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Top 8 Best Video Games to Play in 2021 – Techktimes.com

Best Video Games 2021. Here is the list of the best Videos Games(GTA 5, Minecraft ) which must be Played at least One time in 2021.3

Many gamers are eagerly waiting for the multiple games that are yet to be released in 2021. If you can’t wait for the new games to be released in 2021, you can pass your time by playing the evergreen classics that are always fun.

Here is a list of video games that are not too old and have interesting plots: 

Best Video Games for 2021

1) Call Of Duty; Modern Warfare

The Modern Warfare edition of COD was launched in 2019 and still remains one of the most played games and an all-time favorite for most gamers. The video game is a first-person shooter game where a player has to save a fictional country, Urzikstan from invasion. The game is available for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Since it involves guns and violence, it might not be the best for kids under the age of 15. Modern Warfare is the 16th edition in the whole COD series. If you like, you can start playing from the earlier series to get a good hold of the game. 

2) NBA 2K20

A video game that is suitable for people of all ages. If you are a fan of basketball, or just simply need a more productive and non-violent game to play, then NBA 2K20 is the perfect pick for it. This game has stimulation of the actual NBA games, just like FIFA. Other than Windows and PlayStation, you can also play this game on your Nintendo Switch. NBA 2K20 is one of the Best Video Games of 2021.

3) Super Smash Bros

Crossovers between characters and themes from various games are extremely interesting. These not only are nostalgic but also include new characters and features that help you remain up to date with the gaming trends. Super Smash Bros is a very similar name to “Mario bros”. It includes up to 80 characters, so the fun can be endless. The game is relevant for all age groups. However, this Japanese game is only available on the Nintendo switch. 

4) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Enough with the fighting games? Want something light and fun? Then Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is your answer. The game will take you down memory lane, albeit with lots of significant changes and improvements. Thanks to advanced tech, the game is now packed with several new features. It includes a kart-chasing sequence with multiple missions and events you have to complete on your way to get rewards and make your progress through the game. While the game is appropriate for everyone, it is only playable on Nintendo Switch. Today, this game is one of the best-selling ones on Switch. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the Best Video fighting Games in 2021.

5) Minecraft is one of the Best Video Games of 2021

If you or your 12-year sibling need something to do together over the weekends, then Minecraft can be your best companion. The game is appropriate for younger people, but just as fun for older ones. Many pro-level gamers are fond of this game. The game will take you in a block-like, almost like lego world where you can build houses, cities, and progress through various missions and levels.

 There is also an offline version of Minecraft. However, it lacks some features and options like multiplayer gaming. To enjoy such features to the fullest, a good fiber optic internet is a necessity.

6) GTA 5

Of course, as a gamer, GTA or Grand Theft Auto must on top of your list. If you are only beginning with the gaming experience, then don’t miss out on GTA. It is a bit inappropriate for users under the age of 17 so user discretion is advised. DTA 5 is one of the Best Video Games of 2021.

The game revolves can be played in a first or third-person perspective. In the game, a player goes on various adventures and thrilling missions across the city. It also includes an option where a player can roam around in the real-world simulation without any mission. However, playing and winning missions are the most fun part of the game as you see many extraordinary and unreal things around you. Even though the 5th edition came out a couple of years ago, this game still has a lot of relevance and is loved by many. 

7) Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is another series of fighting games that you might find interesting. The game was published by the Warner bros, and as the name suggests, there are already 10 in the series. If you have been in the gaming world for a long time, you would know about the unreal Engine 3 game. Mortal Kombat is a much more advanced version of that. 

8) Marvel’s Spider-Man

There is always a Marvel fan amongst us. Although Marvel video games have been recently overpowered by games like COD and CS, there may still be some hope for Marvel fans. The Spider-Man video game was released in 2018 but remains a favorite for Marvel fans in 2021 and this one is Best Video Games for 2021. It is an adventure game, which will take you into the fictional world of Spiderman, as we see in the comics and movies. The best part about the game is that it includes elements of the movie and comic book adaptations. Plus, you will progress through the game both as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. 

Final Thoughts about Best Video Games of 2021

If you have your gaming PC set and your headsets on, don’t wait any longer for new releases and make the most out of these excellent lists of games that have already set a high benchmark in the market. Of course, do not try to delve into the world of gaming without appropriate internet support. Check out bundles by providers like AT&T and Mediacom on buytvinternetphone and get your hands on fast speed, and reliable internet connections, so nothing disrupts your gaming spree. After reading this you can get all information about the Best Video Games of 2021.

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