Top 5 Best Cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment

Top 5 Best Cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment

Here is some best cheap ghost hunting equipment that you must have in your tool kit. I have entered all details about below equipment.

What is Ghost hunting?

A word that may seem to be just unbelievable for you but it is a profession and passion of many. Believing and paranormal things is something that is always remained a controversial assessment for periods.

It is not that majority of the people won’t believe these things. But the main issue here is that it gets quite difficult for one to prove his/her experiences.

Just think, who will believe the things that they never had experienced or have seen?

No one, right?

Whether you are willing to prove your experiences or you are willing to choose ghost hunting as your profession, there is certain ghost hunting equipment that one needs to have in their baggage. If you don’t know what are they, we will let you know about each one in detail here.

The most common thing that we all know about ghosts is that they tend to be active during the night. So, while choosing the preferred cheap ghost hunting equipment make sure to select the ones that work great during the night or support such activities.

We are not supporting any kind of spiritual realm here; we are just here to help you in smoothening up your paranormal investigations. Here is some cheap ghost Hunting equipment that must-have in your tool kit.

1) Fenix Flashlight HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp(20$-360$)

As we all know the thing that ghosts are super active during the night, so if you are willing to hunt those, you need to pre-setup a primary source of light during the day. A suitable headlight can best serve as a perfect primary source of light for you. It not only will help you in moving through the different terrains effortlessly but will keep both of your hands-free all the time.

Fenix Flashlight HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp is a perfect ghost hunting equipment option that offers you variable output at affordable pricing. You can now easily extract low light of about 4 lumens to blazing light of about 1000 lumens and a low output red LED quite conveniently. The availability of red light makes it quite easier for you to move in the dark without altering your night vision adjustment.

The battery compartment of this light source is situated on the back of the strap and that distributes the weight evenly and gives you relief from a neck strain. If you want, you can also add on some other light backup source to ease up your task quite conveniently.

2) Digital Camcorder with Night Vision(9$-8000$)

Most of the ghost investigations start with an interview of the witness which are usually followed up by research work into that particular area or building where the hauntings or sightings have occurred. You have to figure out the hot spots of that particular area. And also have to keep a video or photos of the event as evidence.

A Digital Camcorder with Night Vision is another wonderful ghost hunting equipment in the league that helps you in documenting your ghost hunting. You can easily capture images throughout your investigation and that will further help you in proving your experiences strongly.

The best thing about this digital camcorder with night vision is that it does come up with an attachable microphone and that improves the audio quality of your video a lot. You can now simply record your ghost hunting and can download your videos safely to your computer system quite conveniently. If your budget allows you, you can also set up live streaming multiple cameras to ease up your task.

3) Sony Voice Recorder(60$-240$)

It gets quite difficult for a person to believe in an edited or muted video clip. The presence of a perfect voice recorder adds up more burden to your ghost investigation process. Sony Voice Recorder is one of the finest ghost hunting equipment’s that helps you in recording and documenting the Electronic Voice Phenomenon quite efficiently.

what is Electronic Voice Phenomenon:

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is commonly known as EVPs. EVPs are generally quite low-frequency voices that can be only audible on the recording.

Working on this amazing ghost hunting equipment is not a big deal. You just have to turn on the recorder and have to introduce yourself first. Once done, you can easily go for asking different open-ended questions here such as, “What is your name?”, “Why are you disturbing people around here?”, “Was this your house?” and different others?

Performing such a full EVP session help you in collecting a lot of great pieces of evidence in your favour. Once done with the EVPs session, we would prefer you to share the audio files to your computer system of cloud services so that you can easily access those in the future.

4) EMF Reader(34$-340$)

If you are looking forward to debunking a ghost, EMF Reader is a great option that can help you in the same. If you ever had lived in a ghost hunted house, you know how scary it seems to be. Just consider, how it would seem like living in a place where you feel like someone is watching you consistently. Quite scary, right?

It is usually believed that ghosts live around wires or devices that usually tend to emit high EMF fields. And living around such equipment can bring up a lot of issues to you such as skin irritations and hallucinations etc.

If you are on a task of ghost hunting investigation, make sure to test out the devices and wirings of the room with the help of an EMF Reader perfectly. If your EMF Reader is consistently showing high-end readings, you don’t need to worry a lot. This issues simply can be fixed by an electrician quite conveniently. But if you are conducting an EVP session and you get a blip on your EMF Reader, the chances are quite higher the ghost is trying to communicate with you.

5) The Compass(5$-40$)

The cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment is Compass. For such people who have not enough money, hey can buy a compass from wearing items shop. Ghost hunters had been the use of compasses for lots of years, frequently with successful results.

The response which you get from a compass is essentially the identical response which you get from an easy EMF detection tool. The exceptional manner to apply the compass is to hold it into an allegedly haunted location, leaving the compass open and flat out at the palm of your hand. Your arm ought to be bent on the elbow and level, prolonged at a perspective out of your frame in order that the compass is immediately in the front of you.

The needle at the compass actions every time you convert direction, and, consistent with reports, it starts to spin while it encounters a ghost or a few types of anomalous electricity area.

Even eleven though the compass is a totally fundamental item, the pronounced conduct of the tool in a scenario related to paranormal electricity is without a doubt pretty steady with an awful lot higher-tech devices.

The concept is that the tool reacts to abrupt adjustments or fluctuations withinside the electricity area of the location. A spinning compass needle might honestly display that something uncommon goes on.

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