Tricks crafty casinos use to keep you gambling

Tricks crafty casinos use to keep you gambling

Cocky casino bosses would never admit that they’re using tricks to keep you gambling, but they are. From free drinks and other incentives to manipulative promotions that make it feel like an all-you-can-eat buffet, casinos lure customers in with great deals then slowly start reeling them in with the right hooks and hidden snares. Free drinks, Free gifts, Intimate seating, Live music/Dancing, The dealers are friendly, Their loyalty program, etc are crafty casinos Tricks that keep you gambling.

But why trick people into spending more money at the casino? Well, one reason is that it’s a great way of increasing revenue. Another is so they can keep their customers on edge by not giving them enough time to get bored and decide they’re done playing games. They can also control customers’ emotions by offering emotionally charged games like blackjack or roulette which will keep them from going home easily once their losses mount up on the table. And, of course, casinos use these crafty casinos Tricks on all gamblers, not just newcomers.

They don’t have clocks

There are no windows or clocks at a casino that gives you an accurate time. Casinos purposely don’t want you to know how long you’ve been gambling. Most places don’t even close at a certain hour; they stay open until they no longer have any customers left gambling 

Free drinks

When you have a few dollars in your pocket, casinos love to “help” by giving away free drinks, food, or entertainment. The free drinks come in the form of playing games like blackjack and roulette, which get you to loosen up and start spending all of your money while they’re giving you freebies, but eventually, they want that money too. Free food can be as simple as complimentary chips or free food at their buffets, but it’s all about getting you to spend more.

Free gifts

One of the most annoying tricks casinos uses to keep you gambling is giving away free things. Most people don’t think much about this at first, but it’s something you should watch out for. If a casino gives away free stuff, then make sure it’s with an ulterior motive. In other words, every time green felt comes with a chance to win something else valuable. They may give away free chips or meal vouchers if you play specific games like slots or blackjack; that’s fine because it should be no big deal since you’re already there and playing their games.

They may give you no deposit free slots on a few slot machines where you can win a few hundred or thousand dollars; but if you win something like this, always make sure that there’s some kind of catch that will force you to spend money to claim your “prize” in the end. It could be that you first have to play with these free chips for a while or it could be that they make you sign up for a players’ club or some other kind of service.

Intimate seating

The ceiling is low, the lighting is dim, and you get cozy on a couch or seat. You’re almost right there with the dealer, it’s easy to have a chat with them. This comfortable environment makes you feel like you’re among friends and that they care about your well-being as a customer 

Live music/Dancing

If you’re going to play blackjack or roulette, why not do it in style? Casinos love to hire live bands and dancers to keep customers interested in their games. Not only does this bring color into an otherwise plain atmosphere, but it also gives those who like singing and dancing something to do while they bet for the next hour or two.

The slot machines are strategically placed

The casino has a list of the games that have the most money in them, and they use this knowledge to position slot machines on the main floor so that customers walk by them every few minutes. Many players are intimidated by slots, but if you play these games often enough, you’ll eventually play all of the pay lines.  They then put many slot machines in little alcoves or areas where customers can’t see them at first glance; only when they stop to look for a drink will they discover what’s behind it.

The narrow walkways

The walkways between the slot machines and the blackjack tables are narrow; forcing you to walk slowly past every single game. This makes you more likely to stop and play each game and get bored with the ones that don’t look fun enough to wager money on. You feel at home and yet in a strange way you feel watched; especially if the walkway is dimly lit and there’s no one else in the casino. You might even start to feel like there’s a stalker who’s on to you for wagering money

The dealers are friendly

Casino dealers really want to get your money, so they do everything they can to make sure you’re engaged with their game. They’ll smile at you and make small talk as if you were long-term friends. The ladies will do all they can to make you like them; just so you’ll be more likely to keep playing with them.

Chips are used instead of real money

Most casinos let you use chips that are worth $10, $20, $50, or even $100 instead of real money. Instead of using paper money, the casino gives you little colored discs worth a certain amount which can easily be exchanged for real money later once you’ve left the casino. This way, you’re more likely to spend more of your money on crafty casinos Tricks before you want to leave and go home.

The bartender will serve you

The bartender is the guy or gal behind the counter at a casino that serves drinks to the customers. They may make small talk about how much fun or lucky you seem or just make small talk in general; but their job is to get your money into slot machines, so they know what works on people who are gambling. They’ll get your trust by being friendly and talking about nothing in particular; but their goal is to get you drunk so that you’ll spend much more than anticipated.

Their loyalty program

Casinos love to offer loyalty programs that get you to come back and spend money with them more often. They might track your playing by how much you lose; how many times you win, or how often you play each game. To earn points, they may give out freebies or even reduce your losses for a time. Note: You can also do all of these crafty casinos Tricks at home!

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