Are the classic Cube Solitaire game fun and legit way to make money?

Are the classic Cube Solitaire game fun and legit way to make money?

Cube Solitaire online is a game that allows you to compete with other players at the same experience or skill level as yourself for the opportunity to earn cash rewards.


Have you spent house in isolation during COVID honing your Cube Solitaire skills? It is a classic game that’s highly addictive and offers oodles of fun and entertainment. The game was created as a single-player card game to get people acquainted with computers in the initial days. Even though computers and laptops are no longer a new concept today, the card game has lived through the years and continues to be one of the most coveted games online.

Cube Solitaire online is a game that allows you to compete with other players at the same experience or skill level as yourself for the opportunity to earn cash rewards. Consider it a contemporary take on the classic card game, and nobody is complaining. The skill-based game requires immense mental skills and strategies to dominate the cash battles. While the classic game wasn’t timed and you could play Solitaire for hours, online Cube Solitaire is a time-based game. The game concludes when the timer reaches zero, and therefore, you have to be quick at decision-making and changing strategies if the situation demands.

Here, let’s go over how the Solitaire Cube app works so you can decide if it’s worth downloading on your smartphone.

The workings of Cube Solitaire: unbreakable rules

The game of Cube Solitaire is straightforward to learn but not a complete child’s play. The game comes with unique twists and challenges that promise to keep players on their toes. For instance, the game is timed, and players must aim to score as much as possible before 5-minutes is up.

The game’s basic rules are as follows:

  • Arrange all the cards from Ace to King of the same suit and transfer the deck to the foundation pile to earn 500 points.
  • If there’s an empty column, only a King can be placed to occupy the vacant spot.
  • A player can draw new cards by tapping the stockpile if there are no more moves but drawing from the stock more than four times leads to losing 20 points.
  • The player with the higher score wins the game.
  • Players are allowed to undo a move during the game.

You can play Cube Solitaire against one or more players according to the battle you’ve chosen. The game comes in 1VN and 1V1 formats and several tournaments and cash battles. Practice leagues are available for newbies and experienced players seeking to understand the rules and sharpen their skills. You can play practice games for free – they work the same as other game modes, except for the rewards. Even if you win practice games, you won’t get any prizes.

Who can play Cube Solitaire to earn cash?

The Cube Solitaire game can be played to earn money by players aged 18 and older. You need to download the game and create an account to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Once you do, you can compete against random opponents instantly.

While you can play free games in any state in the US, certain states restrict cash tournaments and contests. You cannot play for money if you belong to Arizona, Iowa, Indiana, Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Maine. So, before participating in cash tournaments, make sure to find out the laws of your state. In that case, you can play the free practice games and pass your time.

Is the money earned through Cube Solitaire legit?

Unlike other game apps, Cube Solitaire online offers real cash rewards and prizes. The money earned through playing and winning Cube Solitaire is legitimate. You can enter tournaments and cash battles using multiple payment options, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Credit/Debit cards, and bank transfer. You can also quickly withdraw all your earnings in the payment mode of your choice.

Tips to increase your chances of winning Cube Solitaire

Now that you know the money is legit and you can earn while playing the fun Cube Solitaire game, it’s essential to know a few tips that’ll help improve your winning chances.

  • Don’t keep a column empty unless you have a King card to place there. The column will remain empty and blocked without a King card. It’ll be useless throughout the game until you reveal a King card.
  • You mustn’t make the mistake of placing cards randomly on top of each other, mainly if they belong to different suits. For instance, plan your moves ahead and carefully place a black or a red King on an empty column. Wondering why? Because the color decides the rest of the column. If you’ve put a black King card, it means that the column is dedicated to the black suit of cards.
  • Drawing from the stockpile is a good option when you’ve run out of moves but be careful not to draw more than four times. You’ll start to lose 20 points if you’ve drawn too many times from the stockpile, and that’ll give an undue advantage to your opponent.
  • Keep in mind that all Cube Solitaire decks are not winnable. Even though the game is based on skills and strategizing moves is a prerequisite, a tiny element of luck is also involved. If the deck of cards in front of you seems unsolvable, ensure to play your few moves and end the game early. You’ll get timer bonus points, which may help you against your opponent.
  • Wisely use the undo button to reverse your latest move if it doesn’t go in your favor.

Wrapping up

Do you feel ready to face your opponent in an intense Cube Solitaire battle? Go ahead and download the app. Then you can play the game even while on the move and enjoy your fix of the card game at your convenience. Don’t forget to remember the tricks mentioned above.

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