A genuine review on Bob and brad C2 massager

A genuine review on Bob and brad C2 massager

The Bob and Brad rubdown gun is one of the most recent recovery tools from the “most well-known physical therapists on the internet.” The question is, how excellent is it? To avoid dissecting our entire evaluation, we’ll say: Yeah, it’s unique and reasonably priced!

Bob and Brad Brand:

Bob and Brad have been dubbed the “most well-known body therapists on the internet,” with their popular YouTube channel reaching just under four million members. While their channel expands, Bob and Brad use their motion and human biomechanics to design several high-quality, use-at-home physiotherapy items. The Bob And Brad C2 rubdown gun is their most recent innovation. Unlike other products on the market, Bob and Brad’s ergonomic designs highlight a “bodily remedy approach,” which means they are to improve patient and athlete recovery. Bob and Brad have prioritized making their goods available to everybody, being both low-cost and smooth to use, since they believe everyone should have access to high-quality fitness care merchandise.

The Appendices:

We are to discover that this has five attachments. We’ve also seen firearms with additional extensions. It’s more an expression of emotion than a surprise. But here’s our take on the Bob And Brad C2 ‘s accessories:

The Fork/Spine Head:

The Spine Head will massage the spine and neck region. It has two tips, one on each side of the spine. This head may also get used to massage the leg muscles. Bob and Brad picked up hard plastic once more. It also does a good job.

The subheading:

This item is a focusing head. It is to target a unique bodily part. Muscle knots can be rather painful, and a general massage will not suffice. In these situations, the ball head comes in handy.

The ball head:

It is a standard massage head. It’s the head attached to a massage pistol, nine times out of ten. It is because it is the one utilized to receive a general massage. It is a massage gun to use if you want to work on any body parts. The C2 features a functional plastic ball head. We would have preferred foam, but we’re not complaining. They do an excellent job.

The Square Head:

The power head is a flat-head attachment. It is a square head that is also gets utilized to massage various body parts. We call it the Power Head since it gets used to target larger muscles such as your quadriceps and pecs. They also chose hard plastic for the C2 model.

The head of the air cushion:

You might also refer to it as a cushioned head. That’s what drew us to this model. It’s like having two combined into one. Assume a flat skull with a rubber cushion on top. The buffer is crucial in this situation. When we want a deeper massage but only want to feel the percussion on the body rather than the vibrations. The C2 is high-quality.


The Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun is a fantastic percussive instrument at a reasonable price. The quality, craftsmanship, and even the case it comes in amaze us. C2 is extremely useful for warming up and cooling after exercise and overall muscle rehabilitation. It comes with five distinct attachments that each target a different part of your body. The general design is similar to other massage guns on the market, and most users will be able to reach every body part. The amplitude is low at 8 mm, yet the C2 can assist in relieving muscular pain because of its wide range of 2000–3200 rpm.

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