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Things to look for before renting a house!

Have you been transferred to Hyderabad? Are you going to Hyderabad for higher studies? Whatever may be the reason, the city of Hyderabad has a rich cultural heritage that would love to explore while you are there. But, the first thing that comes to mind is to find a house for rent in Hyderabad. Don’t worry! There are plenty of good options to choose from. But before you start your search Renting a house, it is advisable to list down your priorities so that you know what exactly to look for!

Here are some of the essential factors that should be kept in mind while searching for a rented house or apartment.


This should be the first deciding factor while choosing a house for rent. If you are new to the place, take help from Google Maps and find out the distance of your workplace or educational institution from the place. The home should not be very far from your office or college. This will help save you a lot of precious time daily. Also, check the proximity of other key localities of the city.

Safety and Security

In case you are shifting in a housing society, check how many security guards remain on duty and whether the premises are covered under CCTV surveillance or not. If you are planning to shift to a rented house, ask about the security measures from the landlord or the agency with which you are coordinating. Make sure the neighbors are not noisy and whether the area is safe or not.

The Neighbourhood –

Get a fair idea about the locality and the kind of people living nearby as you will be interacting with them time and again. It is always good to be surrounded by like-minded people as you have some common ground. For example, if you are a student and want to Renting a house, you would prefer staying in a locality where the maximum student community is staying. Conversely, if you are planning to move with your family, you would want a location where other families are staying.


You must have set a budget for your rented accommodation. If not, then do it at the earliest. Once you have a set figure in your mind, strike out the ones that do not fit your budget. There is no use wasting time unnecessarily. Now look for other features among the ones that you have shortlisted and find the best deal.


Take a tour of the neighborhood and check out parks, hotels, gymnasiums, movie theatres, etc. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure basic amenities such as regular water and electricity supply.

Proximity to Public Transport and Infrastructure

a large part of your income is spent on commuting from one place to another. Sometimes, you need to take an auto or a rickshaw to reach the nearest bus stop or metro station. Besides increasing the overall cost of transportation, it wastes your time too. All this can be avoided if your home is within a walking distance from the nearest bus stop or station. Another important thing to look for Renting a house is the proximity of stores where you buy your daily groceries. Although everything can be ordered online nowadays, it is still advisable to look for a place that has a few stores nearby.


If you are planning to stay alone, it would be a better idea to shift to shared accommodation. Nowadays plenty of options are available wherein you have the privacy of your room while enjoying the company of other like-minded people who are staying in the same property. These houses are fully furnished with a functional wi-fi connection and housekeeping staff that handles all the day-to-day hassles. These places have everything that you may need so that you feel at home.


If you consider all the above factors before finalizing a house on rent you will save yourself a lot of trouble later. Another alternative that most of the young generation prefers today is flat sharing.

Flat sharing in Hyderabad is quite common and most of the student community prefers staying with friends. It is considerably cheaper than staying alone as you can share various expenses with others such as internet connection, AC, refrigerator, and other utility items that can otherwise make a hole in your pocket. Moreover, you make lifelong friends when you stay together in shared accommodation. These friends become your second family with whom you can discuss and share your problems and your joys. You have someone to talk to during difficult times and learn some new things from each other.

Ultimately, it is your personal decision to decide on the type of accommodation you want for yourself. Think of all the pros and cons, do your research, and look for the best deal available. After all! You will be spending a lot of time there!

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