Applications of Data Science

Applications of Data Science

Healthcare, Fraud and Risk Detection, Targeted Advertising, Advanced Image Recognition, Gaming are some Applications of Data Science. Here we will discuss the benefits and applications of Data Science Bootcamp in detail.

We all have heard of data science, but many of us may not be aware of its concept. And to understand everything about this concept, you first need to understand what is data science. So, let us first discuss the concept of data science and then move towards its applications.

What is Data Science?

It is an interdisciplinary field in which algorithms, scientific methods, processes, systems to extract knowledge from structured as well as unstructured data are used. It is related to big data, mining, and machine learning. The concept of data science is also used for unifying statistics, informatics, data analysis, and the relevant methods so that the actual phenomena can be understood and analyzed. Data science uses techniques that are drawn from several fields within the context of computer science, statistics, mathematics, information science, and domain knowledge. 

Data science has been dominating many industries at present and has also become very important for industries. From e-commerce to healthcare, banking to manufacturing, data science is required everywhere. Well-known companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook use data science for their business vision and to make decisions for the organizations.

Several Applications of Data Science

There is not one or two but many applications of data science. Let us talk about some of them here.


Data science is hugely used by the healthcare sector. From medical image analysis to genetics & genomics, from drug development to virtual assistance for patients and customer support, data science applications used for various purposes.

Fraud and Risk Detection

The application of data science was initially in Finance. Companies were facing challenges because of bad debts and losing funds every year. Nevertheless, the same companies had many data which were collected at the time of initial paperwork while the loans were sanctioned. The companies then started bringing data scientists to rescue them from the huge losses they were facing. 

Internet Search

Internet search is mostly the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of data science applications. There are several search engines such as Bing, AOL, Yahoo, Ask that use data science algorithms for providing the best result for the search queries of the users in a fraction of seconds. Over 20 petabytes of data are processed by Google every day. The quick results on the internet are mostly because of data science only.

Targeted Advertising

Data science plays a vital role in the digital marketing industry. From the display banners that we see on many websites to the digital billboards that we come across at the airports, almost each of them decided with the help of data science algorithms. This is why digital ads get a higher Call Through Rate as compared to traditional advertisements. These can targeted on the basis of the past behavior of the users.

Website Recommendations

Has it ever happened that you searched for a product, and you keep getting relevant information? Well, that is because of the Applications of Data Science. Even when you search for something on Amazon, you will find similar products. The recommendations made on the basis of the users’ search results. This helps the users to get many options and choose their preferred one from there.

Advanced Image Recognition

Now let us take the example of Facebook. If you upload an image with your friends, you will get suggestions to tag those friends. This particular feature uses a face recognition algorithm. The same happens in Google Photos as well. The moment you open an image in Google Photos, you will get suggestions for tagging. This makes it easier to find photos of a particular person.

Speech Recognition

The speech recognition products like Siri, Google Voice, Cortana, etc., are the best examples of Applications of Data Science. Even if you are not in a position to type your message, you can use the speech recognition feature. You just have to speak out, and your message will converted to text. 


In games, machine learning algorithms are used. This improves the gaming experience of the players as they reach higher levels. In motion gaming, the computer analyzes the previous moves of the player and accordingly keeps the game going. EA Sports, Nintendo, Zynga, Sony, Activision-Blizzard have used data science to upgrade the gaming experience.

Augmented Reality

Data Science and Virtual Reality connected as a VR headset containing algorithms, computing knowledge, and data so that the users can have a great viewing experience. One of the examples of this is the game Pokemon Go.

Hope this article helps you a lot in understanding the Applications of Data Science. If you’re interested in free courses with certificate, So enroll today on Great Learning Programme.

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