Can Big Eyes Coin become as Big as Doge and SHIB?

Can Big Eyes Coin become as Big as Doge and SHIB?

In the world of crypto, many digital assets came and went away. Some achieved huge success and others started to fade away. Recently, Dogecoin and SHIB caught the attention of social media users and investors alike. Some think that another meme-inspired crypto, Big Eyes Coin may follow in their footstep to become the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency.  In addition, you may improve your trading skills by using a reputable trading platform like BitcoinBot.

Big Eyes Coin aimed for success

It has continuously shown that it is a great meme coin aiming for success. Also, Be its utility and tokenomics or roadmap, this coin has indicated the way it intends to hugely grow in value. You can check out the utility. Also, It is all very common to hear that meme coins come with no utility. Viewing a meme coin with a huge use case has been a double win.

Creation of Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes coin has been created for helping onboard cat lovers into the cryptocurrency and DeFi ecosystem. Also, As part of the core plans for some members, it will be setting up Sushi Crew. It is an NFT club for many users to get some early access to cute cat NFTs. Also, In this club, NFT holders will get incentivized with a part of the taxes that are generated on sales of NFT.

All about its charity wallet

One different aspect of Big Eyes coin that has completely set it apart is its tokenomics. So do not get surprised for learning that there will be no developer or team wallet. You will make a marketing wallet. Rather than a team wallet, it has a charity wallet that will be holding only 5% of its overall token supply. The remaining token is available to the community from 1st day.

Plus no such taxes will get charged on sell or buy transactions. Also, Remember that the Big Eyes coin is set to aid the world to become a better place. So the charity wallet will get used for social good. In the last few weeks, it has raised funds in the presale. Also, The strength of the community was seen with its quickly growing Twitter community and telegram. To be part of the fascinating growth, try to get involved in its presales. 

DogeCoin is rising

It is the king of meme coins. Dogecoin began the categories of meme coin. It has been at the meme coin’s growth forefront. It all began with the meme Shiba Inu on the internet at the start of Bitcoin days. This meme spread as it got used for ridiculing the fall of Bitcoin in price. Yet smart people in this business took it as one opportunity for creating a coin. Dogecoin has been a fork of Lucky Coin which was a fork of Litecoin. 

Dogecoin grew a lot

In some years, the price of Dogecoin has continually soared. It grew to the extent that people began demanding utility. Yet for Dogecoin to stay Dogecoin, it requires no utility other than as one tipping coin. 

Shiba Inu is a popular DeFi Meme Coin

Capitalized on the dog meme trend of Shiba Inu, this meme coin is called Shiba Inu. As it has been expected, this coin brought a huge craze to the ecosystem of the meme and increased in price.  Yet it was quite different from the crypto Dogecoin.

Not only a meme coin

In the beginning, it was only a meme coin. Yet under the community duress, this meme coin added utility.  Shiba Inu got created under the Ether blockchain so it had the functionality of smart contracts that Dogecoin mainly lacks. It has become a popular DeFi coin as users are able to swap, stake, borrow and lend Shib tokens. Now it is used as a payment medium. 


Meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have already introduced one playful thing to the serious crypto world. It is dominated by well-established players such as Ether and Bitcoin. These meme coins are most popular despite all humour around them. This new meme coin project, Big Eyes Coin with a cat theme has garnered many investors’ attention before the launch. This project has shown much great performance in its presale and has been set to launch on crypto exchanges on 3rd June 2023. As this token appears to be a promising launch, it is worth comparing the prospective success to that of popular meme coins such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. For the best cryptocurrency trading platform, you must check Bitcoin smart.

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