AWS Certification and Skills Are APlus for the IT Professionals

AWS Certification and Skills Are APlus for the IT Professionals

AWS is the most heated topic of cloud computing in the public area, and employers and IT professionals all recognize the value of AWS certification.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has devised a map that develops specific training recommendations for different roles in the IT industry. However, the number of optional certifications can cause some confusion; leaving professionals wondering what is their best path to the AWS.

For most IT professionals using AWS services, the lowest level of certification is the “AWS Certified Solution Architect,” which is a certification that starts at the associate level and ends at the professional level. IT professionals who are already proficient in AWS technology should find IT very easy to jump straight to the professional level. Cloud computing developers can consider “AWS Certified Developer” as a basic skill; but the “AWS Certified Development Operations Engineer” level provides the expertise and skills; needed to develop real development operations processes and automate in an AWS environment.

Value of AWS certification :

The real value of the AWS training and certification enables employers to value certifications as they provide a quantitative level of knowledge in terms of the technology that organizations use or plan to implement. employers value certifications because they provide a quantitative level of knowledge in terms of the technology; that the organization uses or plans to implement? They may not be able to conduct their own audit of their employees’ AWS skills; so certification may be their only way to determine if their employees have the skills they need. Employers are looking forward to hiring AWS IT talent who can be easily selected by looking up their AWS certificate.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket which is called the “AWS”.

The bigger question is: what does the AWS certification mean in terms of real skills? AWS certification simply means that the individual has passed the certification exam which covers the AWS technology.

Developers and architects who develop cloud computing environments understand that; they need skills beyond the AWS certificate exam — which is above cloud computing in general. A cloud computing architect needs a holistic understanding of his enterprise systems, which should cover all public cloud computing options.

However, relying too much on AWS certificates can be very dangerous. A business may be able to gather a large number of employees with skilled AWS skills; but few of them have the vision to see the big picture. Before a cloud computing migration project can be launched; an enterprise needs someone with a complete and deep understanding of the source platform, network, middleware, and database.


Balance is the key to AWS certification. AWS certification gives you a lot more than AWS. There are traditional IT skills and cloud computing technologies besides AWS; including other cloud computing providers such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft. There is currently a huge demand for AWS-certified IT professionals; the value of these certificates will continue to change over the next few years.

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