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5 Best Classic Manga Series for Kids That you Must Watch Now

Manga has become so popular recently and a huge population of comic fans is turning to this mode of entertainment with each passing day. 5 Best Classic Manga Series of All Time. Splatoon, Yo-Kai Watch, The Legend of Zelda, Cardcaptors, Ninja Baseball Kyuma
For those of you who do not know, Manga is a Japanese form of a comic book and though both are made for the same reason i.e., entertainment, they have very different art styles and stories. You can read every manga for free on Mangastream.
Manga is available for people of all ages. From younger kids to adults and older adults, manga can give everyone enough entertainment and excitement. Here in this article, we will take you through some of the best manga for kids.

These manga are kids specific and they might not be the best picks for you if you are an older person. Let’s take a look at what these manga series are and what they have to offer.

1. Splatoon One of the best manga series

This famous manga is based on a kid’s video game. It has cool characters and stories which can keep your kid busy for a long time. The main character Goggle and his team of idiotic inklings go on various adventures; face turf wars which are pretty cool to read because of the detailed drawing and cool catchphrases.
Also, The manga is filled with life lessons and the importance of love and friendship which makes it a pretty positive influence on your child’s young mind.

2. Yo-Kai Watch

This manga series has a kind of supernatural and mystery side to it. It tells the story of a boy who has found a watch that lets him communicate with spirits and supernatural creatures.
It is a really fun manga that takes you on an awesome journey with many twists; turns to solve various puzzles and mysteries. This manga is available for free in Mangastream.
Yo-Kai Watch has cool character outfits and the scenes are fun to read. Also, It expands your imagination through its unnatural characters; and situations that force you to use your reasoning and intelligence to the fullest.

3. The Legend of Zelda

The manga series depicts the events in the life of a brave man named Link who travels to a fictional place called Hyrule to retrieve prices, Zelda. However, On the way, he meets various magical creatures, some of which turn out to be vicious and deadly.

The story is filled with cool action sequences. The hero and his friends face all odds and magical monsters with their courage and the power of friendship. If you are looking for a manga to give as a gift to your older kid, this one might be just the right thing since it has the best characters designs; and engaging dialogues that can keep anyone hooked for days.

4. Cardcaptors the best manga series

This cool manga series revolves around a girl with the power to summon monsters through her Clow Cards.  This manga is filled with fascinating storylines, dialogue and not to mention costume designs which are just the cutest and appealing.

The lead character along with her best friend who is a photography enthusiast, an interesting male character who also happens to be her crush, goes on various missions where they learn about the world and themselves.

5. Ninja Baseball Kyuma

This manga series depicts the life of a kid named Kyuma and his dog Inui. The boy is obsessed with Ninjas and wishes to pursue this for the rest of his life. The story begins when the boy makes a stranger his Ninja master thinking that the guy knows Ninja arts but that man is a football coach who takes in the boy and makes him his apprentice and adds him to the football team.

Also, The series is filled with witty jokes, cool scenes, and character outfits. You can get this manga for free on Mangastream. Also on movierulz people can easily watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Final words on best manga series

So, consider these best manga series next time you need to give your kid something fun to read and enjoy. All these mangas have received a lot of praise from the manga community and thus, you should give these a go as well. Visit Past News for more exciting stuff.

In conclusion, We hope these suggestions have helped in your search for the best Kids’ manga series. Stay with us for more stuff on anime and manga.

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