Are Statement Earrings Heavy to Wear?

Are Statement Earrings Heavy to Wear?

If you want to show off your personality, a good way to do this is through the accessories you wear. You can select styles that match your energy as well as feature your favorite colors, shapes and patterns. In particular, you can get some bold statement earrings that are unique and allow you to have fun. They can stand out, get you noticed and make you feel good.

But, there is one thing that many people worry about when it comes to statement earrings. They think that they are going to be heavy to wear. Let’s dive into this topic and explore whether this is true.

Will Statement Earrings Feel Heavy?

The purpose of statement earrings is to stand out, be exciting and accessorize your outfit. Indeed, this means that they can be bigger than the normal earrings you own. With more metal used, this is going to mean that they are heavier than other designs. If you are not used to this, it can mean that they feel heavy to begin with. But, you can get used to wearing them by only wearing them for a short period of time at first. Then, you can increase how long you wear them until you are used to how they feel in your ears.

Just make sure that you check out the weight of statement earrings in advance. This is going to let you know what to expect. For example, check out to view some beautiful Indian-style earrings. Indeed, these elaborate designs will weigh more than some studs. But, there are varying weights so that you can find an amazing pair that you love and feel comfortable wearing.

What you Should Know

Note that there are some really heavy earrings that you should be wary of. It is possible that wearing heavy statement earrings can stretch your earlobes. In particular, the hole you have for the piercing can get larger too. This is something that is unlikely to happen if you are only wearing them for a few hours at a time.  Just make sure that you take them out straight away when you are home or going to sleep. You also want to switch up the earrings you wear so that they are not always going to be heavy.

In addition, you should realize that wearing statement earrings for too long can lead to other side effects. For example, some people can experience headaches. Again, this does not mean you have to stop wearing them. It just means you should be careful and watch how long you are wearing them. Here are some tips on what you can do to avoid lobe stretching.

Change the Material

Something else you can consider if you are worried about weight is the material. For example, you can get lighter materials that are not going to pull on your ear so much. For instance, there are plastic versions of hoops and other statement designs. This can give you peace of mind.

Use Support Patches

Have you heard of support patches before? This is something that you might want to try when it comes to earrings. These are patches you stick on the back of your ear and their purpose is to support the weight. So, they are said to help avoid stretching the lobe. This might be something you want to try to see if you like them.

Only Wear for a Few Hours

If you know that you have a heavy pair of earrings, you do not want to be wearing them for an extended amount of time. So, plan only to wear them for a few hours. Then, make sure you take them out. You never want to sleep with them in or wear them when it is not necessary.

Switch Earrings Frequently

Another good tip is to make sure you are switching earrings on a regular basis. This ensures that no one design is being worn more than the other. Indeed, it stops lobes from stretching because they do not get used to the heavy design.

Go for Clip-Ons

If you are really concerned about lope stretching, but you still want to enjoy statement earrings, perhaps it is time to try something new. You can go for clip-ons. These are going to simply clip onto the ear and are not a piercing to wear. Instead, this will prevent the lobes stretching. 

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