How can call tracking to improve your care home move-ins?

How can call tracking to improve your care home move-ins?

Improving your move-in rate is one of the most important components in growing your care home. So, how can you achieve this in the best way possible?

The answer lies in expert call-tracking software.

In this article, you’ll learn what call tracking software does and why it’s the key to boosting move-ins for your care home.

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What does call tracking software do?

Call tracking software is an analytics tool that’s able to accurately track all the calls you receive from prospective residents or their families.

When using this software, you can trace the specific marketing sources that generate each call, as well as extract a range of vital data surrounding each interaction.

Also, when using advanced software – such as that offered by call tracking company Mediahawk – you can gain access to visitor-level tracking for a complete overview of prospects’ journeys.

You can map out each touchpoint visited by a prospect, across every channel; and campaign, before, during, and after they get in touch.

This also includes the journeys of customers who exit their session on your website; and then rejoin again at a later time. 

The software’s use of dynamic phone numbers will ensure no interaction is missed or lost in the detailed reports.

Why is call tracking important for boosting your care home move-ins?

Call tracking is essential for boosting your care home move-ins in a variety of ways; which can include, but isn’t limited to:

An enhanced structure for your PPC ads

One of the many ways call tracking can boost your care home move-ins is by helping you optimise your pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

The software’s insights and reports can reveal how many move-ins are being generated as a result of each of your PPC ads, by tracing the journeys of customers who interact with your ads.

For example, a prospect could follow a link from your PPC ad to your website; and then call or fill out an enquiry form.

Once you know which ads are more successful at converting prospects; you can direct more of your resources towards these specific ads to further increase move-ins.

Campaigns tailored more accurately to your prospect profiles

You can also use call tracking to tailor your campaigns more specifically to the type of prospects interacting with your marketing.

Using the software, you can create profiles for your prospects, which reveal the type of marketing activities they are more likely to engage positively with.

For instance, you might find that prospects from a certain region are more likely to convert through social media channels; or that the majority of prospects are more interested in your online rather than your offline campaigns.

This information can help you see what type of marketing strategies are best suited to specific prospect audiences; to make them more likely to convert to a move-in.

Actionable insights for your marketing strategy

Call tracking can also offer you actionable insights that can give you a clearer understanding of how prospects are interacting with your marketing.

With the addition of speech analytics and the knowledge of which keywords drive calls from PPC ads; you can identify the specific things prospects are looking for in your care home; whether it be related to prices, location, facilities, or staff quality, for example.

As a result, you can adjust your campaigns to highlight these specific points; so your marketing is offering customers exactly what they need, thus making them more likely to convert to a move-in. 


As you can see, call tracking software is the ultimate marketing tool for optimising your care home move-ins. So, are you considering call tracking for your business?

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