Best Php Frameworks For E-Commerce

Best Php Frameworks For E-Commerce

Developing an e-commerce application or website from scratch requires a lot of work. However, In many cases, you will need to recreate features that have already been done thousands of times, which is about as effective as reinventing the wheel. Also, Software frameworks can help you get around this problem by giving you a framework you can build on.

One of the important advantages of PHP frameworks – is a low threshold of entry for beginners, when compared to other programming languages. This allows even inexperienced professionals to quickly learn the basic functionality and optimize their workflow with their help.

In this article, we’ll help you find the best PHP framework for e-commerce development company.

We’ll talk about the pros and cons of each platform, its features and more.


A characteristic feature of this PHP framework is its high stability and reliability. Also, Symfony is very popular among experienced developers, as it simplifies the creation of Internet resources and programs of any complexity. Laravel is based on it, which already means a lot.

It allows the project to be scalable and extend its functionality at the early stages of development. High flexibility and the ability to integrate with various popular CMS and services can also be highlighted. Also, It should be noted that with the proper level of training of specialists software solutions based on it have a high level of optimization.

Symfony greatly facilitates integration with JS frameworks, which is also important for development. This framework used by many popular services like phpBB and Drupal.


In short, CodeIgniter is a simple and elegant solution to complex code problems. However, The framework has a simple and easy configuration and greatly speeds up code writing. This makes it ideal for novice developers.

It is open-source and used for developing software solutions where simplified code writing is required. Another distinguishing feature of Code Igniter is performance.

This makes the platform one of the best solutions for developing web applications, as clean source code ensures high performance and minimises errors. Also, software solutions created on the framework are easily amenable to comprehensive testing.

Main advantages of CodeIgniter:

  • Easy DB drivers refactoring.
  • Open source code.
  • Efficient coping with sessions and cache.
  • Strong encryption capabilities.
  • Easy to develop software of different complexity levels.


This is one of the oldest platforms, launched back in 2011. Since then, there have been constant tweaks and updates that have allowed the framework to evolve into one of the most user-friendly development tools.

In other words, Thanks to its popularity Laravel is available on the web with a lot of useful information about Laravel, developer tips, discussions, and active communities.

Main advantages of Laravel:

  • Core versatility and performance.
  • Easy and comprehensive routing process.
  • Efficient object-relational database mapping.
  • Easy integration with third-party services and libraries.
  • Simplified third-party libraries, services and API integration.
  • Task queuing.


PHP frameworks are the foundation for any e-commerce website, online shop or service. It will speed up development and get the site up and running much faster because it is not written from scratch. Although, You take a quality framework and modify it to suit you. And choosing a separate framework is not an easy task, even for a professional.

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