Archie Griffin: Ohio State’s Football Legend

Archie Griffin: Ohio State’s Football Legend

Football has its fair share of legends, but very few have left an indelible mark as Archie Griffin. Born in the streets of Columbus and rising to become the heart and soul of Ohio State’s football legacy, Griffin’s journey is a tale of passion, unparalleled skill, and sheer determination. 

Dive into the chronicles of this football legend, exploring his record-breaking achievements, his unmatched dedication to the sport, and the legacy that continues to inspire countless athletes today.  

Celebrating a Football Phenomenon: A Glimpse into the Journey

Born in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, the journey of Archie Griffin began as a senior fullback at Eastmoor High School. Also, Griffin’s senior year saw him storming the field, rushing for a commendable 1,787 yards and a staggering score of over 170 points in just 11 games. 

In that very year, he was the linchpin in leading Eastmoor to a memorable Columbus City League championship. Particularly unforgettable was the title game against Linden-McKinley High School, where Griffin’s dynamic performance saw him rushing for an extraordinary 267 yards on 31 carries.

Stepping onto the Bigger Stage: The Ohio State University

When raw talent meets the right opportunity, magic happens. The hallowed grounds of Ohio State University bore witness to such magic when Archie Griffin stepped onto the field. As we journey through his collegiate years, discover how Griffin left an indelible mark on the Buckeyes, forging a legacy that remains unparalleled.

A Four-Year Streak of Excellence

Upon leaving Eastmoor, Griffin’s talent was recognized and celebrated. The Buckeyes of Ohio State University welcomed him with open arms, granting him the position of the starting tailback for an impressive four years. From 1972 to 1975, Griffin played a pivotal role in leading Ohio State to a formidable 40-5-1 record. And during these golden years, the Buckeyes celebrated four Big Ten titles, with Griffin at the heart of each triumph.

Defying Physical Odds

Five Strings: Stellar Runs of Individual Greatness in OSU Lore | Eleven  Warriors

Size might define many, but not Archie Griffin. In a sport where physicality often dictates success, Griffin was an anomaly. This section delves into the indomitable spirit of a player who, despite his stature, stood tall among giants.

The Mighty Heart of a Lion

While he may have stood at 5-9 and weighed 180 pounds, dimensions considered petite in the realm of college football, Griffin never let physical statistics define him. He proved that sheer determination, hard work, and innate skill could topple giants. His prowess on the field was a testament to the adage that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

Record-Breaking Achievements

With every game, Griffin wasn’t just playing; he was making history. As we navigate through his most notable milestones, get ready to be inspired by the relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Freshman Phenomenon

In just the second game of his freshman year, Griffin took the football community by storm. Running for a then-school record of 239 yards, he signaled the start of what would become a series of record-breaking achievements. The end of his first year saw him amassing an astonishing 867 yards.

A Legacy in Numbers

Numbers often tell a story, and in Griffin’s case, they narrate a saga of sheer brilliance. Venture through a statistical odyssey that showcases Archie’s remarkable career. 

Climbing to Greater Heights

Continuing his upward trajectory, Griffin’s sophomore year witnessed him clocking 1,577 yards. By his junior year, he peaked with a career-best 1,620 yards, paired with 12 touchdowns. This impressive tally won him his first Heisman, marking him as the fourth Buckeye to receive such a coveted accolade.

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A Second Triumph

The pinnacle of any athlete’s career is to be recognized as the best, and Griffin achieved it not once but twice. Immerse in the story of his senior year, a time of unmatched excellence.

Senior Year Excellence

His senior year was nothing short of spectacular. Griffin sprinted his way to 1,357 yards, along with seven touchdowns. He steered Ohio State to an unmatched 11-0 record, achieving a No. 1 ranking and another Big Ten title under his belt. His exceptional performance throughout the year earned him a second Heisman Trophy.

The NCAA Chronicle

Beyond Ohio State, the wider arena of the NCAA became Griffin’s playground. Embark on a journey through his collegiate exploits outside the confines of OSU.

An Unbeatable Record

Excluding bowl games, Griffin’s run during his time with the NCAA is nothing short of legendary. He rushed for a mammoth 5,177 yards on 845 carries. His name is etched fifth among all NCAA career ball carriers. He also set a still-unbroken record by running for 100 or more yards in 31 consecutive regular season games.

Accolades and Recognitions

45 Years Later, Griffin's Still the Only Two-Time Heisman Winner - Ohio  State

Every legend is adorned with honors, and Archie Griffin is no exception. Delve into the accolades that Griffin garnered throughout his illustrious career.
Beyond the Heisman

Griffin’s trophy cabinet is a testament to his football genius. Beyond his two Heisman Trophies, Griffin boasts of two Silver Footballs, awarded annually by the Chicago Tribune to the Big Ten’s MVP. He has also twice been recognized as the National Player of the Year by both United Press International and the Walter Camp Foundation.

Beyond College Football

Life after college football is a challenge for many, but Griffin’s story post-OSU is as inspiring as his time on the field.

Life After OSU

Post-graduation, Griffin didn’t hang up his boots. He was swiftly picked up in the first round of the draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. After eight prosperous years in professional football, Griffin made his way back to Columbus, where he served Ohio State with the same dedication off the field, dedicating over a decade as the President and CEO of the OSU Alumni Association.

A Lasting Tribute

Every legend deserves recognition, and the world of football ensured Archie Griffin’s contributions were immortalized. Griffin’s contributions to Ohio State and football as a whole have not gone unnoticed. In a heartfelt gesture, his No. 45 jersey was retired during the Ohio State vs. Penn State game on October 30, 1999. To further cement his legacy, he was inducted into the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame in 1986.

Griffin’s journey, from his early days in Columbus to his enduring legacy in Ohio State and beyond, serves as an inspiration for many. His story is a testament to what passion, hard work, and sheer talent can achieve. 

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