Build An Ecommerce Web App Using MEAN Stack

 Build An Ecommerce Web App Using MEAN Stack

Ecommerce is a highly trending industry, and various businesses have highly preferred it for their successful digital business growth. To develop a scalable e-commerce platform, choosing the correct technology stack that can easily fulfill your business needs and provide market-ready web applications is always required. MEAN stack is one of the leading technical stacks business owners use to create their E-commerce web applications. This blog post has covered all the required information on MEAN, its benefits for web development, and how it can boost eCommerce app development.

Introduction To MEAN Stack And Reasons To Choose For Web Development

MEAN technical stack is an open-source software development toolkit that helps develop full-stack web applications. This technical stack provides the necessary tools and technologies for developing web applications and databases in the perfect ecosystem.

MEAN stack has four major architectural elements to provide complete web application development: MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS.


MongoDB is an open-source database written in C++, which is compatible with various platforms. However, MongoDB stores data in binary format. It provides the additional and most convenient advantage in that it is document-oriented.

Express JS

Express JS in the backend allows consistent interaction between client and database. Also, Express JS is a lightweight server-side framework that allows the development of multipage, single, and hybrid web applications.

Angular JS

The open-source JavaScript framework is mainly used to develop and design customized web applications. Also, Angular is developed by Google which works on MVC architecture. However, Angular provides reusable components, data binding, dependency injection, and many more. Business owners should hire the best Angular development company to make scalable, user-friendly eCommerce web applications.

Node JS

Node Js provides the best facility, such as developing data-intensive real-time web applications. It suits best in developing various applications, including e-commerce and streaming applications. Node Js is convenient for developing web applications for various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and OS X. Therefore, for e-commerce web app development, organizations should choose the most trusted Node Js development company for successful development.

Advantages of MEAN for Web Development

  • Quality User Interface
  • Flexible Application Structure
  • Low Development Cost
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Fast Web App Development

Top Reasons To Choose MEAN For Ecommerce Web App Development

After getting an overview of MEAN and how MEAN can benefit web development, let’s understand how MEAN can benefit e-commerce web app development.


Mostly all the e-commerce platforms are generally based on PHP. In contrast, Node Js provides full support for non-blocking input and output of web applications to manage multiple events simultaneously. However, These additional features manage the heavy workload and data-driven web applications. Therefore, MEAN helps in getting excellent performance in e-commerce web applications.


Scalability is one of the biggest aspects required in any eCommerce web application. Also, As to boost business growth digitally, business owners need Scalable web applications. Therefore, the MEAN technical stack is the best solution. However, It provides a highly scalable database, Node JS maximizes CPU efficiency, and Angular helps develop an attractive front-end to grab users’ attention.

Real-Time Response

MEAN in Ecommerce web app development provides the best real-time responses as Node.js is very convenient with Also, with the help of Angular, it can benefit from getting real-time updates on various things, including product prices, quantity, and many others.

Best User Experience

Having the best user experience in e-commerce web applications is always required. MEAN has a separate framework for both frontend and backend, so business owners have the convenience of providing a preferable user experience with quick updates without reloading the pages.

Open Source

Open-source e-commerce platforms come with the licensing cost. However, with MEAN, it is a free, open-source JavaScript technical stack that doesn’t require any licensing and allows access to libraries and repositories.

Effective Front-End

MEAN helps develop more precise and powerful user interfaces for e-commerce web applications. Also, With the help of Angular, it allows for creating the best front-end and managing the complex code to bring more reliability and simplicity to the e-commerce web apps.


In conclusion, We hope that your purpose of landing on this blog post served as we have provided enough information on the MEAN stack for web development and how to MEAN can beneficial for e-commerce web app development. One of the key points to keep in mind before starting the development process, you should choose the best development company that can help in achieving the web app development goals and provides market-ready web apps to generate profitable business.

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