The Best Anime Movies for an Anime Date Night

The Best Anime Movies for an Anime Date Night

Top 5 Best Anime Movies for an Anime Date Night. Mewtwo Strikes Back, Spirited Away, Ordinal Scale, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Introduction to Best Anime Movies of 2021:

First things first: what is anime? Anime is a popular style of Japanese animation that’s created using a combination of hand-drawn images and computer animation. Using a unique style of character creation, detailed backgrounds, and intricate storylines, anime has expanded its reach far beyond its native land of Japan & is nowadays popular around the world!

Anime viewers can range from casual interests to obsessive consumers (often referred to as “Otaku”). For passionate viewers, finding a partner who shares their interest in anime may be vital to the success of any potential relationships. Fortunately, since so many people enjoy anime, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a dating partner.

While you’ll likely be able to find a fellow fan locally, there’s also specific anime dating sites for singles who are passionate about equally passionate series. Of course, cosplay conventions and anime clubs in your city can double as meeting grounds for anime fans; but in pandemic times, the wisest thing would be to seek a partner to watch your favorite with online dating.

Of course, once you do find your Koibito (lover), you’ll definitely want to have a movie date night! As there are much different anime series to share with your soulmate; it might be hard to find something you both agree on (or it might not be hard at all!). While personal tastes definitely differ, we’ve compiled this shortlist below of movies that are perfect for a romantic date night. Ready for an amorous anime night? Great—here are a few starting films!

“Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back”

While many hardcore anime fans may not consider the Pokémon series to be “real anime,” there’s no denying that the series helped anime increase in popularity (at least in the United States among Best Anime Movies!). This adorable movie follows Ash Ketchum (the well-known protagonist) and his friends, who are challenged by the genetically-created Pokémon “Mewtwo.”

Mewtwo issues a challenge to various trainers, claiming to be the world’s best Pokémon trainer and inviting others to compete against him for the title. The friends take up the challenge: to find out the whole story, though, you’ll have to watch the full film. Trust us: this movie will have you & your significant other cuddled up and passionate after watching how friendship and personal bonds can truly affect the world around you. Highly recommended for the cutest date you can imagine!

“Spirited Away”

In Best Anime Movies The second movie on our list, “Spirited Away,” is another classic worth watching. This cute story centers around Chihiro; a ten-year-old girl whose parents are transformed into pigs and trapped in a spirit world. You’ll enjoy plenty of cute and quirky moments together as you watch Chihiro go through her journey; attempting to find a way out of the spirit world and back to the real one.

If your dating partner is the type of person who enjoys an intricate storyline; then this movie is a great choice for your next date night! Since it is on Netflix, you can watch it simultaneously with a friend you’ve made at online dating sites; and cry with joy together if you haven’t seen this masterpiece before.

“Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale”

Fans of this popular series on Netflix will definitely enjoy the movie. If you’re already familiar with the love story between Kirito and Asuna; then you’ll be familiar with the world of Aincrad, the AmuSphere, and the full-dive experience. Taking a slight twist off of the original story, the lovers (and friends) this time find themselves in the world of Ordinal Scale. Combining the usual fantasy/futuristic storyline with a romantic subplot; the SAO movie will definitely get you and your date in the mood for romance. The Best Anime Movies massive make-out session is incoming!

“Howl’s Moving Castle”

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki (the same man behind Spirited Away), this movie follows Sophie; a young milliner who’s cursed by a witch and becomes a 90-year old woman. Enjoy this adventurous tale of love, sacrifice, war, and personal loyalty for an outside-the-box view of modern warfare. Perhaps a bit more thought-provoking than most; In Best Anime Movies this movie is sure to have you and your dating partner talking about it for ages!

“Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow”

Last, on our list, anyone familiar with the Naruto anime series (or the manga) will like this movie. Following the usual squad of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke Uchiha; the three are assigned to guard movie star Yukie (Koyuki Kazahana) during her movie preparations. Naturally, this seemingly simple task doesn’t go as easily as one might hope! While we wouldn’t call the film romantic, it will definitely have you & your partner on the edges of your seat throughout the normal ninja theatrics that partake in the land of snow!

While the list of anime films above will certainly give you plenty of movies to check out; the beauty of anime is that there are so many amazing shows, movies, and storylines that haven’t hit the mainstream. If you really want to release your Otaku side; then you’ll want to go off of the beaten past to find the hidden gems.

Last words about Best Anime Movies:

For better or for worse, many of the best films are only subbed (subtitled), not dubbed (voiced over). This might be a bit annoying in the beginning, but we promise you’ll get used to it in no time. Whatever you & your dating partner decide to watch together; if you’re watching an anime film, it’s sure to be a great date night. Tanoshinde!

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