Learn the Factors that Influence Your Gas Bills

Learn the Factors that Influence Your Gas Bills

Gas utility services are critical to economic and social development. Effective poverty eradication requires high-quality utilities. Governments ultimately ensure dependable universal service access within accountable regulatory frameworks. However, Increased competition in the utility sector in recent years has resulted in changes in regulatory frameworks, enterprise ownership structures, and business diversification.

IGL, founded in 1998, took over the Delhi City Gas Distribution Project from GAIL (India) Limited in 1999. (Formerly Gas Authority of India Limited). Also, The project began with constructing a network to distribute natural gas to consumers in the domestic, transportation, and commercial sectors in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. IGL intends to provide natural gas throughout the capital region with the support of solid promoters GAIL (India) Ltd. and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL). Also, Natural gas is used in the transportation sector as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), in the domestic and commercial sectors as Piped Natural Gas (PNG), and in industrial establishments as R-LNG.

Factors Responsible for Your Gas Bills

Temperatures in the environment, economic conditions, and the petroleum market are all factors that influence the IGL bill payment. Let’s look at some of these influencing factors.

Economic Vitality-

When people are financially secure, they are less frugal with their energy consumption. People and businesses reduce consumption during economic downturns and recessions, and demand falls. It is especially noticeable in the industrial sector. Natural gas demand can be indicated by unemployment, the housing market, the stock market, and manufacturing indexes.

Prices of Petroleum and Coal-

Petroleum is a natural gas alternative for power generation. When the price of petroleum falls, demand for natural gas falls. Also, Some crude oil refineries recover the associated natural gas in the oil. Increased demand for crude oil can directly impact the price of natural gas, which is processed alongside it. To a lesser extent, this is true for coal, as coal-fired power plants are being retired. According to some experts, the use of renewable energy sources will also have an impact on IGL bill payment.

Nuclear Power Plant Operations-

This is a factor that many people overlook, but it has a significant impact on the natural gas market. When nuclear power plants out of commission, more natural gas required to generate electricity.


Natural gas production will always influenced by the temperature because the job requires extracting resources from the earth. Regular rainstorms can slow down workers in the oil fields, but significant storms can be disastrous. A hurricane or tornado can destroy equipment, make working conditions hazardous, and disrupt the supply chain. 


This one is straightforward in terms of production. The most direct factor influencing supply is the level of output. When demand is high, or reserves are low, production typically increases.


Underground storage facilities allow for a year-round supply of natural gas. When natural gas plentiful, it stored for later use when supply is scarce, or demand is high. The amount of storage and the cost of keeping natural gas influence price, which in turn influences demand. The Energy Information Administration publishes a weekly report highlighting the amount of natural gas stored in government facilities.

How Can IGL Gas Bill Online be Paid?

If you are wondering how to make an IGL bill payment, you have come to the right place because here you will know everything you need to know for. Check out the steps below to make your online gas bill payment today.

  1. Go to the following payment link: IGL bill payment.
  2. As needed, enter your IGL BP Number.
  3. You can obtain the payable bill amount by clicking the “Check Bill” button.
  4. Sign up/sign in with your mobile phone number and a One Time Password.
  5. You can use Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking, UPI, or R1 Wallet for your online gas bill payment.
  6. Your Indraprastha Gas (IGL) bill payment was successfully completed.

What Does “BP” Number on the IGL Gas Bill Refer to?

The BP number a unique 10-digit Business Partner Number assigned to each gas consumer by Indraprastha Gas Limited. The BP number easily found on your monthly IGL Gas Bill for online gas bill payment.


IGL has taken a remarkable initiative to control pollution and provide safe natural gas to Delhi’s domestic and commercial sector consumers. MobiKwik is the best app and website for making a secure and easy online IGL bill payment. The MobiKwik app or website not only promises instant IGL online gas bill payment but also allows you to enjoy and take advantage of exclusive Indraprastha gas bill payment offers such as cashback and discounts. The following are the primary advantages of using the MobiKwik app to pay for Indraprastha gas.

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