The Top Crypto Gambling Online Games to Bet on 2022

The Top Crypto Gambling Online Games to Bet on 2022

The crypto gambling industry, which started as mere speculation, has grown into a billion-dollar gaming market. This is because of the involvement of blockchain technology, which has enabled a feature for real-time trading of NFTs – in most cases, there are some situations where you even get paid for playing your favorite game. In some places, crypto gambling games are known as Play-to-earn games, and it allows players to leverage from the interesting game collections in its catalog. Some of the features of these games include engaging in battles, creating some in-game avatars, completing tasks, etc. It is also needful to add that crypto gambling is not always associated with casino games as many people will assume.

When players eventually win a bet, their profits are sent as a form of in-game money, which can later be used to buy NFTs, or better still, paid directly to the winner’s crypto wallet, which they can choose to sell or trade on any of the exchangers or converted into real money. The simplicity in which these things happen made crypto games gain much popularity shortly after their Introduction. This article is designed to list some of the known crypto gambling online games you need to try out before the year ends.

5 Crypto Gambling Online Games to Consider in 2022

Plant Vs. Undead

This game is versatile and engaging. It allows players to earn Light Energy that may lead you into winning PVU tokens. Players can still make money from this game, hence the name, play-to-earn games. To achieve this, you need to control your in-game assets, which come as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called the LE (Light Energy). In this game, players produce in-game currencies by managing their farms.

Meanwhile, this Light Energy token is converted to customized tokens called PVU (Plant vs. Undead) tokens and can be traded on any decentralized exchanger platform. So, to earn these tokens, you have to harvest as much seed as you can from your farm. Again, you have also to complete a quest every day, e.g., watering your plants and every other thing around it. 

The Gods Unchained

This game was developed using Immutable X: a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution where dApps (or decentralized applications) can initiate a P2P trade without charges. And you can make up to 9,000 per second using this platform. According to Chris Clay: the game director, the game works like a trade card game where every player fights and compete with others using genesis cards, a deck of cards, and core cards. The core cards are free-to-get; you only earn them by playing the game. But players who wish to skip the whole grinding can go ahead and buy the card packs.

Axie Infinity

Launched on the 8th of August 2021, Axie is the first crypto gambling NFT game developed on an Ethereum network to have earned up to $1 Billion in its first sale. The game has garnered over 1 million users worldwide; and has maintained its stand as the most popular NFT token in the crypto gaming market. Developed by Sky Mavis: a Vietnam-based company, it has become the biggest revenue-generating game in the blockchain sphere.

The Pokémon game inspired axis, and the game mechanics are designed to create a group of Pokémon-looking creatures known as Axis. After creating them, players can then use them to wage war on their enemies. The game operates with two cryptocurrencies, the major one the AXS (Axie Infinity Token); and the second is the SLP (Smooth Love Potion). You can earn the AXS by leveling up to the PvP leader board, and you can earn the SLP by finishing the adventure mode and winning all the matches at the arena.

Gala Games: Town Stars

This is another blockchain-chain crypto gambling gaming platform with a wild collection of games. I’m their catalog. Here, Gala coins are used to reward players and also used to pay utilities while on the game. While on the platform, you can also buy many other in-game items collected by many other cryptocurrencies; and sold at the rate (but it still depends on the rare nature of those items). Although the Gala platform allows collectibles, the Gala Games gives players total ownership of the items collected from the games as an ERC-20 Token and NFTs using the Ethereum blockchain. 

Finally, it is important to reaffirm the relevance of crypto gaming in the crypto gambling industry. The world is fast shifting from traditional gaming; as we know it to what appears to be a blockchain-integrated gaming platform. This innovation has created a situation where both players and gaming companies can earn.

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