Boat Rentals BVI – Private Getaways with The British Virgin Islands

Boat Rentals BVI – Private Getaways with The British Virgin Islands

As the best way to get around is by boat (the British Virgin Islands is the top sailing destination in the Caribbean, after all) you’ll have an even more unique getaway. Boat rentals BVI are some of the best in the world, as companies such as SamBoat work with local skippers and boat owners to bring holidaymakers a wide range of fantastic vessels for their needs.

Why choose a boating holiday in BVI?

As holidaymakers have endless options for sailing getaways across the world, why make the British Virgin Islands your next stop? Here are just four reasons:

  1. First of all, the weather is one of the biggest draws for sailors worldwide. Not only is it consistently warm all year (with steady temperatures of 29C in summer and 25C in winter); the reliable trade winds make the perfect conditions for sailing.
  2. Next is the fact that the 60 islands, playing host to some of the most secluded bays and hidden coves, are easier to traverse by boat than the 700 islands in nearby Caribbean hotspot the Bahamas. This destination is much more secluded and exclusive, as there are no direct links from UK or Northern US airports, so there is a real feel of a private slice of the globe.
  3. Peak holiday season is between April and May; so you’ll be missing the typical travel crowds associated with the summer months. Plenty book between December and April too, so you can have an even quieter holiday if you wish. Remember that hurricane season is in session every June to November and while you can still set sail in these months; it isn’t advisable and you could end up getting your money back if a red weather warning is put in place.
  4. The level of exclusivity is a huge attraction for many; and the great news is that you don’t have to be rich and famous to feel like you are on your own private island. There are a host of resorts that have their very own shorelines; so you can jump in a motorboat or catamaran and take a trip out to some all-but-uninhabited locations with little fuss. One example of this is Guana Island, one of the last privately owned islands in the Caribbean; which only caters to 35 guests maximum across its entire mass.

Additional points to keep in mind about the British Virgin Islands:

  • This part of the Caribbean is very eco-friendly
  • Seclusion is paramount with so many untouched, uncharted islands and areas to explore
  • You can partake in water sports, snorkelling and more at almost every destination
  • BVI is popular with the mega-rich, so you may see a famous face or two

The top islands to visit in BVI

Here is a selection of the best islands to visit by boat during your British Virgin Island stay:


This is where many BVI sailing adventures begin. As the largest of the islands, this is where you can best connect with the locals and find general amenities. You’ll find white sand beaches here, ancient ruins and the most crystalline waters that will pull you to the harbour and invite you to sail away.

Cooper Island

One of the most secluded spots in BVI, you’ll really be able to disconnect from reality; and become one with nothing but soft sand, blue waters and stunning sunsets. The resort here is almost fully self-sustaining, with a solar-powered water desalination plant; on-site solar energy powering 85% of the resort’s electricity, employee-run vegetable gardens that supply the restaurant; and even an on-site brewery, Cooper Island Beach Club, that supplies a host of beers.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is another fun-filled island where you can moor your boat in the Spanish Town marina and spend the day doing whatever you like. The white sand beach is a must-see, you could stop by the Baths for some natural eye-candy and there are a host of tours on offer if you’d like someone else to take the lead and show you around.

Norman Island

A destination for those who want to spend their entire holiday on their boat; Norman Island is uninhabited and offers visitors an array of activities for day trips. You can drop anchor at the protected anchorage (called the Bight) and spend a few hours hiking the cliffs; visiting the caves below, enjoying water sports, going snorkelling and more.

Little Jost Van Dyke Island

As one of the smallest islands in the BVI, holidaymakers might feel the need to overlook Jost Van Dykeone in favour of other islands with more to see and do. Those who make this decision will certainly be missing out! The hiking trails are second to none, you can enjoy a car tour of the whole island; and you can even stop by the famous ‘Soggy Dollar’ Bar. With all this in mind, what’s not to love?

How to rent a boat in the British Virgin Islands

BVL is full of so many hidden gems and the only way to get to many of them is via boat. While some may be concerned that their trip will be limited as a result; the great news is that boat rental companies can help you out. Here at SamBoat, you can expect top-tier service every time and our online portal lets you choose from over 45,00 vessels. With sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and even chartered yachts, you can travel around in the boat that best suits your needs.

With dayboat rentals starting at €50 per day and the option to take your boat out alone (provided you are a skipper licence holder and have a nautical CV) or hire a skipper and crew to get you around.

Just in case you’re looking for a more bustling sailing holiday; SamBoat also services 75 countries around the world, with boat rental BVI, Spain, Phuket; France and many, many more destinations in our arsenal.

SamBoat allowed over 300,000 individuals to realise their sailing dreams in 2021 and with over 90,000 authentic customer reviews; you can rest assured that we’ll take care of your boat hire needs.

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