11 Best Apple Watch Bands for Women: Which is Your Pick?

11 Best Apple Watch Bands for Women: Which is Your Pick?

Apple Watches are the trend these days given their sleek style, versatility, and smartphone-on-your-wrist features. No matter the model you have, different bands will upgrade your Watch’s look according to the occasion.

One such Apple Watch band is the Wristcam band which offers you the superpowers of video messaging from your Apple Watch. You can even click live pictures and videos in HD with their two cameras on the band and share them with your friends by installing their Wristcam messenger app. Waterproof and rugged in design, the Wristcam Apple Watch bands will be your ultimate companion during a swim, hike, or early morning runs.

We have brought to you a list of the best Apple Watch Bands for women that are fashionable, sporty, and simply contemporary. All of these watches are compatible with Apple Watch Series 3,4,5,6,7, and SE. Here’s a look at them:

Best Apple Watch Band for Women: Sport Band Editions

  1. Apple Watch Solo Loop
  2. Apple Sport Loop
  3. Nike Sport Band

Best Apple Watch Band for Women: Leather Bands Edition

  1. Nomad Modern Band
  2. INI Adjustable Leather Strap
  3. Bluebonnet Case The Maverick Italian Leather Band

Best Apple Watch Band for Women: Metal Bands Edition

  1. Apple Milanese Loop
  2. Sonnywoo Metal Stainless Steel Mesh Band

Best Apple Watch Band for Women: Rugged Bands Edition

  1. Spigen Rugged Armor Pro
  2. Carterjett Tire Treat Apple Watch Band
  3. Supcase Rugged Band

Let’s Check Them Out In Detail!

3 Best Sports Apple Watch Band for Women

  1. Apple Watch Solo Loop

Sporty and stylish, the Apple Watch Solo Loop has no closure or clasp because it is a stretchable band. Its smooth finish makes it suitable for social and professional settings while the sweat-proof feature means it’s also great for workouts. You must select the right size to get all the comfort of this snug Apple Watch.

Material: Silicone rubber

  1. Apple Sport Loop

The double-layer nylon Apple Sport Loop comes in a series of two-tone finishes. On the skin side of the Watch, the dense loops of nylon give a cushioned seat for your skin while the other side is prepared to be durable. The hook-loop fasteners secure the velcro band to your wrist even during frequent activities and sports. However, you have to clean the band because of the woven nylon material. It does wick some of the sweat away but it might soak some moisture while in a shower or while doing your dishes.

Material: Nylon

  1. Nike Sport Band

Nike makes the best Apple Watch band for women in sports with its perforation-lined strap that makes the band breathable under strenuous sweaty activities. The band is also water-resistant (perfect for swimmers) and secure with its pin-tuck closure.

Material: Fluoroelastomer

3 Best Leather Apple Watch Bands for Women

  1. Nomad Modern Band

The Apple Watch Band from Nomad has been given a design with great attention to detail, from subtle indents on the fixed, free loops to adjustment holes trimmed to shape. One disadvantage is that it may have a patina (color change due to oxidation). It’s not bad if you like the color change. The band is otherwise available in black and brown leather with silver or black hardware.

  1. INI Adjustable Leather Strap

The strap from INI looks traditional but it’s designed with a magnetic closure that makes strapping an easy task, much like the Milanese Loop. It is also less costly than similar Apple bands. It can absorb humidity so you must take it off while washing dishes or exercising.

  1. Bluebonnet Case The Maverick Italian Leather Band

The Bluebonnet Case bands will be your favorite if you like handmade stuff. It has distinct light blue stitching with a slim clasp adding sophistication to an artisan’s work. It may also change color due to oxidation like the Nomad bands. We recommend not to wear it while working out even though it’s durable.

Best Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band for Women

  1. Apple Milanese Loop

These bands are veterans in the classic smartwatch bands market. With stainless steel mesh in several colors and a simple magnetic closure, the Milanese Loops meld to our wrists way better than others. Some have reviewed that the closure is a bit too tight such that it pinches the skin. With a little mindfulness, it won’t be a bother though.

  1. Sonnywoo Metal Stainless Steel Mesh Band

This band is the cheaper lookalike of the Milanese Loop at somewhere under $20. You can spot the difference between the two by the placement of the buckle (it’s right in the middle of this band). It comes in several colors making it an adorable fashion statement. But since it’s a low-price trade-off, we do not recommend wearing it to workouts.

A Final Word: Are There Any Bands for Rugged Use?

Yes, for ultra-durability and functionality in rough situations, you may consider the following Apple Watch bands:

  1. Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

This band comes with a protective case to keep your watch from scratches and damage. The raised bezels keep your screen intact even if you drop them. The case has cutouts for the side button, digital crown, and speakers.

Compatibility: Only fits 44 or 45mm sizes

Material: Rubber and carbon fiber

  1. Carterjett Tire Treat Apple Watch Band

This band has a unique tire-tread design that is stretchy and secure to your wrist seamlessly. Easy to clean, the Carterjett band has a buckle clasp and multiple color options (even a full glow-in-the-dark version). Despite all these amazing features, the free loop might be a tad bit fragile compared to the rest of the band.

Material: Silicone

  1. Supcase Rugged Band

It is the best band for outdoor activities and protects the watch from tough terrains to tall drops. Here are its features:

  • Cutouts for speakers and buttons
  • Padded corners
  • Raised bezels

Compatibility: 44 and 45 mm sizes

Material: Carbon Fiber


  1. Which Apple Watch band is best for women?

Here are the 6 best Apple Watch bands for women:

  • Stretchy Solo Loop
  • Recoppa Scrunchie Bands
  • Stroll Slim Leather Band
  • Tsaagan Silicone Slim Bands
  • Sqweey Sport Band
  • Wonmillie Posh Leather Band
  1. Which Apple Watch strap is most comfortable?

Apple Solo Loop (Marigold) is the most comfortable Apple Watch band out there. It is a single-piece design with liquid-soft silicone rubber that feels fantastic on your wrists. The inside of the band is a gentle concave that makes it even better.

  1. Which Apple Watch band is the least sweaty?

The Sport Loop is the latest in the Apple Watch Series 3 edition. It adjusts way better than the Sport Band and doesn’t suffer from sweat accumulation, the strap of the Sport Loop Band does not sit entirely on your skin so that your skin can breathe.

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