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Creative Nail Ideas for Trendy Nail Designs Anyone Can Do At Home

Everyone loves gorgeous nails! But not everyone has the time or money to visit the nail salon every other week. This article provides creative nail ideas to inspire you to get creative. And the best part is that these looks are easy enough to do at home. Keep reading for expert tips for nail art!

Fun and Creative DIY Nail Ideas

Embellish Your Nails with Rhinestones or Other Gems

Need a glam look for your nails? How about adding rhinestones, jewels, studs, and gems to make your nails pop? From decals to crystals, the options are endless! The best way to add these embellishments to your nails is to apply your base coat and primary color and allow them to dry completely. Use nail glue and tweezers to apply the gems or whatnot to your nails, gently dabbing them into place to create stunning nail designs! Apply a clear top coat to ensure your gems stay firmly in place. Allow to dry and enjoy!

Nail Ideas For Ombre Nails

Ombre nail art has taken the fashion world by storm. And believe it or not, you don’t have to pay a lot for gorgeous ombre nails! One of the best things about ombre nails is that they are flattening on any nail length or shape. Start off by filing and shaping your nails as desired. Next, apply your base coat and allow it to dry fully. Choose at least two colors for your ombre nail design. Apply the lightest color to your thumb, then slowly increase the hues from light to dark, moving from your pointer finger to your pinky. To create the ombre on each nail, pour out a small amount of each color on a flat surface. Dip a sponge into each color to create the ombre design using an up-and-down motion.

Marble Nail Designs

Marble nails are elegant but also super trendy. All you need to do is fill a small cup with water and drop in a few drops of the colors of your choice. For the best results, do not use more than four colors. Use a toothpick and move it around to create a marble nails effect. Next, dip your finger in the bowl and then remove excess polish from your fingers using a Q-tip. Allow to dry, and then apply a top coat to seal in the look.

Speckled Nails

If you want a really fun look, you can simply use a fan brush to create a speckled effect. First, apply a base coat and then the main color. Next, dip the fan brush into the second color. Gently dab the brush on each nail to create tiny specks.

Swirly Nail Art

If you are looking for super easy nail ideas, try swirls! All you need is a toothpick and your desired nail polish shades. Apply to your natural nail with a base coat for a classic look. Or use bold colors for a more daring look. Gold on black, white on black, black on red…the list goes on! Simply dab a few drops of the color of choice on your fully dry nail and use a toothpick to create swirls. If you wish to use more than one color, allow the first swirl to dry fully before adding the second swirl!

Half and Half Nails

Can’t commit to just one color? Choose two of your favorite shades and create a stunning half-and-half look. Allow your base coat to fully dry before painting one side of your nail with the first color. Next, use the other color to fill in the other half of your nail. If you are OCD about straight lines, use nail tape to create a smooth look. Or, if you don’t care about coloring inside the lines, let the colors run a muck for a slightly messy half-and-half style!

Chevron Nails

Chevron nails are actually easier than they look. Simply choose at least two colors and then apply nail tape to create the chevron effect. Here are more fun nail ideas you can try at home! Impress your friends with these easy DIY nail designs!

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