 90, and once you are comfortable with it, you can slowly switch to 110. This will give you a better field of view, and remember, you can switch your FOV in mid-game without much hassle anytime. 

2. Know the map!

Just like any battle game, it is crucial to know the map in Apex Legends too! For having a spot on landing to looting in peace, you need to understand the map. Understanding the map will allow you to locate the areas that can have good loot and areas where you might expect your enemies. Having a good knowledge of maps will allow you to camp successfully!

3. Timing of landing!

If you want to win the game, you have to take action right even before dropping into the arena. Not many of you might consider the timing of landing, but it can totally affect your gameplay. If you want to loot better armor and weapons faster and get a grip on weapons, it is said to do an early drop. But, if you want to loot in peace or start your game at a slow pace, dropping late with swan dive for maximum distance is something you can try. You can opt for whatever landing timing that suits you best!

4. Communication is the key!

Do not go solo in Apex Legends, especially if you are a beginner. Apex Legends is a team game and communicating with your teammates is an essential factor in earning that crown. Many times, you might come across an enemy and start firing,;but there is no guarantee that your teammates have seen the enemy. So, it is crucial to communicate either from voice chat or through the pings. 

5. Practice your Aim!

Aiming is the most important thing in any battle game, and you cannot overlook it. Your abilities can help you finish half of the game; but the only way to eliminate your opponents and end the game is by getting a perfect aim. You might be shooting hundreds of bullets but still not getting any kills whereas; your opponent kills you with a single bullet all because of aim. There are several third-party aim trainers that you can use to practice and improve your aiming skills. Besides this, Apex Legends also has a fantastic in-game shooting range where you can pick any weapon to get familiar with their recoiling pattern and improve your aim. 

6. Be fast!

One of the most crucial factors that can lead you to victory is how fast you can be – be it about your moves or decisions! This ability can be a deciding factor of one’s victory in some gunfight. Imagine you suddenly come across your opponent – well, you can’t keep standing still. You got to take quick actions, fast enough not to let your opponent guess your move, and that’s how you can win the fight. 

7. Swap your weapons!

When you are in a close fight with your enemies, and your gun is taking time to reload; switching to your second weapon is better than dancing around waiting for your weapon to reload. Well, you can wait for your gun to reload, but your enemy won’t; rather, it is a golden opportunity for your enemy to increase his kills; and we are sure you don’t want to do that. You can have the greatest aim, but if you don’t switch your weapons when your enemy is already swiss-cheesing you with bullets when your gun is reloading, you are only lowering your odds of winning. 


These were some tips, and the best Apex Cheats with Aimbot that you can try out to increase your chances of winning in Apex legends. Though it is quite common to be taken down in Apex Legends; make sure you do not let this come in your way and keep practicing and improving your skills.

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