Caravan holidays are extremely popular in the UK, and the reason why is because you will be able to see absolutely the best of the country while immersing yourself in nature. However, so many caravan parks also have a wealth of facilities and amenities on site, which means that you can still enjoy the social aspect of meeting other people, while having the opportunity to escape back to your own oasis of calm and tranquillity.

While avid caravaners will have invested in their own mobile or static caravan, there are sites throughout the country where you can find the perfect caravan hire for you and your family. If you consider that there are over half a million caravans in use in the UK, you will soon start to understand what a significant industry it is. This represents more than 2 million people who enjoy a caravan or mobile home holiday in the UK every year.

So what is it about caravans that attract so many people?

Excellent value

First and foremost, a caravan holiday can represent excellent value for money. Costing as little as £15 per person per night in what is often as luxurious as any hotel room; – some even have their own hot tub on the decking.

Obviously, if you had your own touring caravan, then you simply pay the pitch fees; and again this can be as little as £15-30 for the pitch itself; regardless of whether there are two or ten of you staying in the caravan. Prices will vary depending on the facilities that are available on the site – but that is the joy of caravanning; you can opt to be more at one with nature, and it immediately costs you less money.

At one with nature

And therein lies the second reason why the people of the UK enjoy caravanning so much; – it takes them back into nature. Your caravan is you own little domain; your fully detached home in the country where you can step out of the front door and be immediately at one with nature.

Many sites across the UK are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Whether they are perched on cliff tops overlooking wild and wonderful seas or nestled between the rolling hills of some of the most stunning landscapes in the country, you will be staying in the midst of it all.

Explore areas you wouldn’t normally see – off the beaten track


Chances are, the caravan site you have chosen is tucked away in an unexplored area that is off the beaten track. Because so many caravan sites are privately owned and run; you’ll find that they are located in some of the most beautiful areas that mainstream holiday makers do not realise even exist. This is one of the reasons why caravanners in the UK like to keep their passion close to their chests; – they do not want everyone coming and spoiling what they see as their secret!

So if you do find somewhere that means so much to you, and becomes one of your special places; chances are you will not want to share that information with anyone else!

A home from home

Most importantly for those loving the caravanning life; they may be small (though some are two bedroomed) but they represent a real home from home for many people; particularly those in touring caravans and mobile home. For many, they will often take off for weeks at a time, enjoying life on the open road; and stopping at sites wherever and whenever the mood takes them. And if they’re not happy with the location, they simply up sticks and move onto the next.

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