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How to Reach The Top In Your Career With Cisco 200-301 CCNA Certification Exam?

Do you constantly feel the urge to take the next step in your career? Or do you realize that your profession is stagnating and your resume could do with a few updates? If that’s the case, an official IT certification will be crucial to help you tap into great opportunities in the new workplace. So, to give you more details about career growth, this article will focus on the Cisco 200-301 certification exam which will lead you to the 200-301 widely known in the IT industry.

What Is The Cisco 200-301 Exam?

The 200-301 exam is the culmination of dedication and hard work. Moreover, this is an entry-level test that confirms if you are ready to become CCNA accredited because the key areas of emphasis will be security, automation, and networking. Also, By acing this exam, you will get the solid knowledge to confidently start your career in networking. To clear the air, the 300-415 qualifying exam requires no educational background. But there will be no harm in pursuing it if you already have specific accreditations in one of information science or computer science. Anyway, for starters, you will only need a comprehensive understanding of the exam topics to get enrolled in this accreditation process.

Get Recognized By A New Title

The 300-435 exam and the associated certification are known to open new opportunities for anyone working in IT infrastructure. And the topmost roles you can get will be discussed below:

Network Administrator

This specialist, from the name, will maintain computer networks and solve potential problems arising from the same. However, The typical job profile of a network administrator will involve the installation and configuration of computer systems and networks; budgeting and assembly of the necessary equipment, and the maintenance of the available hardware and software solutions. According to 350-401 , an ordinary employee in this position earns an average salary of $60,551 annually.

Systems Administrator

Meanwhile, systems administrators will oversee the installation and upgrading of software and hardware systems. Also, they will work closely with other IT professionals to maintain a range of business processes including email; LANs, WANs, web servers, security tools, operating systems, and business applications. Consequently, they can be sure to earn an average of $62,978 per year according to Devnet Professional .

Network Analyst

Finally, a network analyst installs and maintains the company’s critical networking components. In this role, these IT specialists will trusted to identify and solve problems; plan and analyze the technical support to smoothen data communication, and research on the latest trends. However, According to ZipRecruiter, a typical network analyst earns an average salary of $76,647 per year.


As a result, you have known that becoming successful in information technology doesn’t have to be a painful experience. The Cisco CCNA certification gives you the flexibility you need to attract new roles around IT technologies and software development. And all you got to do is show your commitment by acing the CCNA exam.

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