The best coffee roaster machine for small business

The best coffee roaster machine for small business

If you are an owner of a small coffee business, you probably don’t want to spend too much money on a coffee roasting machine. Don’t worry because you can still buy a roasting machine in an affordable price, and sell coffee to your customers. If you want to find a good coffee roaster machine for small businesses, you can read this article further.

What is the best coffee roaster for sale?

In order to be able to drive a coffee business, regardless of its size, you need good equipment. There are multiple sources of high-quality products – whether online or stationary, but it is important to know where you should look for it. If you are interested in buying a small coffee roaster, it is better to look for attractive offers online. The choice and the variety are bigger. It is also easier to run into sales or other occasions. Before you order a brand-new coffee roasting machine, you should thoroughly read the description. Pay attention not only to the hourly output but also to other significant specifications.

Small coffee businesses don’t require a coffee roasting machine that can produce more than 100 kg of coffee per hour because it would simply be too much. Owners of a small coffee shop wouldn’t be able to sell everything and in a result – they would lose not only the goods but also money. The best coffee roaster for small businesses with a maximum batch of 1000 g should be the best option. Even though the maximum batch doesn’t seem to be much, you can still roast around 4 kg of coffee beans per hour. Everyone can decide on their own how many hours daily they want to spend on roasting coffee, but approximately they spend 4-5 hours. Keep in mind that there are more tasks to do during a normal workday at a coffee roastery.

Coffee roaster for sale – what is worth buying?

Thankfully, the choice of coffee roaster machines for small business is quite wide and varied. If it is important to you that your coffee roasting machine doesn’t cost too much, but on the other hand you want it to be a professional device, you can still count on popular retailers and their stock. Which machines are worth recommending?

First and foremost, the Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2 roasting machine, which is a red-hot model among many coffee experts. This simple to use, yet technologically advanced machine can deliver the same roast every time. You can of course change the settings whenever you want, but the device allows you to save your favorite, and more importantly, reliable roast profiles. The automatization helps you out with creating new blends, so your work goes smoothly.

Besides that, you can roast from 100g to 1000 g of coffee beans per batch. This range gives you plenty of possibilities because you can sell standard-size coffee bags, or you can also prepare samples for your customers. Coffee samples are also the best advertisement for your coffee place. This small, but mighty machine is one of the best coffee roasters for small business because you can be flexible and creative thanks to the multiple functions it offers. Its sleek design is probably not the most important, but it is still nice to own such a modern-looking machine.


Another coffee roaster that cannot be ignored is the Stronghold S7 Pro. This wonderful and well-thought machine stands out in comparison with other similar coffee roasters. The unique feature is the vertical construction, which is responsible for using all benefits of the electric heat source. The Tripe Heat System consists of radiation (infrared), convention, and conduction. These three different heat types allow you to develop and experiment with new flavor ranges. You can make each roast slightly different, or perfectly the same. The repeatability of your coffee beans roasts is important, and thanks to the precise measurements, including the temperature inside and of the drum itself, it is possible to deliver the best coffee blend that your clients will gladly buy.

It is high time to choose your favorite coffee roaster and to start your small business with a bang.

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